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Jen Hanley
• 09.13.11 11:00 am

Eleven semi-fucked up photos from my husband, The Taxidermist, hard at work.

Eleven semi-fucked up photos from my husband, The Taxidermist, hard at work. He does it all, from roadkill to pet dogs to 13-foot alligators. This is the real behind the scenes at some of what he’s been getting into for the last two years. Only the best and bloodiest for SC.


  1. nomoregnar says:

    Ugh. Seriously with this shit? Again?

  2. KRAYON says:

    seems like honest work.

  3. This is a really good piece. Thanks.

  4. Hop Conway says:

    he keeps the ring on, even while handling gore. you roped a good ‘un!

  5. the living bible says:

    it’s the power of love. it’s the power of love. to hum a little tune, to skin the love of doves. it’s never enough to get what you want. tim o’brien was there to ruin your fun. love, love, love, what have you done, done, done? i’ve seen truer colors, i’ve seen true love it don’t ruuuuuuuun.

  6. raymes says:

    OH, My god. Jen I miss our talks!

  7. digit says:

    I thought I would like this but then I didn’t like this

  8. (not published or required) says:

    next up, an in depth photo essay on new trend thats sweeping the nation five years ago: burlesque.

  9. busted says:

    why is he not wearing gloves? Seriously. Those hands go all over your body, probably inside as well. They also go inside the asshole of a raccoon that met it’s maker via Mack truck and has been rotting on the highway for three days. That’s all I would think about and I couldn’t do it. Ever.

  10. Gnar Jen says:

    Busted… roadkill is only good in the morning or when you see it get hit and is fresh. A three day old one is useless because all the hair falls out (and it’s very bloated). And have no worries on Ryan’s clean hands, they go all over everything and me and he is a clean motherfucker. If you want to talk about unclean, another guy at the shop (who is 65) uses the same knife he skins animals with, to cut his Macdonalds salad. There you go.

  11. Animal House says:

    As a goof, take the insulated ‘gator to a house remodel, stick it up between
    some studs, see what the inspector says. Or whatever. Get her done.

  12. busted says:

    @Jen, My contact with dead wildlife has been limited to what my dogs have rolled in, then consumed – raccoons, deer, foxes, rabbits, garter snakes, squirrels, skunks, and even a giant turtle once. All of them were in a state of rot I don’t care to discuss. I reckon it helps that your hubby is easy on the eyes I guess!

  13. Dead Zoo says:

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