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• 06.18.17 09:09 pm

Living in the city can be fun in your younger years but it does have its drawbacks and way too many rules. Living out in the country on the other hand is almost like the Wild West. Gavin goes over his ten favorite things about living there in this video.

  1. frank says:

    I don’t know about having a dacha, but the best thing about roughing it in the woods is not cleaning stuff. Scrub your cookware and utensils, but other than that there’s not much. Jump in a stream to clean to do your laundry. Let an early afternoon rain shower rinse out the bivvy from time to time and then sun dry it.

    I get back to civilization and cook a meal and see the counters that need to be wiped and the bathroom that needs to be scrubbed and it seems so dumb. So many pointless chores. Why not just do all this outside where it doesn’t matter. Heck, why am I doing laundry instead of jumping in the river on the way to work. I can cut my own hair with a knife pretty easily. Why am I paying some idiot to do it slightly neater?

    If I ever build a place to spec it’ll have an outdoor kitchen, shower, and toilet. I’ll just powerwash that stuff once a month. Keeping the indoor stuff clean is just easy vacuuming and dusting.

  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    The best thing about the great outdoors is pissing a stream, or in my case a river. Women will cry you a river and have Big Bro arrest you for indecent exposure in civilization, but not in the woods which is the domain of nature boy and his free Willie. Does a bear shit in the woods? Well duh and he doesn’t give a cats ass to bury his big ole pile of scat either. Gavin’s Proud Boys need to come out of the civilizational closet and get goin to the country swinging their Ding-a-Lings au natural’. The proof of pride is the size of ones DONG, so not all Proud Boys are equal. Any wee Willie’s will be immediately outed and be shamed out of the brotherhood. Instead of a silly “name that cereal!” initiation, “measure that DONG” will separate the PROUD from the shamed. No drum circles, no boy scout faggotry, just MANLY marches up trails to a training camp destination. Purpose is a MANS job, not running around like silly Mayfair queens picking mushrooms. If the PROUD Boys are to become a militia ready on a moment’s notice to come to the rescue of beleaguered patriots under assault from the EVIL ANTIFA, then backwoods training in the buff (for bonding purposes) is a necessity. I personally cannot join the Proud Boys as my unique, exceptional, extraordinary, HUMONGOUS DONG would deflate the egos of any ordinary boy. Instead, my Dong will be an inspirational Blimp, high above like a Big Buddy, leading the Proud Boys below as they gaze and wonder and know that their enemies will be pissed on by a Thunder Storm.

  3. Dick Leakey says:

    frank must be a maid since all he can think of is NOT cleaning. People project and deep down inside human Nature is supposedly shaped by eons of evolution that were spent roughing it. Civilization, at least as far as recorded history goes is a rather recent development. So our recent environment is something quite new and if our ancestors were essentially physically the same as us for the past 100k years or so then we is fish out of water. The Call of the Wild beckons, and frank the Maid wants to rip those apron strings off.

  4. Ragin' Cajun says:

    Awww, how cute, shooting bottle rockets and potatoes at Bambi, and disturbing the sleep of salamanders. Want to impress, 38 22 bb boy, then go camping for the summer among the grizzlies like that moron in the Herzog film. You ain’t no red neck, you is a city slick urban cowboy making noise and running around nakeed like a dirty hippie at Woodstock.

  5. Banjo Billy says:

    Come to my neck of the woods and you’ll be squealing like a pig.

  6. Billy Bob Bass says:

    I asked a ranger once why so few Niggers go camping in the national parks. He told me he didn’t care he was just happy that they don’t come and turn the parks into a monkey jungle. He did say that the few that have ventured into the wilderness camp sites have usually been spooked overnight by bears and by the next morning are packing and scrambling to get the hell out. I asked why was that? He said he reckons that the bears come sniffing around when they catch a downwind whiff of nasty negro underarm pits. He went on to say male bears are territorial and leave piles of shit to mark boundaries. When they smell the strange rank odor of a stink ape, they probably remember in a deep subconscious way the native Indian days when their ancestors shared the woods with another kind of human that hadn’t discovered soap and that doesn’t make them happy. Funny thing is the Niggers always complain as they leave the park that the bears discriminate against them because the white campers they talk to the next morning always say the same thing, no bears had come around to their tents that night. Actually it’s good to have a token Nigger family camping on the edges as they are bear bait and draw attention away from nice decent white folks.

    Oh and one last warning that the ranger gave me. Never go camping in bear, mountain lion, wolf country with a cunt on the rag. A bear when he smells that fishy blood thinks it’s bloody salmon season and is on his way straight to your tent for a meal.

  7. OogaBooga says:

    I just luuuv the back woods. Now I’m not into those big ole’ spacious Yellowstone and Yosemite type parks. No, I like em dark and woodsy, southern comfort style, like the Chattooga river where they filmed “Deliverance” heee haaaw! The kind of wild life I’m looking for is inbred hill Billy that likes slick city Ass. I just walk through the brush reeeking like a sow in heat and in no time at all the woods are crawling with rednecks screaming suuuuuueee! Once the boys find me in our little game of hide and seek, they line up to take turns poking me, and they don’t have to tell me to squeal like a pig, I be squealing so loud they be popping their cocks on me like champagne!

  8. PJ says:

    You forgot cutting trees. “Let’s see, should I use the petite new chainsaw, or the beast?” Just cut ’em down, make firewood or just improve the view. No need to beg a bureaucrat or pay him a ransom. Try to avoid falling a tree on your house though. You get pretty good after a while, dropping it where you want it.

    Also, if you are cropping vegetation and branches, just drag it in the woods to rot down. No need to stuff it into some silly bin.

    I do enjoy shooting milkjugs and whatnot. Pretty impressive when you hit one with a .338 Win Mag. Squirrels are good practice too, because you only have a few seconds to get your shot off.

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