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• 07.28.16 01:15 pm

This is my favorite moment on the show so far. He wants to smell Chicken Cream (white people) farts. He is a black noodle (African American man). 

So, I gave him a call.

  1. MoistAngstIsRightAgain says:


  2. Dave says:

    Your Moms House Podcast already did it.

  3. frank says:

    > What exactly is the point of showcasing degenerate bullshit such as this?

    Howard Stern basically made a career out of showcasing various mentally ill people to bored commuters. I doubt the thinking here doesn’t go beyond “Hey, it worked for Howard!”

  4. Mark Henry's Hand Baby says:

    I want to hear the story behind how the farts of white people came to be known as “chicken cream”.

  5. ??? says:

    This is Pittsley material and requires a deeper analysis by John himself.
    Is this the end of this blog? Has it devolved down to OogaBooga’s multiple personality disorders, the inane gueefs of the duchess of Montreal, an occasional Sniffy sniffing around, a peek-a-boo here and there by Shaidle, a SpaceKook12 pissing on Pittsley and not much else. What happened?

  6. Columbo says:

    This is the absolute funniest interview i’ve seen in years.
    Right before the interview ends she’s giving you this “fuck me” look and then you said THAT joke.
    Ma man!

  7. Blanche says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Maintain the good job and delivering in the crowd!

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