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John Pittsley
• 12.29.16 12:34 pm


For all the shit transphobic folks get for saying ignorant things, people have to recognize how confusing all this stuff is. Not just in regards to the different vocabulary, figuring out who’s a boy or girl, and whether or not it’s even alright to wonder that, either. What’s really confusing is the lack of dedication and effort these guys or gals or whatever the fuck they are put into their beautiful transformations.

I know it’s hard to say someone isn’t dedicated when they cut their dick off for something but some of these silly billies don’t even do that shit. Or if they do, they half-ass something else and make it far too easy to tell what’s really going on. It doesn’t make any sense. If a guy wants people to think of him as a lady, he has to be willing to put in the same amount of effort in his appearance as women do with theirs. Slacking off and not giving one hundred percent in such a dramatic transformation not only makes a dude stick out, it makes it harder for him to get dicked. That is the ultimate goal, right?

Obviously, not every trans-person can afford hormone therapy and no matter how wild and wacky a person may be, it has to be terrifying getting down to the moment where they finally cut your dick off. So, it’s none too surprising a few of them say “you know what, fuck it. I’ll keep my dick and just deal with the mess, when the time comes.”┬áIf a dude is going to be too big of a pussy to trade his dick in for one, he might as well talk like he did. It’s the best way to trick people into thinking he’s a woman. Anyone can get a wig or grow their hair long or wear women’s clothing. Talking like a woman 24/7, that shit is for the truly dedicated.

As wonderful as it would be for women not to speak, it is kind of weird when they don’t. Unless you’re into mail order asian brides. That’s why a trans-dude, or chick, has to have a good lady voice and use it at all times. Staying dead silent is gonna set off some alarm bells and speaking with a normal dude voice is most definitely going to ruin that gorgeous getup they’ve spent so much time perfecting. Unless, of course, they haven’t spent all that much time perfecting it.

It’s always depressing to see a chick, who doesn’t know how to wear heels or apply makeup properly. You know she either grew up in a dysfunctional family and was never taught the basics or, was always unattractive and never bothered to learn. When you see a tranny with clown makeup or goofy-ass clothes on, it’s convenient to be able to pick them out but frustrating at the same time. Phoning it in and leaving the house like some second hand store Halloween costume ain’t gonna get a lady-dude laid. Look at gay dudes, they want nothing to do with boning chicks but when dressing up in drag they go all out. They may dress up like chicks from a different time period but they try to make sure it’s somewhat convincing. Going with a hot pink sequin short skirt and tiny neon-green tube top is like putting on a studded leather jacket, it’s choosing to stick out. Seeing that outfit with sloppy makeup is a huge red flag, indicating a person is either a transvestite, hooker, or under underage girl. All three of which most heterosexual men probably don’t want to bang.

Of course, there are some who have no intention of becoming a woman and are content with simply being ‘gender fluid’. For those individuals, it’s perfectly reasonable to stick out like a sore thumb. What doesn’t make any sense is constantly talking about it. Obviously it makes sense for them to clear things up upon meeting someone and going over the proper terms they’d like to go by but that should only take a few moments. Spending every waking moment talking about being transgendered is just silly (which I guess is kind of fitting) and counterproductive. If someone is going to be some sort of a shapeshifting sexual being, then they should let their wacky appearance do all the gender fluid talk for them. That way they can focus their time proving they’re just like everyone else and maybe even convince some straight dudes to get in the sack with them.

Some will say the transgendered community is really just looking for respect and recognition but once again, you gain those things by giving your all. You don’t get it by doing a half-assed job. Maybe if they spent a little more time pulling the wool over our eyes and getting us with a few really good practical jokes, we’d start buying what they were selling.


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