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• 08.04.17 07:14 pm

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Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is killing it at the box office and will likely gross over $200M. It’s a horrible movie that is stressful to watch and never seems to end. The timeline switches back and forth, leaving the viewer scared, confused, and about to vomit. This is why we went to see it. We didn’t want a Romeo-and-Juliet fable about the joys of a conflict that, “Separated the world” (as Churchill once opined).

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  1. Rex Reed's son, Lou says:

    This movie is a perfect summer allegory for the cattle call vacations to which we all, annually, subject ourselves. These men stranded on the beach are like the tourists desperately waiting for a table in an over-priced, shitty restaurant in a cookie cutter resort town filled with “trendy” bars and limp-letttuced food establishments. And their horrible conditions are comparable to the awful misshapen mattresses and hair-gel stained pillows that we try and sleep upon, only to wake up for a lukewarm shower with a towel that is positively abrasive.
    Dunkirk v. Ocean City? France 1940 v. Outer Banks 2017?
    Meh, same shit, just a different ass.

  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @Lou Reed, Rex Reed’s Bisexual Heroin Addicted Jewish Son Who Was An Overrated Songwriter Because A Lot Of NYC Music “Journos” Did Drugs With Him And/Or Sucked His Dick: Ha! That’s good stuff! I’m picturing Chevy Chase or John Candy (RIP) playing the lead role in the film version of your comment! Seriously, your comment was funny.

    Question: How did a film critic like Rex Reed afford an apartment at the Dakota? Gay Mafia shit? Bill Harris could never afford that shit!!!

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