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• 08.30.16 07:45 pm

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Every week it’s a new blunder and every week they’re wrong. By the time we point out why their “blunder” was nothing of the sort, they’ve moved on to the next one. Take the immigration debacle for example. 

He never changed his mind on that. He always said he’d deport aliens and that never meant “each and every one.” Only Superman could guarantee that. To acknowledge that isn’t chickening out, especially when he makes it clear he’ll begin deporting the worst ones, “Within one hour” of becoming president.

My column on the subject is HERE


  1. Auberon McFiddlesquire says:

    Ben Shapiro is a wack-azz cracka… Alex Keaton poster on his wall

  2. dfff says:

    He hasn’t flip-flopped because he doesn’t really hold a consistent position on any topic. He basically talks from every angle and then if someone calls him on something he says he was just being sarcastic/hyperbolic. I think his followers see what they want in him and ignore the stuff that contradicts that (that’s true for a lot of politicians).

  3. OogaBooga says:

    dfff, you sound like a real faggot right now. Do you know that?

  4. dick lubin says:

    “Donald Trump’s first exposure to high-profile bad publicity came when the Trump Organization, of which Donald was already president, was sued for racial discrimination in 1972. The Trumps brought in their regular lawyer, Roy Cohn (best known for his role in the Joe McCarthy hearings in the 1950s), who launched a scorched earth defense. The government engaged in “gestapo tactics,” Cohn charged. (In fairness, Cohn knew a thing or two about unchecked government power; proving a leopard can’t always change his spots, Cohn threatened the prosecutor on the Trump case, claiming that he would call the White House and have her fired). The Trumps even filed a countersuit for $100,000,000, but the judge laughed it out of court. Having made a lot of noise, the Trumps were ultimately forced to slink away with their tails between their legs: in the ground-breaking settlement, the Trumps agreed to provide vacancy lists to the Urban League, provide preferential treatment to minority applicants in buildings that contained less than 10% black or Hispanic tenants, and to make a public pledge of nondiscrimination. While the settlement agreement did not contain an admission of liability—settlements with the government commonly do not contain admissions or denials for a variety of reasons—it was a big win for the government and a big loss for the Trumps, who had invested a significant amount of time and money fighting the case, only to give in quietly when their bullying tactics failed.
    The above example demonstrates that, contrary to his hyperbolic claims, Trump and his organization have settled lawsuits, and on very unfavorable terms. But what about in his personal life? For a high profile example of this, one must turn to Donald’s divorce from his first wife, Ivana Trump. When media reports broke that Donald had been carrying on a long term affair with Marla Maples, and that he’d yoked wife Ivana with a restrictive prenuptial agreement, Trump initially seemed to enjoy the attention, even if it much of it was negative. After all, in his mind, dating Maples proved that Trump was “sexy,” and protecting his assets from Ivana—who managed many of Trump’s businesses—could be viewed as savvy, albeit cutthroat, business management. As he smugly told Vanity Fair, “When a man leaves a woman, especially when it was perceived that he has left for a piece of ass—a good one!—there are 50 percent of the population who will love the woman who was left.”Trump’s tough façade cracked immediately when the negative stories started to impact his (increasingly shaky) business, though. When a team of Japanese investors, uncomfortable with scandal, began to balk at sealing a deal with Trump, he called up Ivana and begged her to pose for pictures with him and claim that their entire divorce had been a publicity stunt. He eventually agreed to appear with her in a Pizza Hut commercial making light of their differences. And while the terms of their divorce settlement remain confidential, Ivana was widely perceived to have come out on top. As she would later say, playing herself in the movie The First Wives Club, “Don’t get mad, get everything.” (Around the same time that film was being made, Trump—going through one of his periodic financial collapses—would, somewhat pathetically, confess to Marla Maples that he had passed a homeless man on the street that day and felt a momentary connection when he realized that they had the same net worth.)”

  5. Rapey Richard of Astro Glide says:

    Brilliant synopsis brought to you by dick. This is the fair and balanced insight that this blog has been waiting for in an incisive cutting edge expose of the Trump. This fan-boy club of commentators who worship this fraudster need a reality check and dick is the man for the job.
    Just because a man has a different sexual appetite doesn’t mean haters should be allowed to try an silence him.
    Go dick! Go dick! Go dick!
    Dump Trump! Dump Trump! Dump Trump!

  6. OogaBooga says:

    Oh, shit, I just thought of something. If Trump loses, the President is going to be Hillary. Do all these anti-Trump people even know that? Somebody tell them! Quick!

  7. dick lubin says:

    @Rapey Richard of Astro Glide
    watched the press conference between trump and pena nieto.
    i was waiting for trump to stare down epn like the badass
    that he is and tell him flat out that mexico was gonna pay for
    that wall- or else. maybe that happened backstage or something.
    im sure epn pleaded and begged the trumpster not to embarrass him in front
    of the entire world and trump felt sorry for him. haha what a pussy, that
    wall just got 80ft taller bro!

  8. Omega-3 Man says:

    Yeah I hear you Gavin. BUT. This Donald has poor communication skills. Donald who I will vote for sounds to often like a blue collar happy hour regular talking politics with the boys. He’s constantly committing unforced errors and is so easy to rile up. He’s a bull in a china shop who better be ready for what’s waiting for him in the debates. Hillary’s team will load her with trip wire mines to set him off into foot in mouth territory. The debate Inquisiters will be full of you are an ignoramus type questions because you don’t know who the prime minister of Slovenia is. He can’t be so arrogant, as he’s indicated so far, by refusing to engage in practice debates with his team. Winging it is going to end in an Icarus like crash landing before an American voter landscape that thumbs down says YOU’RE FIRED. There’s hope that he’ll realize that he needs coaching for the debates as he has given in to teleprompters to keep him on message and on the reservation.
    Americans will forgive ignorance of a fact. Americans enjoy playful arrogance. Americans don’t like or forgive insufferable arrogance on top of ignorance.
    As far as dick and his EXPOSE, I’m sure dick is well practiced in the arts of exposure especially around the playgrounds but he’s rehashing very old news that only section-8 minoritys who don’t plan on voting for him to begin with or bitter man-hating divorcees who project their ovaries will give a damn about. The majority of Americans have been divorced and every tax paying fiscally responsible person knows what vibrant tenants do to the bottom line. Come on dick,dig a little deeper, like 6-feet deep for some bodies. Hillary territory.

  9. Rapey Richard of Astro Glide says:

    I hear you good buddy. In the crack ass imaginations of the typical Trumpster yahoo they envisage a Wall that keeps growing like a morning woody raising the circus tent. That virtually insane clown posse wall of xenophobic night fevers if it was ever built would be America’s own version of other famous follys like that Great Wall of China that did such a porous job of keeping out the Khans and their mongrel hordes or the WW2 French Maginot Line that the blitzkrieg waltz around in a Rommel second. Look for Mexicans to dominate the Olympics pole vault competition and for a sudden demand for helium gas in Mexico. There will be so many tunnels built that the wall will collapse.
    Omega-3 Oil Man, keep hope alive and then wake up to Queen Hillary and the smell of fish…..loser.

  10. dick lubin says:

    @Omega-3 Man
    trump supporters dont care that hes a liar, as long as hes gets things done, which
    he wont because hes a dumb pussy. thats my point.

  11. FUCK YOU says:

    Just watched the Mexico conference. A gift for Trump and frankly I’m surprised the Mexicans allowed him a forum to look Presidential and an opportunity to tone down his immigration message into a thoughtful reasoned appeal of mutual interest.
    The Wall being payed for element is the only thing the talking heads will focus on, but that’s a agree to disagree smiling stare down that is easily answered by indirect economic methods. Pay me directly or pay us indirectly and save face Taco Breath.
    Trump can lie all he wants, and give the dems and cucks all the flip flop needed so they are misdirected while the rest of us smirk knowing that he’s playing politics with scorpions. Come inauguration day he can take the oath and with his little hand put it on a book he doesn’t believe in and swear to uphold a constitution that he puts second to REAL LIVE FLESH & BLOOD AMERICANS. Fuck the constitution and that Bible and like King Arthur’s Sword Excalibur whip out the mighty PEN of executive privilege and national security emergency to smack down the Congress, the 12 Black Robes, the devious MSM and any other obstacle to saving this country.
    Glenn Beck can cry us a river and drown in it.

  12. Mariachi Wedgewood-Digby III says:

    Dick “Richard” Looky-loo-bin, that inveterate Toilet-trader, is still crestfallen from the “dead cat bounce” from Hillary’s mucho gigante oration against Pepe the Frog– Turned out, nobody understood WTF she was nattering on about. Such a dotty old crack-brain, ambling into senescence… O Captain, My Captainette!

  13. The Barbarians are at the Gate, Will you Sign for them? says:

    Trumps double-header was a success despite what the naysayers in the media are so desperate to make us think otherwise. The proof is in the way the Mexican press, led by that American based POS twerp Ramos, is attacking their President for allowing the fiasco to take place. The humiliation is like a yapping Chihuahua being brought to heel by the dog Whisperer. The reaction by the American press is how dare he double down in detail on immigration after we just had said he had flip flopped. In their desperation they grasped onto the semantics of whether he lied about having a discussion with the Mexican about paying for the building of the wall or not. Well that depends on what constitutes a discussion. If the Mex, as he said, told Donald up front to not waste his breath as it was a non-starter, you can say it either was or wasn’t discussed depending on whether the mere mention of the topic is defined as a discussion and what political axe your grinding. Big fucking deal, that’s how pathetic the media enemies of Trump are.
    Fox is now Trumps biggest domestic critic, Hannity not withstanding. The little leprechaun Ass clown who hosts that 5pm weekday show and weekend program that Gavin used to be invited to is now the Fox version of Jorge Ramos when it comes to Trump. He’s of course clever and cute in his scripted notes,funny midget put downs, unlike the rabid Ramos.
    Rasmussen has Trump ahead in the meaningless stump the Trump polls which resemble the global warming hockey stick graph in meaninglessness. I mention that to irritate the Trump is Hitler dummys, even though I believe Trump supporters are the most difficult demographic to poll in American political history, as they are so contemptuous of the media, and enjoy deceiving the pollsters like 4chan alt-right gamegaters. There’s also the timid independents who won’t exercise a public display of support for Hitler, I mean Trump, so won’t show their hand until it pulls the lever in anonymity. So the polls may mean shit. There are some polls that are meaningful, the campaign internal polls, but those ain’t for public consumption. You can get an idea of what they measure by the tone of the candidates and their commercials. Most of all is the plea made for campaign contributions and money spent. That’s what tells me the Witch is worried. Last of all even if this election goes that miserable Cunts way, Trump will have introduced the era of FUCK YOU to the establishment and politics will never be the same again. Thank you Emperor God Maximus Don Trumpus Magnificant, all hail Caesar!

  14. Windmill says:

    Trump is not racist against hispanics. He is against illegal immigration. Perhaps that is “racist” in the liberal book because doing something about it impacts hispanics more than other groups, but by that standard the progressive income tax is “racist” against whites, asians and jews.

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