Posted by
David Cross
• 05.27.08 07:14 pm

I’m not comfortable with this.
I’m not comfortable with this.

  1. Teddy Ruxpin says:

    Douche Chill!

  2. Saddam Hussein says:

    Hey David,

    If your not comfortable with it than die! Fuck, America wasn’t comfortable with me and I died, shit, I got strangled dangled bo’jangled. What makes you so fuckin’ different, because…oh shit, I guess your going to kill this guy! The guy with the tattoo of you. That’s fucked, that’s really heavy.

    Damn! Real Talk!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. steve says:

    agreed…douche chill!

  5. Loomis says:

    I’d like you to know that if I ever considered getting one of your characters it would start with the wet cigar kid from Titannica, then maybe the cool internet boss who loved Tofutti, then Ronnie Dobbs, then the nudist,
    An in the closet gay guy from a short-lived sit com would be way after last on my list.

  6. bandini says:

    again – i fcking hate people who try and be really funny with their internet comments. like a guy in an office who thinks life is a sitcom and he should be a stand-up comedian. either get out there and do it or shuthefuckup and stop fcking up the internet.

    the tattoo is creepy btw. maybe a full body shot with denim shorts, pin-up style would have been ok.
    (im not trying to ‘crack you up’ either, i genuinely think that)

  7. Bill O'Madison says:

    Why does he have a cripple hand?

  8. brambilla says:

    david, let’s get married.

  9. montage says:

    wait i understand the crippled hand! this tattoo is clearly an homage to both david’s fine work on fox AND to chris elliot’s fine work in scary movie 2, starring david cross.

  10. Anonymous says:

    bandini is a motherfuckin hater.

    settle down. who is he talking about anyway? saddam?

    who am i talking to anyway? myself.
    get back to work.

  11. sf says:

    do you ever play a game where you wonder what stupid/crazy stuff you would do if you found out you only have a year to live? i think this guy doesn’t have much time left…

  12. maddy says:

    whats cooler than tobias? NOTHING

  13. Marie-Elaine says:

    Oh well. Once someone has your face tattooed onto them, what could possibly go beyond?

  14. cunny bunter says:

    isn’t getting a tobias tattoo an unconsciously flamingly gay thing to do in keeping with the unconsciously flamingly gay nature of the character? I think it has to be. well done likeness besides the tiny gimp hands which are totally unrealisOH WAIT A MINUTE

    I have a tattoo of ellen’s wife on my dick head because it’s the only part of my body that is Seriously Unfunny. it means business… cos my mom works from home ya dig?

  15. mr.wilson says:

    If you went to prison with that arm you would get sooooo many deserts.

  16. mr.wilson says:

    Can I buy another “s” for that last comment?

  17. sean says:

    Well technically it’s not a tattoo of you David, it’s just a fictional character. So really this is only 1/3rd as scary as you think it is.

  18. don says:

    David Cross is a fag-ass, LOL (lick on lips)!

  19. Schwa says:

    You’re not comfortable… how do you think I felt when I got it? Damn thing itched for weeks!

  20. lol@u says:

    that’s pretty durn creepy. wtf? it looks like some sleazy pedophile.

  21. rjb says:

    If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet him one day. Won’t that be fun?

  22. J Gilmour says:

    Look at the bright side of this. I’d bet money nobody has a Larry the cable guy tattoo.

  23. POOKLES says:

    Check out his other tattoos- Krusty the Clown… is that part of Bush? I bet that feels great to be likened to those two winners.

  24. The tatoo is a little bit wierd, but he job is very well done!!
    Look at those lines, even the shist looks good…
    the problem is that hand…

  25. Its a very very well done work, look the expresion and looks like a real person
    it is really awesome I do not have any tatto but I would like to make me one !!!

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