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• 07.30.14 09:39 am


Yeah, it is. I thought we all agreed to Never Forget. The date “September 11th” doesn’t mean anything to the dozens of people at Paramount involved with this poster. Not one person said, “Uh, boss?” 

If I ever want to avoid getting a boner, I think of the people who held hands and jumped off the towers. I know a guy who was involved in the clean up that day and he said you could hear their bodies POP! when they hit the ground. They sounded like gigantic water balloons which, when it comes to the heartless world of physics, I guess they were. Anyway LA, I realized you weren’t there but over on this coast, it was considered  a big deal.

At least these were before 9-11







I own that last one. I won it in 2010 at Max Fish and didn’t give a shit about it. Now it’s one of my most prized possessions.


  1. STINKY says:

    doesn’t matter, don’t care

  2. Ben says:

    9/11 is at like #458 in the top 500 tragedies. Many worse things have happened.

  3. Dad Religion says:

    why would a guy like you care about something like this? this seems like the kinda of feigned outrage that the left is notorious for. this is a poster for australia btw, where the release date there is sept. 11. this movie opens aug. 8 stateside.

  4. Uzibeatle says:


    What! What difference , at this point, does it make?

    Googly Eyed Hag .

  5. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Go down to the memorial and see how the general, tourist public treats it. They walk around a tomb like it’s Six Flags. I think Hollywood knows their marks and what they really give a shit about.

  6. raymi says:

    How stupid are they

  7. ??? says:

    I think this poster did exactly what it was intended to do: Make a stink. Well done you heartless souls of the movie industry.

  8. Fuck Reality, this is a movie says:

    Yeah, but I heard in this movie Ben Affleck jumps into a Piper Cub, flies up to the cockpit and shoots Mohammed Atta in the face with a .22. THEN, Kate Hudson rushes to the controls in a torn Catholic school girl uniform and pilots the catapaulting plane to LaGuardia for a safe landing because she had played a flight simulator video game with Matt Damon that weekend while they were in bed together.

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