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If Trump were truly an “islamophobe”, he’d be a fucking rock star in Israel. Those people hate rag heads and love money, they’re Jews for Christ’s sakes. Turns out they hate him and apparently they hate the idea of being safe too. Gavin explains in his article.

  1. Milo Yaimfuckinkidsapoopalus says:

    ‘Ello gov’na! Oi, Gavin! Do you want to come over to me flat? There’s a bunch of underage lads who would love to meet you here! We’ll give them some “pizza” if you know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink.

  2. The Real OogaBooga says:

    Some people like to play video games, some people like to go fishing, and I like to fuck goats. What’s wrong with that? I wish everyone would stop making such a big deal about it.

    My life changed forever one fateful Spring day.

    It was the day after my 15th birthday, and I was camping out at a buddy’s farm. There was this goat – Fruity was her name, I’ll never forget it – and she kept giving me the eye. I was young and horny, so I was wanking five or six times a day, and I found it impossible to resist Fruity’s charms. So when my buddy’s went to the river for a swim, I pretended I had diarrhea, and spent a romantic afternoon with Fruity.

    I made love to Fruity three times over the next hour, and was relaxing under a tree with her when my chums returned from their swim. Unfortunately, there was some amount of rectal bleeding on Fruity’s part, which threatened to expose our afternoon of passion. I’m a quick thinker, though, and told my friends that Fruity had accidentally sat on a barbed wire fence. I promised to see Fruity again but, sadly, she was put down shortly afterwards. I actually ate part of her, and she tasted wonderful with mint sauce.

    But my appetite for billy goat love would not be abated, and as I grew up, I had experiences with a number of hirsute hunks. I live in a suburban area, so there aren’t a lot of goats wandering around just ready to be porked, so I was stoked when a petting zoo opened up a few miles away. They had six goats in there and I violated every single one of them, but one really captured my heart – a little black fella called Carl. He had an arse that could make a jellyfish hard, but it was his personality that made me fall in love with him. He was so playful. And honestly, Carl’s race didn’t come into it at all. I don’t see colour, I just see goats.

    I entered into a three-year relationship with Carl, where we frolicked by moonlight, binge-watched crime drama Breaking Bad, and even went on a romantic cruise down the local creek. But my heart was soon to be broken in the most crushing way possible.

    I snuck into the zoo one night and saw the owner fucking Carl, and Carl seemed to be enjoying it. I turned around and walked home in tears, and spent the next week locked in my bedroom, eating chocolate ice cream and watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls. I was a wreck, and vowed to never let another goat break my heart.

    From there, my sexual experiences with goats took on a more casual nature, as I sought out anonymous sex to help heal my broken heart. I would spend weeks at a time driving through rural areas, stopping only to have sex with goats I didn’t know and didn’t intend on seeing again.

    I was a wreck, and I’m not proud of how I acted. I must’ve had sex with 300-400 goats during that period, but none of them could replace Carl. I even tried bonking a few sheep and cows, just to help blank out the pain, but it didn’t work. I never thought having sex with farm animals would lose its luster, but it did.

    I gave up on goats and, in a move I never thought possible, entered into a relationship with a human woman. To outsiders I was just a happy-go-lucky young man with a bright future, but my passion for goats still burned.

    My girlfriend walked in on me masturbating over an episode of “All creatures great and small”. She was a bit freaked out and called me a sicko, and I broke down and told her everything. She was really understanding and cradled me in her arms while I told her about Fruity and Carl and the farmer, and afterwards she gave me a big kiss, as well as her blessing to have sex with goats. I think that moment really strengthened our relationship.

    My girlfriend took me to her car, and drove me back to the petting zoo where I’d spent so many nights. There, in a back corner, was Carl.

    He looked great, yeah. He was a little bit older, and not a kid anymore, but he still looked good. My missus waited by the gate and I sort of awkwardly shuffled over to him, and my heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. The feelings were obviously still there, and we made love next to a small patch of turnips. It was like we’d never been apart, and it’s so good to have Carl as part of my life again. Even my girlfriend loves him.

    When people hear about my story, they expect a pervert and a social outcast; someone to write a funny story about. Instead they meet a sensitive, intelligent gentleman who isn’t so different from the rest of you – I simply choose to express my love and lust with animals. In fact, it’s had me wondering if I have the right idea, and it’s the rest of you who are the misfits, depriving yourselves of meaningful relationships with critters merely because of societal conventions.

    I have a message for any other young men who are battling with their passion for farm animals.

    All I can say is, if your heart’s telling you to fuck a goat, then fuck a goat. Don’t worry about what other people say or think, because all that matters is shooting your bolt deep into a goat. It’s the best feeling ever – trust me, I’d know.

  3. Jews 4 Allah says:

    Jews for Allah mission statement:

    May the peace of Allah be upon you ,

    I have a question . Ever heard of the group Jews for Jesus ? This is a Christian missionary group that seeks to convert the Jews to Christianity .

    Jews for Jesus has been very successful , they’ve nearly 300,000 members worldwide ! That’s impressive numbers considering there are only 16 million Jews on this planet.

    If Christians are able to get Jews to believe in something that essentially amounts to Polytheism , why not then , Muslims invite Jews to advanced level Monotheism ?!?! I would think a Jew would pick a Monotheist religion over a tritheist one any day !

    Therefore, Jews for Allah

    To some the idea of a Jew being a Muslim seems to be a contradiction.

    Many people have a dichotomy in their minds.

    On the one hand, you have Jews and Judaism
    and on the other hand, Muslims and Islam.

    You are either one or the other… so they think.

    In reality there is nothing more Jewish than becoming a Muslim.

    For a Jew to become a Muslim is for him to turn to the
    Elohim (Lord) of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and King David.

    Join our effort to re-unite the children of Abraham ! Yeah !

  4. JR Wirth says:

    This is why we need to be a neutral country and keep to ourselves. The fact that the Europeans have decided to become big wet pussies has everything to do with the fact that we’ve been underwriting their security since 1946. We need out of the middle east.

    The world laughs as us and mocks us as we play superman. The joke is on us, has been for a long time.

    Jews and Muslims don’t understand the concept of gratitude because they have no new testament. Israel is not the 51st state, despite neocon scum stating otherwise.

  5. Dick Reiser says:

    How about Jews for Porn?

    God, knows there are enough of God’s Chosen People churning out that filth.

  6. The Real OogaBooga says:

    A dream within a dream I once had:

    I imagined myself as a NYT best selling author and Managing Editor of a literary magazine called “Door Is A (Vaseline) Jar.” I was a nice Jewish boy with a collection of more than 60 different versions of the Kama Sutra spanning 9 languages. I was also a regular contributor on Jewrotica, who wrote pieces like “Shiksa Goddess”, “Putzes at an Exhibition”, and “When the Bush Burns.

    The dream went like this:

    Then Joseph said to them,
    “Do not all interpretations belong to God?
    Tell me your dreams.”
    Genesis 40:8
    God speaks to people through dreams; in Jojo’s(TRANS-ME) case it was a wet dream. In her(TRANS-ME) dream there was a man(ME) in a sex swing with his(ME) arms and legs spread wide. His(ME) skin was the color of terracotta. He(ME) was oiled and shimmered in the pink light. He(ME) was muscular, like he(ME) spent a lot of time in front of a full-length mirror squatting and lifting. His(ME) head was bent back and she(TRANS-ME) couldn’t see his(ME) face. The upper part of his(ME) neck was scruffy and there was a particularly dark and bristly patch of black hair on his(ME) chin. The same coarse hair coiled on his(ME) chest and formed a thin trail as it travel over his(still ME) navel before bursting out again around his(ME pee pee) groin. His(ME-MEAT) balls hung low and his(favorite ME) schlong throbbed in a plump place between soft and hard. Jojo(TRANS-ME) could tell he(ME) was out of his(ME) element by the way his(ME) hands clenched, and how his(ME) feet squirmed in the stirrups; he(ME) was used to being the one in control. Motionless men and women dressed in full-body latex suits surrounded the man(LUCKY ME) in a circle and kowtowed to him(GOD-ME) with their assess sticking up high in the air.

    Jojo(TRANS-ME) was nude except for a low-rise leather corset strap-on dildo harness. It was like a heavy-duty thong. It had an adjustable waist with silver belt buckle on the sides and lace straps in the back. Three silver snaps in the front attached to a steel O-ring to secure her(TRANS-ME) most prized possession, a silicone Technicolor strap-on. The dildo was seven inches long; each inch was another color of the rainbow.

    She(TRANS-ME) gripped the dildo by the base. Her(TRANS-ME) slender, tawny fingers were like the yellowish-brown of a lioness. She(TRANS-ME) rubbed the red mushroom head against the man’s(ME ME ME!!!) tight anus. The man(OH GOD!!) gasped and shuddered. Jojo(TRANS-ME) reached out to caress his(ME) chest when a cluster of stars twinkling like dazzling disco balls flew up from behind the man(WEE ME!) and into the sky. The premature illumination startled her(TRANS-ME) and she(TRANS-ME) woke up, panting, drenched in sweat with a strange feeling of satisfaction and yearning.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ^Someone is taking a big ole dump on this blog. OogaBooga, you sure have a shitty imagination. Why don’t you try a real hobby like catching butterflies with a net or blowing hot farts into balloons and seeing how high they fly. If anything you’ll at least get some sunlight and exercise. I know I shouldn’t be addressing you directly since that’s what you crave is attention and that is feeding your sickness. Still I know there is something in everyone that remains human even in the most fucked up among us. They say pedophilia and bestiality is incurable but I believe if you turn to our Lord and Savior there is hope when all seems hopeless. It’s darkest before dawn and you’re at the bottom of the abyss so start climbing OogaBooga and find hobbies meanwhile to get your perverted mind off the children and livestock. Good luck Sicko.

  8. Honest Assessment says:

    pedophilia and bestiality…
    Ooga ain’t into that. He tried jerking off last week but ran out of breath BEFORE he got wood. Somebody bought himself a porn book and Oogie here learned how to cut and paste on the computer. It is pretty sad and it is a little disturbing, but his neighbors are happy that he isn’t in the front yard screaming at their children. AGAIN.

  9. The Real OogaBooga says:

    I fantasize about Necrophilia a LOT

    It’s almost overwhelming. The thought of total control over another’s body, and nothing they can do about it (and no, handcuffs and bondage don’t count). I’ve never acted on it YET, and I’m not into zombies (Fresh bodies or preserved bodies only pls) but I’m just curious if I’m the only one that feels this way. I mean, who doesn’t like to crack open a cold one after a long day?

    My girlfriend agreed to go into a walk-in freezer, play limp, and basically cosplay a corpse to fulfill my needs, and for that I’m grateful, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head that she wasn’t dead.
    So you see, this is the next step in my journey through life and if you’ve been following my confessions you know I’ve just about done it all. Like Captain Kirk though, I want to go all the way so if anyone has tips pls share as this is the FINAL FRONTIER and even I feel a little creeped out.

    P.s. Fuck off Anonymous you jealous troll. You only wish you lived my life.

  10. Uncircumcised says:

    Trumps got to much Jewish skin and smegma in the NWO ZIONIST game – that is Kushner’s kosher cock in his tall nice piece of tail Ivanka. The Elders of Zion saw this way back and used the Hasbara to plan for this possible contingency. The squidlys always spread their tentacles into emo like crevices flicking the little men’s in the boats that thinks they is the Kings of the Earth but is nuttin butt pawns in the schemes of Jewy things.
    Trump in Israel is babes in toy land.
    We are back to the Cold War Redux and once again the drums of war beat HAVA NAGILA. Trump is good man but (((THEY))) been around since the original rebel – OLE’ SCRATCH.

  11. OogaBooga says:

    Fuck off. No one thinks that’s me. If you pretend to, you are outing yourself as hasbara.

  12. OogaBooga says:

    The silent majority loves me deeply.

  13. The Real OogaBooga says:

    Bitch you fake. I own you bitch.

  14. OogaBooga says:

    I am praying for your happiness, and that you find true purpose in this life.

  15. The Real OogaBooga says:

    Sweet pedophile dreams bitch, and say hi to your favorite cock muppet, dick lubin – no life pathetic loser.

  16. OogaBooga says:

    The insane, seething hatred is palpable.

  17. The Kardashian Girls says:

    We fantasize about Negro-philia a LOT

  18. Jews For Juggaloism says:

    L.A. Times is saying that the Trump Admin has caused “renewed activism”/Hulkomania among “The Jews”; what *DOESN’T* inspire activism for such feebs?

    “Global climate warning renews activism, says local Jew”
    “Madonna’s flagging album sales prompts fresh consciousness in Hillel chapters”
    “B’nai Brith galvanized by promotion of goy to VP position at the old bean factory”

  19. Richard Spencers Edgy Fade says:

    Calling all Uber Smegma Menschs!
    My fellow goys, when invading the nether regions of a Yenta in the interests of bacterial warfare, be sure to have NOT washed the skin tent for at least 2 weeks of leaks. Just as antibiotics require a regimen of pills of that length to defeat the bacteria, our festering multiplying dick cheese needs to curdle at least that amount of time to build a regiment for battle. If you’re an alcoholic even better as the little bacillus are even more potent as – Wino Dick Cheese. When you’ve sloshed her with enough Manischewitz wine, turn off the lights, and proceed with the Jewish homeland invasion of the JAP. Now beware of the temptation to shut her yapping Jewish pie hole with your throbbing tent pole as the spoiled 6-noses Jewish whore has great olfactory sense developed from centuries of living in Ghetto rats nests with lying, thieving, conniving members of their race. If they can smell rats, then they can smell nasty, fermenting, uncircumcised blew cheese if it schmoozes too near the schnoz. No, instead stealthily proceed to plow her vineyard with your Goyim final solution biological warhead and deposit the microbes that hopefully will wreck her innards and render her incubator sterile so as to not be capable of growing more World Wreckers. Mission accomplished you can then grab her face and wipe your gruppenfuhrer on her 6-Noses of Israel mug and laugh as she realizes the enemy has defeated her ha ha!
    Seig heil my brothers!!
    Long live the God Emperor Triumphant Trump.

  20. Amon Goth says:

    There’s hope for you Richard, wouldn’t you say Henry.

  21. Hava Nagila says:

    So Trump emboldens the wannabe be would be Nazi’s. Go crawl back into your little club houses before you over expose yourselves you tiny Vienna sausages. Neo Nazi cosplay is best done backwoods with fellow slope heads and knuckle draggers on Halloween. Trump is your last speed bump on the progressive highway so outing yourselves is making the SPLC work that much easier.
    PREDICTION: In the not so far future, web sites such as this will be banned for hate speech. Then you’ll be reduced to wiping your screeds on bathroom stall walls as you peek-a-boo through the glory holes with your fellow Ernst Rohms. Already your false god Donald has ducked the wrath of Israel and came to pay tribute as all good compliant Pax Americana Emperors do. The tail wags the dog and when the dog thinks he’s in charge the fleas remind him who’s boss. Gavin is a good goy and it would be wise for him to prove his loyalty by “fumigating” this website clean of all Jew haters. Ahhhhhh, the sound of music~~~~~hava~~nagila hava~nagila hava~~~~~~if I were a rich man~I AM A RICH MAN!!! OY VEY!

  22. Amon Goth Junior says:

    Lately I’ve been having some strange dreams. The dreams always start with vague silhouettes of head banging, pelvic thrusting figures, accompanied by whiny, nasal sounding Yiddish of mumbo-jumbo babbling braying-praying. Then a fog dissipates and a wall, THAT WALL, the Wailing Wall appears with Woody Allen orthodox clones rhythmically genuflecting in an obscene manner before the Wall. Suddenly the scene changes as a new vista rises as I find myself upon a porch overlooking a different kind of wall – electrified razor wire fencing with gun towers. I hear my dad’s voice in my head and find a snipers rifle in my hands as I take aim at scurrying hebe rats racing across the camp. I feel like a Roman Emperor deciding who lives and who dies and the feeling is a heady rush of intoxication. Some likable greedy asshole named Oskar keeps telling me there’s more power in pardon than execution so I exercise random moments of mercy that are strangely erotic. Then once again this recurring dream flashes to another location as I enter a very large camp on a train then float over Jewish grave stones used as pathway pavers that lead to a sign that says ‘Work is Freedom’. There is a barbeque smell that fills the air with the crispy aroma of kosher bacon. The ovens beckon me as I feel an overwhelming desire to crawl inside an molest the corpses before they’re consumed in the Final Solution. Over and over and over 6 million times I crawl in – then I see a face – a face universally recognizable……her name is Anne.
    I always wake up in that moment sweating and clammy with a nocturnal release of Nazi DNA in my crotch. I smile.

  23. Duh says:

    DARK Shit Lord Edgy. Like the Twilight Zone meets H.R. Giger meets H.P. Lovecraft.

  24. Anon Goth Senior says:

    Does anyone read these posts that are giant walls of text?

  25. OogaBooga's Cock Muppets says:

    We do and OogaBooga too.

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