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Lasse Holmberg Josephsen
• 12.28.12 09:00 am

When you think of Norwegian radical leftists, which I’m sure most of you do a lot, you probably imagine some ghostlike, dull, and barely visible apparatchiks inside the Norwegian socialist machine whose faces you’ll forget the moment after you’ve seen them.

That is not true at all. Our far left is actually a haven for people whose faces are wonders to behold, visages filled with revolutionary passion and proletarian righteousness (even though most of them are hardly members of the proletariat). With radical politics, radical sexiness will follow, and nowhere is this clearer than in Norway.

Let’s take a look at some of the sexiest Norwegian radicals:

Torstein Dahle: represents the Red Party in the city council of Bergen, moisturizer of vulvas.


Stein Lillevolden: activist, journalist, bitch magnet.


Kjell Gunnar Larsen: former leader of anti-racist organization SOS Rasisme which later was exposed as front for revolutionary communist organization Serve the People, activist, inventor of 17 new and radical sex moves.

Ingrid Baltzersen: member of the Red Party, tram conductor, tittilator of the senses.


Hanna Kvanmo: Deceased parliamentary leader of the Socialist Left Party, owner of a very tight vagina.


Hallgeir Langeland: Member of Parliament for the Socialist Left Party, activist, mack daddy.


Ane Kristine Aadland: member of radical feminist group Ottar, activist, hungry sex beast.




  1. Mccaf says:

    *humina humina* Ane Kristine is a smokeshow..

  2. Joey says:

    Thanks a lot…icy cum all over my iPhone now.

  3. Kikas says:

    Mmmmmm yeah im comming, Ane Kristine Aadland is like a dead cow Albinute one eye looks into cosmos, other one down to earth

  4. The Religious Right is full of people who don’t want you to fuck and the Far Left is full of people nobody wants to fuck. I think there may be some common ground here.

  5. Hallgeir Langeland’s mug is what would result if David Spade’s face fell off his face.

  6. raymi says:

    I would be angry all the time if I looked like that.

  7. 8===o--- says:

    The men just look like normal europeans, but the women…

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