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• 07.17.17 03:22 pm

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How many people do you know with parents, who aren’t divorced? If you live in California it’s probably close to none and you can see how it’s fucked them up. For some reason, the media isn’t all too concerned about it. They think the real problem is racism. Gavin explains here.

  1. Red Teets, Real American says:

    Well, it COULD be racism. If your little girl marries some monkey or camel jockey or lettuce picker or slant eye, then it’s your job as her pappy to get that unholy union dissolved and get her into the arms of a good white boy. And pray to God above that she ain’t carrying some mongrel spawn. We love our children and want what’s best for them…
    TRUMP 3:16 He says it, Red here believes it and that goddamn well settles it! USA! US-fucking-aye!

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