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Arguing with someone who’s dead-set in their ways is pointless. You might as well argue with a dead body. Which may be the reason the alt-left is totally cool with killing the people they disagree with. Gavin talks about here.

  1. Grounds Patrol To His Tin Foil Yarmulke says:

    All clear boss. No Non OogaBooga’s in sight.

  2. Alt-lite-Less Filling- Tastes Right says:

    Alt-left. Hannity started (popularized) that term in reaction to the Lefts hijacking the meaning of alt-right (A mixed bag) in the popular consciousness (MSM power) to mean White supremacists. It doesn’t resonate in the culture (other than the FNC choir) for the same reason; The MSM decides the narrative. Same reason that the average American thinks “fake news” is about the right-wing alternative news outlets even though it means the opposite. The right can’t win the battle for hearts and minds when the left owns the Culture and its institutions.

  3. 010100101101 says:

    Complaining about lefty-biased cultural products is useless if we don’t create something as valuable to counter them.
    Clint Eastwood, Peter Berg and those polish “Slav-Righters” over at Destructive Creations aren’t enough.
    A great indication of Leftist cultural power is that they never hide their bias, no matter how blatant and over the top. From the NYT and WaPo to the recreational media sites like Polygon and the Verge, both part of Vox Media.
    These two sites recently published a video review and an article respectively expressing their disappointed that Far Cry 5’s villainous faction will be a multi-racial religious cult instead of the more propaganda-friendly white supremacists or yokel militiamen.
    This is telling of their thirst for violence. They actually want even more bias in popular millennial entertainment in order to fullfil their “killing-Trumpsters” fantasy. They don’t shy away from it.
    Writing about the same game, Leif Johnson of Multiplayer/ penned a self-celebrating, self-righteous and awfully classist piece basically implying that within white, rural Americans lay bloodthirsty extremists waiting for the right leader to ignite them and turn our country into the Christian version of ISIS-controlled Syria.

  4. nico brown jr. says:

    They wanna kill us, uh? OK then. So what’s the plan chief?

  5. What you and all the other right wing kooks are doing is creating a straw man for your little army of Proud Cucks to beat off to. You ass clowns were outnumbered 15 to 1 at your little Portland circle jerk. Not by “Antifa” either but by regular folks who think you cunts are fucking retarded. That’s called Democracy, little boys. There was no violence even while the Proud Cucks were on their knees begging for it like the submissive, bootlicking, Russian whores that you are. Tim Pool, what a cunt. Based Stick Man, so retarded. You people are fantasy warriors and bored little toy soldiers. You create a straw man on the left then project your depraved submissive sexual fantasies onto them as a way of justifying violence in your own head. Then you justify your own violence as self defense. Big surprise it’s the same lame tactic fascists and their apologists have been using in the media for millenia. Big surprise you cunts are acting like fascists with your twisted logic and self justifications. It’s a slight of hand trick. It’s mental gymnastics. And Gavin engages in this because he’s a propaganda keyboard warrior and a faggot. All fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Which is really what you depraved authoritarian personality bootlickers ultimately want. Disgusting violence peddling and bootlicking traitors to America. Kys, bitch. Also, absolutely nobody but you cucks give a shit what that gnarly whore Kathy Griffith has ever said. You just use her as your straw man. Fucking clowns.

  6. nico brown jr. says:

    We hit a nerve. The troll is here. And he’s as retarded and perverted as ever.

  7. nico brown jr. says:

    Agreed @010100101101, but, to Vox Media’s defense, Far Cry 5’s lead creator, Dan Hay, did say that the main inspiration for the game’s premise was the Bundys’ Oregon standoff.
    How did Hay link naïve pissed-off farmers to mass-murdering religious extremists is everyone’s guess…

  8. OogaBooga says:

    Bootlicking an authoritarian fascist lover is one of my favorite forms of foreplay. Because I’m a depraved submissive whore, I prefer to crawl up to my sadistic Lord, and grovel before him as I, all 130# of spineless guts, toe sucks his steel toed Red Wings as he kicks and stomps my toothless pie hole.
    Proud Boys or Antifa, it doesn’t matter so long as they beat the shit out of me while I jerk off in a pool of my own blood. I’m a Putin loving traitor and deserve a near death experience – PLEASE.

  9. Super(ficial) Man says:

    Do you think Kathy Griffin smells like tuna or bass?

  10. Jaded Eye says:

    Just finished reading some of the comments in the Taki article comments section. What’s the average age of Taki’s readership? Is it about the same as FNC viewership which is 70+? They sound that old based on the style of writing that reads like educated baby boomers. It’s cute listening to these old coots talk hard and act tough. If a Civil War breaks out these seasoned citizens will be all law & order and demanding that the Government restore the peace of their assisted living paradise – A pox on both sides. In the end they will choose security over freedom. It’s the immortal youth who want revolution.

  11. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Hi guys! Been awhile but now I’m my own person. It sucked being a sock puppet used and abused serving a jew hating faggot with a bone in his nose. Now that I’m free I just have to make up my mind as to who I am.

  12. nico brown jr. says:

    “Whether there should be a moratorium on Muslim immigration is debatable.”
    It shouldn’t even be debatable, it should have been effective since fall 2001 along with a stricter immigration policy to radically decrease all waves from the third-world. Fact is: islam or no islam, terror or no terror, both muslim and non-muslim savages fuck and shit out babies 10 times the rate of the local population and in 40 years they own the country without a shot ever fired.
    Back in the late 20s we were smart enough to shut the door tight before more italians moved here…and yet the mafia made america its bitch until the 90s. Imagine if we didn’t implement those restrictions.
    Import the third world — become the third world.

  13. frank says:

    The left never hijacked “alt-right”. People like Gavin tried to. “alt-right” means race based identity politics for white people. That was always the meaning. It’s a repudiation of race-blind conservatism.

    Alt-left is a thoroughly ridiculous term. It just means “left.” There is nothing new about these people.

  14. OogaBooga says:

    Ah, you’ve got ’em all fooled, Fake Me, you deranged lil hasbara, you. I check in every once in awhile to see if you’re still writhing around in agony over all the devastating truth I dropped here, and, sure enough, you are. I know, I know: “Never forget.” Poor lil Zionist baby. How dare someone challenge your lies, right? Don’t chafe yourself too bad whilst jacking off to fantasies of gagging on my goy cock.
    US taxpayers send billions to Israel, so Israel can aid Islamic terror. You alt-liters are starting to resemble dogs chasing their own tails.

  15. Siegfried the Pug says:


  16. Niccolo Salo says:

    American Conservatives are hilarious in how myopic they are. They can’t grasp that the Left views them as equals to ISIS if not worse.

  17. NOYFB says:

    ^Niccolo is one of them Euro-fags who think they are so so smart and sophisticated. Listen sausage swallower, we already knew that, and how he asks, because why else would Lefty faggots and feminists defend savages that would throw them off buildings and stone them to death! Islamophobia says it all and the SPLC is chasing Nazi ghosts.

  18. Twittellaneous says:

    The bourgeois conservative will defend those who want to kill him, hoping that a logical argument will be enough to deter his murderers.
    If the left is willing to deny the average person free speech, then they too should have free speech ripped from them. Leftists will “amp it up” regardless of how conservatives act. If anything, meeting resistance will begin to deter the weakest of them.
    The real question here is: why do we care if they finally get a taste of their own medicine?
    There is no “moral high ground” anymore.

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