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• 05.31.13 05:00 pm

You know those hangovers where you’re so desperate for the suffering to stop you beg Jesus to stop what he’s doing?



  1. humph says:

    he shoulda gave you a puff of a joint rather than rubbing your neck

  2. I thought I can says:

    All of them are the worst ever.

  3. E-Shock says:

    This is your most Catholic work.

  4. rohit soni says:

    Nobody mentions the racing heart and thoughts after heavy drinking. Shit gets me paranoid as fuck as if I done something wrong and cops are on my ass

  5. Gavin says:

    I also start worrying friends are mad at me. I’ll text someone going, “Did you think I was saying you were fat when I made that dumpling joke?” and they’re like, “What?”

  6. red knuckleberry says:

    See you in Hell…

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