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• 07.29.15 04:49 pm

The reason we are talking about #LionLivesMatter more than #BlackLivesMatter is because, uh, wait, black lives DO matter way more than white lives. 

Well, black lives matter if we’re talking about the ones killed by white guys. Whites killed by blacks and blacks killed by blacks are boring. We figured out a way to end this whole problem. It’s called abortion so stop getting all pissy about it. It worked with retards.


  1. murder me says:

    your millennial uptalk is spot on. lol when did men start talking like this, i feeel like the whole world is all in on some ironic joke and theyre not being serious

  2. STINKY says:

    Am I the only person that could neither give fucks about this lion, nor Planned Parenthood?

  3. joeyjoejoe says:

    How do you reconcile your advocacy of promiscuity/fornication with anti-abortion talk? I’m sure your counter is that birth control works and there’s no contradiction. But there really is. Abortion is inevitably the other side of the fornication coin. I’d almost bet Gavin probably fathered an abortion.

  4. George says:


    Are you from Utah? LDS, maybe?

  5. Joey bagadoughnuts says:

    Should have panned up from your sandals.

  6. STINKY says:

    ^^you can’t pan up, you tilt up. You pan left and right and tilt up and down. UGH.

  7. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Maybe when we get the video where they’re roasting little organs with a Bunsen burner and eating them with chopsticks -maybe THAT will be enough.

  8. Hooey Davis says:

    I dreamt last night, my colleagues. One day, one great day in the future history of mankind, somebody will have the audacity to abort a lion fetus and sell the lion fetus parts to whoever the hell is buying lion fetus parts. And on that said day of aborted lion fetus distribution — mark my words — liberals and conservatives will put their differences aside and agree to only “mildly” insult each other’s intelligence from this day forward.

  9. joeyjoejoe says:

    I try and fail to be a catholic. east coast potato head. One of gavin’s drunken lines about how mass is just some mystical experience of goodwill (there’s no judgment) steams me a bit. Does he understand you’re not supposed to take communion in a state of sin? Does he get that the whole point is to have confessed and done penance before mass?

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