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Street Carnage
• 08.23.17 07:29 am

The left can’t seriously still be confused by this shit. They honestly have a hard time understanding why Trump is popular and don’t realize most of their insults for him are actually compliments. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Friend-O says:

    All these facts about Trump are just getting in the way of Gavin’s Daddy Fantasy, and his lifelong yearning to be ironic. He’s turned his back on the Alt-Right when he felt the pressure and his Twitter Pro/Against conveniently changes when there’s an uptick in threats against him and the associated fights with his wife get to a breaking point- so just stop it.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    “Trump is popular with a small subset of the US population and massively unpopular with the large majority of the country. Trump is in political power because of the Electoral College, he lost the Popular Vote (key word popular) badly by 3 million votes – while lying that he won in a landslide.”

    All you have is a fictional narrative, Jeesh, you miserable fucking faggot. 63 Million Americans voted for Trump. You’re dismissing his victory because Hillary got a few more million, even though we know a certain percentage of those were illegal? Furthermore, if the fucking popular vote MATTERED, don’t you think Trump’s team would have campaigned differently, you stupid fuck? They campaigned to win, dumbass. And the fucking did.

    Go give Friend-O a reacharound so you can both forget for 30 seconds about how badly you were betrayed by Nate Silver.

  3. Friend-O says:


    Uh Oh- Did Emily yell at you again last night? I’m sorry….

  4. Fats says:

    Ha! The Squaw made Gavin denounce the alt-right and now she’s still got his balls in a sling! Go write about your fucking Dad again you cuckold eunuch. You sit around blogging and eating hot pockets all day- no wonder why you can’t understand why a man would need to wash his pants after a day of wearing them.

  5. jackriz says:

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