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• 04.21.09 09:45 pm

TV CARNAGE’S show for the telly, Totally For Teens has been invited to LA this week to be fondled by the TV and then to Portland for a festival screening. It has been treated so well out here that it’s turning into a bit of a glistening prick and claims it wrote itself.
So in order to honor its offers, all this week STREET CARNAGE is posting chunks of this hot slut. Enjoy, cause shit is totes radical!

Today’s clip: SERGEANT BOOTS!
He’s a favorite on the Totally For Teens set. He screams kids into submission and has been doing so for over a 10 years over at T4T. He even has his own Boot Camp (SGT BOOTS CAMP) where he freaks the shit out of Teens until they reduced to skeletons, and can make babies pack their teeny-weeny bags, simply by making the Teen mother suck “it” all back in.

Nibble on this fun fact!
We shot so much Sergeant Boots GOLD! Including a scene where he teaches a young man a lesson about trying to help himself to some sweet, sweet groping without the consent of the young lady. He performs a sex change on the young boy while at the same time confronting his racial insecurity. For some reason the network was Luke-Warmwalker on teen vivisection, even if it was a an effective and memorable lesson learned.

  1. rutheffect says:


  2. Frank DeFalco says:

    Where in LA? Can I come?

  3. buffalowinger says:


  4. samplesailz says:

    terribly awesome

  5. hot dogs in nigger mouths says:


  6. The One says:

    thats fif you nooch ass trick

  7. kevin says:

    this is like a collage

  8. kevin says:

    this is like a collage
    PS: Forgot to add good post!

  9. radical says:

    “hot dog in nigger mouth” ?
    Creative, like a loser who gets to use the word “nigger” but can’t make it funny so they just use it.
    Nice work.

  10. Val says:

    Sarge Boots is my favorite!!!

    Berrickles, please answer my e-mails & quit playing hard to get.
    Good luck in Portlaaand.

  11. critic says:

    nice vid, deinterlace next time please

  12. Lance Kilby says:

    tryin’ to clear out the catch

  13. robbie robbie big nigger says:

    please post more clips

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