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• 04.29.16 05:07 pm

The problem with “The Jew Problem” is anti-semites assume all Jews are on the same page. Even in Tel Aviv you have normal Jews writing hate speech columns about “The zionists.” They are their own worst enemy in many ways. The same goes with the right. 

Paleocons hate neocons. Libertarians hate Christian conservatives. National Review hates the Alt Right. I’ve even noticed a weird undercurrent of ageism where young bucks like James O’Keefe, Steven Crowder, and Charles C Johnson get shat on by the old guard.

I wish we could get along because the one thing we have in common is we’re all right.

  1. Dane Avery says:

    A great crash course to the right! Would have loved to hear more about the Paleocons and the Paleolibertarians.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    We can’t get along with Neocons because they aren’t conservative. The are Trotskyites in conservative drag, and they are already defecting to the Dems. There is no common ground with the Neocons. They are traitors, plain and simple. Yes, you have far more open discussion about Zionism in the Israeli press than you do in America, because if a mainstream American columnist wrote a scathing critique of “The Zionists” he would be ruined, as in banished from the mainstream. Even American Jews who do anything less that portray Israel as 100 percent Israel get smeared. Eli Lake, who just compared Trump’s foreign policy speech to Hitler’s rhetoric, reacted to Glen Greenwald by tweeting “Jewish Jew baiter Jew baits.” There is no “The Jews” that can be spoken of as a monolith. Sheldon Richman, Norman Finkelstein, Greenwald and many others are about as far from The Krystal Neocons as one can get. The Neocons despise Trump simply because they can’t totally control him. The anti-Trump tantrums you see from scum like Ben Shapiro show tyrant-level entitlement the Neocons have grown used to. There is no making peace with The Neocons. The are the epitome of evil, and they threaten us all.

  3. Robert Wilson says:

    Damn sounds like the Colonels secret recipe.
    What do we do with those Zionist World Conspiracy Right wingers who believe the greatest threat to America is Neo-Cons. They actually believe that Islam but for Israel would be tame inbreds content to engage in boy & donkey & goat love.
    Some are out of the closet Neo Nazis, but others insist no such allegiance but strangely resemble in thought the same conspiratorial cosmic ideas.
    The far left and the far right meet like minded on that ideological explanation of historical forces at play.

  4. OogaBooga says:

    “100 percent innocent”

  5. OogaBooga says:

    Nice bundle of fallacies, Wilson. Those who properly call out Neocons as the scum they are are not a monolith, either. Most are simply intelligent and honest–and that’s what enrages you.

  6. Toney Blar says:

    I was always interested to note the historical existence of paleolibertoid thinker-guy Frank Chodorov — n.b. parodical heeb name — against the wailing & gnashing of teeth from paleotards about Zee Joos, which really went off on steroids after someone torrented the books of nth-tier regional state uni thumbsucker Kevin MacDonald (not the Kids In The Hall supportinf yukker who always wore a dress in every sketch, but close) — whom in a show of surprising(?) gayness they proceeded to dub “K-Mac” as if he were sallying about the front pages of Us Weekly with Bennifer and the KK sisters. Thanks to gender-bending mania the cosplay libertines and pally-con Civil War reenactors have broken up their Iraq-era bromance… And the “neocons” who are actually Scoop Jackson/JFK world-police types, not tweed-jacketed eunuchs studying food poisoning and optimal billy-club length at the AEI (old meaning of neo’s), have fully shat the bed due to their misguided insistence on Arabs’ human decency, and pro-lifers have been utterly Shlonged by the recent electoral hoedown– thus the only remaining group in need of ego adjustment is the “alt right” who aren’t styled after Seattle grungers unless you are counting the Melvins. Being alter-than-thou is more than the correct application of goth eyeshadow and volkisch regalia, you also need to be able to relate some shitty news piece of the day (“Walmart shopper with Zika virus sticks dong in EcoATM”) to the out-of-print musings of some Italian futurist from the 20s the alter’s friends cannot even research via Siri due to the copious diuretics & silent H’s in the title of that obscure visionary’s oeuvre. Indeed alt-“right” is just a waystation on the road to Platonic Altness in the World of Nerdist Forms. Geoffrey Rush or Hugh Laurie would be cast to play Alt-Man in the movie

  7. Mike says:


  8. MildMessiah says:

    Excellent job Gavin.
    I can only imagine the amount of time it took to put this together.
    Thank you.

  9. Regular Guy says:

    Excellent and thoughtful analysis Gavin. It would be reasonable for the various branches of Conservatism to overcome their differences, but as you can see from above, there are those who think Neo Cons are the nexus of World evil. It would be extremely interesting to know, in depth, what you think of Israel and Zionism as it relates to U.S. foreign policy. There are those critics who believe America’s relationship with Israel is the greatest danger to our national security. They believe the Islamic threat is a product of Western imperialism in the region, and in particular due to the existence of the State of Israel.
    Your Taki readership is loaded with people of this mindset and you have at least one VERY vocal member in SC who it would take great persuasion to see otherwise.
    This would be an article sure to set off fireworks.

  10. Ron from Up North says:

    Bill Whittle popped up and then popped off – where does he fit in?

  11. OogaBooga says:

    Yes, there are those critics who believe that America’s “relationship” with Israel is a major risk to our national security, but they are certainly not limited to Takis readers and me. Writers as ideologically different as Pat Buchanan and Glen Greenwald and Taki himself, experts like Gen. Petraeus and former CIA officer Phil Girardi… I could go on and on. America and Israel are two different countries with different interests. Stating this undeniable fact should be totally non-controversial, but it’s enough to send Irving Kristol’s son and his fellow travelers into maniacal ruin-mode. “America first!” is an absolutely sane and logical position, and anyone who attempts to diminish such sentiments as the wildly anti-semitic rantings of a Stormfront neckbeard adjusting his tinfoil hat in his mom’s basement merely expose one as a shill.

  12. OogaBooga says:

    “According to the Anti-Defamation League, Trump needs to stop using the phrase “America First” because it’s “anti-Semitic.”

  13. Stephen Fry says:

    Bravo…encore! Toney is the resident picaninny on acid. His brief existence was to serve the purpose of being a subsequent foil for the uber allies of the omnipresent to berate an adversary with…but…his feverish, bull dada, stream of consciousness performance was instead a brief glimpse into the inner workings of a possessed mind.
    I am thoroughly amused.

  14. Terrific media post G! Would suggest including Vox Day in the Alt-Right group.

  15. Alice Baker says:

    There’s a difference between race traitors and race traders:
    One implies white guilt and SJW preclusions, the other is just letting your genitals do the thinking.

  16. rumblerabbit says:

    Probably the only thing I’ve ever disagreed with Milo Yiannopoulos on is when he said blacks are still owed something from slavery. What?
    Not a single person in America can say they were a (legitimate) slave while living in the USA. Now, you could say that the people fighting for equality during the 60’s could in some ways be owed something, because they actually experienced some shit, but saying people are owed something just because their ancestors may or may not have been a slave in America at one point is fucking ludicrous.
    If that was the case then the Govt. should give reparations to basically everyone due to the fact that almost every single ethnic group was discriminated at one time or another since 1776:
    – Great Britain’s peasants for being peasants.
    – First wave Germans for being Germaphones, 2nd wave Germans for hailing from Kaiser’s land and 3rd wave Germans for being Nazis.
    – Irish for being Irish.
    – Italians for being a bunch of boorish, nasty Papal wiseguys.
    – Poles for being slow.
    – Jews for being, well, you know…
    – Hispanics for (see > Italians)
    – Chinese for being funny looking.
    – Japs for being a bunch of cold and sick-in-the-head Tojos.
    – ETC…

    The people for asking for compensations are simply waiting for a handout.

  17. Judge Holden says:

    How the hell could you not mention Michael Savage? Not only a staunch conservative, but a #1 rated talk show host and a prolific political author.

  18. Beelzebubba says:

    The roaring of the sea asking the mountains to cover them over from the frightful things coming upon the earth with no way out. This modern mad house of babel with all the wise men in all their wisdom seeking consensus is nothing but foolishness. The coming global financial collapse and acts of WMD Terrorism that will make 9-11 a mere wake up call will plunge this planet into chaos. Mankind will beg for peace and security and will give up their precious liberties to live another day. The U.N. will be given teeth and authority by the great powers to deal with the existential threats. Religions history in fomenting so much conflict and the present day threat posed by Islam will be dealt with. What will be the outcome? A judgment from a higher authority will find mankind wanting.
    Times running out.

  19. Hatchy says:

    “Toney” In that great gen x contrarian rant you implied that those who disliked Jeb and think Rand Paul pandered and sold-out to idiot socjus millenials do it to be like a Thomas Sowell loving sludge metal group? Perhaps they just have different opinions that the right that has the money, the media support, and the popular supp–actually no, not anymore.

    The absolute worst thing about the alt-right, and I say this as someone who usually finds themsevles a dismal classical-liberal barely right of ukip, is the term ‘alt.’ This is because alt-righters, for being right about a lot of things, are unhep as fuck.

  20. Darcy Banker says:

    Those who believe elections don’t matter and the “FUBAR Age” (market crash, race war, nuclear holocaust) is upon us:
    — Paul Kersey;
    — Average Takimag’s commentator;
    — Ted Nugent;
    — Lower class/cheap pension Boomers living in Flyover country;

  21. Tabletop Joe says:

    Fred Reed doesn’t make the cut among 14 subcategories? Sheeeeit!

  22. George Smiley says:

    Preppers are the crazy uncles of the family but will have the last laugh and meal while everyone else is consuming each other. Kersey has a nice little living appealing to the racists who blacks are doing a good job of recruiting. He’s a one note pied piper with no advice other than survive. Nugent is one who actually has the skills to fend for himself and fend off the ravenous masses in such a post apocalyptic world. The Taki crowd are articulate and strike me as older folk with no delusions that this present stage of human history is going to sort out the mess without a major reset. Flyover as in mountainous terrain will be the place to hide if the SHTF.
    Fred is unique and a great pleasure.

  23. OogaBooga says:

    Cool preppers stockpile a variety of Dinty Moore products.

  24. Uber Mensch says:

    #16…Zion-Cons (my terminology) who see World history as being manipulated by a cabal of evil Jews who have been a plague on humanity for ages. The entire history of the Jews (categorically) is seen as subversive and they’ll point to events like the bite-the-hand-that-feeds-them ingratitude rebellion in Egypt (leading to the exodus) as the first evidences of their incompatibility with other humans and budding superiority complex. Next they point to the un-holy genocides of the nations of Canaan as symptomatic of the mindset of a people with Chosen-People-Syndrome. The entire history of the Jews is analysed as a development of growing group paranoia where in a self-fulfilling way events confirm their us-against-them out look on life. From exile in Babylon to intrigue in Persia to rebellion against Rome (and culpability in the murder of the most famous figure in history) the Jews are in the thick of it. The outcome is pariah status where the wandering Jew in his diaspora is despised by humanity and persona non grata in all nations. This seals the World wrecker mentality that expresses itself in the disproportionate number of Jewish intellectuals who founded Communism, the ideology that subverts nationhood.
    Today’s Right-wing strains of Zion-Cons are mostly patriots (not to be lumped with Neo-Nazis) who see certain American Jews of this Zionist type as a threat because of the influence they have on U.S. foreign policy, especially in regards to Israel. They see the cuckold subversion of our interests being hoodwinked into taking care of Israel’s nest with all the crazy middle east buzzards that circle it. These Zion-Cons therefore believe that Islam’s present trepidations are less ideological and more reactive to Western foreign policy including the support for Israel. Naturally this means acrimony between Neo-Cons and Zion-Cons but also the televangelist wing who see some strange prophetic allegiance in their support for Israel. The Zion-Cons are not a group per se but can be found among the other Conservative groups sans the just mentioned ones. The cosmological outlook Zion-Cons have are uncomfortably close to some of the famous historical anti-Semitic movements so it takes rigid not lazy analysis to differentiate.
    For those not afraid of the tar brush of anti-semiticsm; Kevin MacDonalds writings explore the psychological aspects of Jewish history. He gets cold feet in his later works due to behavior by his critics that unwittingly mimics the worst stereotypes you’d think those folks would want to avoid reinforcing.

  25. OogaBooga says:

    It’s pretty simple, actually. If you agree with the ADL that Donald Trump should stop using the phrase “America First” because it’s “anti-Semitic” you’re a traitor. If you ultimately disagree but play apologist for the ADL’s thinking on this, then you deserve the label “Cuck” and many other label, too.

  26. Sitting Bull says:

    “America first” my Ass!

  27. Darcy Banker says:

    Knock it off you self-absorbed, glorified racist.
    Your people embraced DIVERSITY! Which is good, no? Open borders and all.
    Are you against race-mixing? You’re fascio-indian.
    You were human beings. Hence you did not grow out of the land like mushrooms. You came, invaded and took the land too.
    The Great Spirit only knows the massacres you guys perpetrated during your pre-Multicultural history.
    Should I sue the descendants of Ottoman Turks for having invaded, enslaved and massacred my ancestral peoples in the Balkans in the 1600s?
    It’s over.

  28. Daisy Dukes says:

    Even simpler. You are either with us, or against us.
    What should we do with traitors?
    Image: Karl Rove on a rotating spit slow roasting with a matzah ball in his snout.

  29. Obedient Son says:

    Oh no! what happened to Blars 2 buds? I think they done been rapturized! Truly ironic but in a queer fashion poetic justice. Watch out big bro be a watching.

  30. OogaBooga says:

    That was a pretty good line about discovering David Foster Wallace and smoking his first joint.

  31. Rod Gila says:

    Libertarianism deserves two categories: the Nick Gillespie/Cato Institute types and the Lew Rockwell/Mises Institute crowd.

  32. DisObedient Son says:

    On no! There is life after death!

  33. OogaBooga says:

    A liberal pundit once accurately divided The Tea Party into two camps: The Palinites and The Pauiites. I think the great divide among conservatives is foreign policy. And it’s not just about Israel. It’s armchair asskickers who think we can be policeman to the world vs.truly consrvative realists.

  34. Director X says:

    Ooga Booga. You shoule he embarrased at hows much you post you clown.

  35. OogaBooga says:

    Don’t post-shame me, you illiterate barbarian! How DARE you.

  36. Robinson Crusoe says:

    That and the libertarian divide. The secularist conservative whose fiscally conservative but socially liberal and the religious conservative who cares about the cultural issues.
    The foreign policy divide is a difficult child to saw in half. The founders definitely were not fans of foreign entanglements but had the luxury of 2 massive oceans to enforce that doctrine in a World just discovering itself but still separated by great distance and time. Today we obviously are in a global village with many nasty neighbors who can’t be easily ignored. The role of Worlds policeman is asking for trouble but it’s a role someone will play. The power vacuum is always filled. I’d prefer as much disengagement as possible starting with NO prior commitments (treaties-alliances) and non foreign reliance on national essentials (energy-manufacturing-food). Anotherwords national allegiance not globe-trotting dilution of our sacred duty to our citizens. Real borders and the end of the cult of immigration, we have more than enough carbon emitting mouth breathers.
    After that it’s a matter of degree as even Pat doesn’t believe we can totally disengage.

  37. Gomers Piles says:

    Shame shame shame

  38. Plan 9 from Outer Space says:

    What happened director X. You didn’t qualify for XXX?

  39. OogaBooga says:

    “The role of Worlds policeman is asking for trouble but it’s a role someone will play.”

    This ol’ chestnut keeps getting repeated until people accept that’s it an undeniable law, like gravity. It isn’t. Total disengagement isn’t the goal. A big change in philosophy is.

  40. Robinson Crusoe says:


  41. Jimbo says:

    Rod Gila. Your life truly lacks meaning if you missed the Booger Sugar Express. No heavy hallucinogenics then your soul has a hole that all the beer and bongs can’t fill. I truly pity you.
    Get a Life.

  42. Huffpostchick87 says:

    The problem with Jews is that they are Jews. We are in the Middle East because of Jews and keeping the light on for Jesus. There are two kinds of conservatives Entrepenuers and Employees.

  43. Darcy Banker says:

    Stefan Molynuex would qualify as an outsider due to his secular/atheistic views on religion and his strong fight against SJW’s, crony refugee-relocalizaton and Feminists. He claims to be an Anarcho-Capitalist, a term which, dunno why, makes me smile and look at the sky.

    Paul Joseph Watson falls in with Alex Jones from Infowars. They’re both relative “outcasts” because they look into things that are, give or take, conspiracy theories. Watson claims to be a Libertarian though.

  44. White_Hispanic says:

    No Tom Woods? A great list of people in Gavin’s phonebook.

  45. Golem XIV says:

    I have an article by Gregory Hood on the Conservative media-(Trump coverage), Republican establishment, and how the Alt Right relates to them. Good read including the various links.
    I’ve been very disillusioned with the Republican party but have also come to the conclusion that many of these Conservative Inc. groups are just as thoroughly invested in the belt way culture. Most self identified conservative voters are not getting it. The truth is very uncomfortable for most.
    I see ultimately the only hope for this country is expressed in the ideas coming out of the Alt Right. American Renaissance for example.
    Identity politics is what we are up against and we must defend ourselves accordingly.
    This is the main link in the above article I suggest reading.

  46. Buster Melmo says:

    Enjoyed the vid very much. Disapprove of including Alex Jones in here. His 9/11-Truther work kind of disqualifies him from serious discussion fur me (he was EP on Loose Change among many other things).

  47. Colonel Sanders says:

    #15…Uncle Tom’s Right Wingers:
    The token exceptional IKAGO’s who are guaranteed Mic & face time as “looky here we dun got some niggers by the toes.”
    This dead-end evolutionary branch of the Conservative Inc. Beltway is a fig leaf to cover the cuckservative white guilt of failing to convince the hood rats that if only they’d buy into enterprise zones, cotton would come to Harlem.
    Smart coons like Dr Carson know that virtue signaling cucks can’t wait to suck off such a well behaved Negro that has tamed his inner nigger.

  48. OogaBooga says:

    The fact that scum like Rubin are worrying is a victory in itself.

    Jennifer Rubin ‎@JRubinBlogger
    Ron Paul as secretary of state #thingstoworryabout
    8:59 AM – 4 May 2016

  49. Samantha says:

    Gavin–read “slouching towards gomorrah” by Robert bork. Genius. After reading, imagine what this country would’ve been like if Ted Kennedy hadn’t “borked” his chance at being on the SCOTUS…

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