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• 04.30.12 10:21 am

I fucking hate April 30th because it is both “Hairstyle Appreciation Day” AND “National Honesty Day.” On National Honesty Day, I like to stay away from all women who want to know how they look in this dress and all the people at work I secretly hate. So, I go where everyone goes when they want to avoid insults. I go to the hair salon. Unfortunately, some asshole stuck that day into this day and now I have to tell someone if their head looks like a poo cunt. Thanks Hallmark!


  1. raymes says:

    What a prejudiced day for bald people to endure.

  2. Sam Spade says:

    First World Problems

  3. marshall says:

    dude, you are so not funny. and your book is RETARDED.

  4. Botero's Bottom says:

    @marshall and everyone else! I liked the book actually and suggest people should pick up a copy. Another one is 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Inspired by George Orwell’s 1984, though packed with sick fiction that will make ya go ummmmmm!

  5. The Nostalgia Critic isnt always right. He has made numerous bad videos with opinions that were clearly based on false assumptions. Everyone makes bad videos at times.
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