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How is this not a giant fuck you to everyone who is there? 







Lots of talk about women’s pussies fighting back which is out of a dumb horror movie for teenagers.


Again, about 50% of women are pro-life. Why are they not included in this march?


You mean the first women ever to run a succesfull presidential campaign. Nice lesson for the younger ones there, lady.

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What’s “Islamiphobia”?

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What’s “scince”?

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Sorry, you can’t go into about 80% of the places in America without a permit. I guess you got the Sharia Law Linda Sarsour was pushing for.

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Way to make it about your infant daughter’s vagina you disgusting pigs.

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Did she mean to say, “A sex object”? Because assuming “he” thinks your sexy is pretty presumptuous. Even Rod Stewart included the caveat “if.”

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These women hate the idea of their bodies giving birth but love the idea of it biting and scratching the president.

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I don’t get this one at all. Are you guys getting free razors?

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On average, about 10 years before you do.


Can you imagine having to go to college and learn this crazy language? It would be exhausting.


Care to name one right women don’t have? Warning: Not being cat called or insulted online is not your “right.”


It says, “And your tiny hands too.” This is why women shouldn’t vote.



Not all. Some of them look like dudes.




And this sums it up. You nimrods got duped into doing a huge march for Islam – the most sexist cult on earth. Way to go!

  1. OogaBooga says:

    Excellent work. Top notch.

  2. Alfalfa says:

    This march was sad, I don’t think anyone attending knew what the point was

  3. Dick Hertz, Private Citizen says:

    Meh, here in Pittsburgh, people gathered downtown for 3 straight Fridays to wave a yellow towel and go…
    “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! STEELERS!” That seemed pretty stupid, too.
    Maybe everyone should just stay home.

  4. dgfgfgfjghjkyum,yjmyjmhjm says:

    These signs are actually pretty damn funny and the march was a peaceful demonstration of the huge number of people who are against Trump. And that’s just America, there were marches around the world. I know you don’t agree with their them, but they mobilized, accomplished what they set out to do, and this overwhelming opposition is part of Trump’s history now. He can do what he wants, he’s got the trifecta, but he cares so much about public opinion you know this is getting to him.

  5. frank says:

    A bunch of people showing up somewhere and standing around hasn’t achieved anything anywhere ever. It’s always been a pointless waste of time. Even the Trump rallies were pretty stupid.

    If a huge mass of people show up ready to riot and maybe take a bullet, like happened in East Germany, well that can have an impact. But these peaceful marches are utterly pointless. *Millions* of people marched against the Iraq invasion repeatedly and it meant fuck all.

  6. dgfgfgfjghjkyum,yjmyjmhjm says:

    “it meant fuck all.”

    It’s just a demonstration. Seeing that many people physically take to the streets is different than reading a poll about how many people disapprove of Trump. And if it’s so meaningless, why has it gotten under people’s skin – especially Trump’s?

    The Republicans won, thanks to the Electoral College, which gives disproportionate voting power to red states (many of which don’t contribute jack shit to our country’s GDP or culture). If our presidential elections were actually democratic (each individual vote equally counted towards the total), Trump would’ve lost big-league. Hell, if you were in New York, *you* didn’t get Trump elected because he lost that state. Doesn’t that piss you off? That, if you’re a New Yorke or California Republican, your vote for president is just never counted?

  7. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Ah LOVES it when the pussy grabs back!

  8. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    “Women Are Perfect” No, sweetie… Cats are PURRRRRFECT!!!

  9. Carbonicus says:

    Is it just me or does it look like that hand holding up the “when will you shithead men finally die” is a man’s hand?? Does he have low self-esteem and a death wish? Or is he simply immune from male shitheadedness b/c he attended the march?

    And how bout the women who thinks we should have to pay for razors if they have to pay for tampons? Don’t know about you but a) I use an electric razor and b) I don’t know any men who get their razors paid for by taxpayers (state or federal).

    I hate to say it but this makes me think of the clever guy who stood behind the leader of the Nat’l Organization of Women Martha Burke during her failed attempt to disrupt The Masters about 10 years ago at a press conference (held on land donated by Augusta National for the protest against Augusta National…most people don’t know that…), which read, “Iron My Shirt, Bitch”

  10. AZN spazz says:

    The demo is only “impressive” on the presumption these pokey Paulas from the upper East Coast metros, very inexpensive and convenient to go between, had something better they could have been doing that day instead… Does anyone honestly believe that is the case?

    If the formation of a large crowd is noteworthy in itself then visit the local Walmart the week before Xmas, you’ll never be lacking for inspiration

    Have a bunch of fat women ever overthrown the government anywhere, ever?

    Nicaragua in the 90s, maybe? They certainly had some help from CIA/Pablo Escobar, even there

  11. […] of parent adorns their daughter with a sign that says “This pussy bites back”? Other favorites included “When will you shithead men finally die?!!,” “Fuck you orange Hitler,” “Women are […]

  12. […] of parent adorns their daughter with a sign that says “This pussy bites back”? Other favorites included “When will you shithead men finally die?!!,” “Fuck you orange Hitler,” “Women are […]

  13. someone says:

    First of all, it’s “dumbest” not “stupidest”, that makes you sound stupid. Second of all, of course a guy publishes this. And third of all, only men are commenting about how they hate the signs and the march because they don’t have to go through what women go through. You’re all just mad that women are standing up for themselves and don’t let dumb and ugly men bring them down. Go make yourself a sandwich and learn how to take no for an answer.

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