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When the teacher with the Southern accent says she likes her Indian students because they’re smart and they try hard, the audience laughs at what a stupid racist she is. Um, what are you laughing at?


When the teacher with the Southern accent says she likes her Indian students because they’re smart and they try hard, the audience laughs at what a stupid racist she is. Um, what are you laughing at? Have you taught 12 year-olds for a quarter of a century? No? All right, well, why don’t you take it easy on the smug laughter and assume she MAY know what she’s talking about?


Bowling For Columbine
First of all, these bleeding heart liberals love to bud. They pretend they care about a benevolent society but when it comes to their day-to-day behavior it’s all about entitlement. After we wedged ourselves back in line and got to our seats, things got really bad. Anytime anyone in a plaid shirt from a small town opened his mouth, the whole audience was in hysterics. Ha ha, what a loser. He’s not an erudite New Yorker like me.
When Timothy McVeigh’s cousin dared to admit he grows soybeans, Michael Moore points out he’s essentially a tofu farmer. The audience’s mirth could not be contained. I felt like standing on my chair and screaming, “What the fuck is so funny? It’s a profitable crop you self-righteous shitheads. All you’re doing is showing how little you know or care about farmers.”


Four Brothers
At the beginning of the movie the Marines dared to have a recruitment ad. The whole audience started booing and one guy even yelled, “Fuck the marines!” It never occurred to anyone in the audience that poor people see the military as a real handy way to make some money and get an education. As our Iraq correspondent said in a recent phone conversation, “This war isn’t really a Vietnam. We’ve had less than a tenth of the casualties. I mean, Iran could be another story but so far this is experience has been a pretty OK job and a way to get my tuition paid at UCLA.”

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  1. the miracle says:

    Haha choice still from 4 Brothers.

  2. this isn't about New York says:

    it about San Francisco. They even tend to HISS at the Kabuki. So corny.

  3. chi chi says:

    Ack! the worst is hissing. I totally forgot about that, I lived in SF too. Haven’t heard it in NYC yet.
    Another gross out was hearing the saucy, knowing chuckles and titters from total nerds during that awful S & M lite movie “Secretary” at the Angelika. Every time there was a sexual innuendo, the couples around us would practically cream in their dockers with the thrill of “getting it.” Wow, you stick your penis in your girlfriend too! Just like in the moovies!

  4. RonSanto says:

    I only see two brothers in that pic. I think my internets are broken.

  5. yowza says:

    hahaha…great comment ronsanto

  6. crop dust says:

    besides the 100 or so cool ones I hate baby boomers. kill them all.. everything they think is good sucks or they like it for the wrong reason. fuck everything they do and spend money on. fuck juno, fuck you

  7. neko says:

    oh, come on. the military in general gets shit on, especially the marines. bad pay, little money for college, and you better hope to fucking god you don’t get hurt, cause benefits and disability are getting yanked left and right to pay for more war. maybe if you’re an officer, *maybe* then it’s worth it…but still not really, no. the military gets shit on pretty bad.

  8. Taeil Kim says:

    I’ve said this and I will say it again even though the college benefits that is offered in the military is probably the best out of money for schooling in this country by no way is that the sole reason I joined the military or it should be any reason why anyone should join any branch of service. When it comes down to it, the military’s sole responsibility is serving the greater good of a country’s society and it’s up to the powers that be that every citizen is in charge of electing. Patriotic duty is first and foremost why you want to be in the military and all that other shit is secondary.

  9. Taeil Kim says:

    That in mind you best believe I’m gonna juice out Uncle Sam for the greenbacks I’m entitled to. Kiss the rings, bitch.

  10. Jules says:

    Hope you come back with all your limbs dude. Casualties are down a 9/10ths. But limbless vets are up 9/10ths.

  11. david says:

    and bullshit statistics are up a billion tenths!

  12. Watson the TL Don says:

    I went to Santa Cruz last weekend and caught “The Counterfeiters”. In almost every concentration camp scene there was some asshole in the audience saying, “Oh my godddd” or “I can’t believe it”. Nazi Germany was fucking awful, what can’t you believe?

  13. tommy gun says:

    good for you Taeli Kim. having said that, I would suspect you wish you were in Afghanistan more than Iraq – fighting Al Queda a bit more directly, no?

  14. tommy gun says:

    the only way to avoid it is to go the Magic Johnson theater on 125th – they have wings too and flavored sodas (for real). of course everyone talks the whole time and answers mobile calls but snobby, no, its not a snobby environment. I actually saw 4 brothers there – there was lots of cheering when the dudes kicked ass yo.

  15. Trumpets says:

    In every society you have those that don’t understand what’s at stake. Don’t blame our friend in Iraq, blame your parents that let our government fuck everywhere constantly, consistently, non-stop, more, more, skeet skeet. I mean its our parents and still our parents -I am only 17- that sit idle while the military industrial complex keeps making things worse. Now China builds munitions plants in Africa -SUDAN- and North Koreans are working under a tarp in Syria. Russia is being run by a former KGB, that is like a fucking SS commander running Germany. Dudes, things are bad, but things are also getting worse. It used to be “don’ do drugs in Turkey” -Midnight Express- now its don’t be a Jew in Pakistan -A mighty heart- and it used to be The Deer Hunter where heroin ruins friendships, now its Stop Loss where you never even wanted to be friend with the people you are friends with. FUCK! ARGH!!! Taeil Kim! STOP IT!!! PLEASE!!!
    P.S. Lion for Lambs or whatever that movie was called was GOOD! No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood WAS GREAT!!!

  16. gustavo says:

    this shit isn’t about SF, it’s about new yorkers. quit trying to change the subject, cheesedick.

  17. aleke says:

    one of the reasons why i love living in the South (well, i mean in a huge souther metropolitan area). People are nice, weather is great, and no one fucking shouts at the movie except black people but, hey, those are national phenomena.

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