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• 06.13.12 12:00 pm

As per our challenge: Ben did his best to write a poem about a wolf that falls in love with a sheep. The only rule was he had to try his best and not be kidding one bit. This is what he came up with…

The Wolf
By Benjamin Leo

Leaves unrustled
a silent wolf approaches
deathly cold encroaches t’ward his prey

Plan unreasoned
the instinct of survival
feeds his mate and cubs at break of day

But when her head was raised
innocence as fleece
jaw engulfing grass
his world dissolved

and there between them lay the thing
that unannounced melts gold
and topples cold high mountainsides
while cooler heads prevail
denying emptily the tale
the thirst to shear against the grain
and say
good morning

  1. obvi says:

    this wins

  2. Hah says:

    Why does this guy even associate with you idiots

  3. Fuck man. I actually thought this wolf poem was good. Reminded me of the riddle from The Hobbit about time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s ok for a jewish poem.

  5. heroin town says:

    black sheep, white wolf. love.

    the wolf should not be there. yet there he sits, back on his haunches, confused and alone. why in the fuck is he there? shouldn’t he howl, charge toward these stupid creatures, ripping at them with his teeth?
    no. something has made him stop.
    the little black sheep is curious, stares at him from the flock to which she does not truly belong, her beautiful black eyes searching him for something.
    their eyes lock.
    wolf knows what he is supposed to do. but he won’t do what is expected. fights primitive instincts that drive every atom in his body, something more primal powering his strange resistance. his heart tightens, pumps faster, aches with some vague anticipation. love.
    sheep knows what she is supposed to do. but she won’t. running is for the weak. she isn’t weak anymore. she thinks she might be in love instead.
    the flock turns and watches them, staring at each other. in love. the herd bleet their amazement and dismay.
    the wolf’s pack arrives. they growl at the wolf, trying to spur him on. to mangle and destroy. to feed. to stay with the pack and feast.
    but he won’t.
    now he just wants what’s best for the beautiful little black sheep. he’ll go hungry just for her. he would die for her if that would make her happy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the wolf is black
    the sheep is white
    she bleats by day
    he bays by night

    the wolf feels lust
    the sheep feelsfright
    he takes what’s his
    because might makes right

    the wolf is spent
    the sheep ain’t tight
    but reconciled they are
    an age-old pliiiiiiiiiiight

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