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Street Carnage
• 09.08.17 06:36 pm

Now that everyone’s going back to school, it’s time to sit back and enjoy Gavin’s words of wisdom on education.

  1. ohmgd says:

    Have you seen what these antifa punks are up to lately?

    Just look at this picutre!

  2. garf says:

    Y’know, Gavin’s totally right – the left-wing view of “racism” is so distorted, people are just going around *looking* for people to call racist because there aren’t enough actual racists to fulfill their need. And that makes people *become racist* just to spite people who called them racist in the first place. That is totally sound logic and not the most idiotic thing anyone’s ever said. And it’s not like there’s right-wing terrorists literally murdering innocent people by running them over with cars, that totally never happened after an anti-Semitic rally led by Neo-Nazis. Oh, and hey did you read about that teenage biracial kid who was literally lynched in New Hampshire? Yeah, gosh, where does the left get all these crazy ideas about racism being an actual problem? Quit lecturing me, hippie!

  3. raymi says:

    stay in school

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