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• 03.25.16 11:57 am

Trump wants everyone to break up into little groups and start hating each other because he’s evil and rich. 

Also, something about him being a reality TV star.

  1. nmhjgh says:

    Much easier to mock dumb young people with Tumblr-level understanding of politics.
    Would love to see you actually engage with someone like John Chait from NY Mag, but I have a feeling you pretty much agree with 99% of what he says so it’s more fun to pick on the dumb wing of the party that has no actual influence (unlike the dumb wing of the right, which currently has all the influence).

  2. OogaBooga says:

    NY Mag, the rag that put “Mattress Girl” on the cover, in a starkly heroic pose? If that’s the flagship of liberal intellectualism, there is no smart wing.

  3. bifo berardi says:

    Before Trump’s slogan anyone who dare to say that America was great was considered a boor.
    Now it’s not only hip to say it, but the same self-hating, flag-burning liberal crowd will call you a redneck if you think otherwise.
    They are mad.

  4. OogaBooga says:

    Bush was an imperialist war monger because of his foreign policy. Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize Winner for the same foreign policy.

  5. nmhjgh says:

    Chait had nothing to do with the Mattress Girl cover story, certainly not everything NY Mag says/does is great but Chait is a good writer who happens to work there and he backs his arguments strongly and calls out people who try to misrepresent his points (because very few can actually respond to him without resorting to straw-man tactics). And sure, Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize that some dumb committee gave him, but who cares? Even Kissenger has one!

    ALSO: this idea that liberals are freaking out about Trump? Nice projection – it’s *conservatives* who are really losing their minds. The usual GOP king-makers (pundits, think tanks, donors, “party elites”) didn’t promote Trump, he doesn’t fall in line with the party dogma (criticized George W & McCain, praised Planned Parenthood, said he wouldn’t deny people healthcare based on income) and yet he’s massively popular with “the base,” so the conservative intelligentsia is angry they don’t have control of their party (it’s almost as if the *voters* are taking control, oh no!).
    Ever smart liberal is loving the Trump surge, his odds are very low in the general. And if he loses, Trump will just act like he doesn’t care (and he’s not going to go away, like Palin did. He’ll be causing trouble for years). Meanwhile, Trump’s nomination could seriously affect the house race, which normally goes to the GOP, but the big turnout *against* Trump (and low enthusiasm among educated conservatives) might actually change that. Of course I could be wrong and he’ll be elected president, but this is the electoral college we’re talking about here, it’s not about getting a plurality of votes.

  6. dun says:

    co-produced by that chick who did that youtube thing that made fatties salty.

  7. OogaBooga says:

    NY Magazine is a disgusting embarrassment. I find Chait guilty by association. Also, this:

    “ALSO: this idea that liberals are freaking out about Trump? Nice projection”

    Really? Yes, many members of the GOP want to stop Trump, but it’s not PROJECTION to point out that liberals are, indeed, FREAKING OUT over Trump!

    *BLOCKING ROADS to prevent people from attending his rallies?
    *Swarming his rallies with the express intention of taking away his freedom of speech.
    *Body slammng the elderly for putting up Trump signs.
    *Making videos more ridiculous than this parody.
    *Emory University President (one of the smart liberals) giving melodramatic speech to sooth his triggered flock, and vowing to track down the monsters who chalked “Trump” on the campus concrete.
    *Every “smart” liberal pundit/comedian looking throwing spastic shit fits over the subhuman villains known as Trump supporters.

    And on and on and on. Who do you think you’re fooling?

    But on this one point we can agree:

    “Of course I could be wrong and he’ll be elected president”

  8. OogaBooga says:

    BTW, are you saying these aren’t smart liberals? WHATTYA RACIST?!

  9. 2nd Declaration of Independence says:

    Bifo…so true. Liberals like Obama and Clinton trying to mock Trump by saying America is great, when all they do every day is say how horrible we are, is obviously B.S. However their intended audience doesn’t register the hypocrisy since their motives are emotional, not reasoning. You could point out to the average dem voter that Obama can’t possibly believe America is great if he believed, as he stated, America needs fundamental transformation. That dissonance doesn’t compute, because their mindset is configured to respond to emotional triggers, like Pavlovs dog. It would take a traumatic experience to wake them up, that’s how programmed their education has been and it’s continually reinforced by the Dominant Culture. Even then, many of them are so fucked in the head, they end up, true to form, e.g. excusing the perp and blaming society for the inexcusable.
    They have their cake, and eat it too, then shit it, and eat it again.

  10. OogaBooga says:

    Studies show the same “smart” “Progressives” who deplored Bush’s drone killings support Obama’s. Them smart liberals sure are smart.

  11. Winston Churchill says:

    Why is Jon Chait sock-puppeting SC all of a sudden? Is he trying to promote a memoir or somesuch gewgaw for the trivial slice of the “anti-P.C./roid-rage” among the multicult Left? Don’t front as if you been here– we play a man’s game on these streets, my little blockheaded Hebraic tyro

  12. Hooey Davis says:

    You forgot to talk about how making cereal is too hard.

  13. EL MAYATE says:

    OogaBooga says:
    03.25.16 at 02:22 pm
    BTW, are you saying these aren’t smart liberals? WHATTYA RACIST?!
    I’m tired of being told that it’s anti-immigrant to be opposed to illegal immigration, especially by snot-nosed, brainwashed kids. I’m not opposed to legal immigration, the process that both my parents went through. They weren’t well off, they came from a poor-ass, socialist central american cesspool. And they were black-hispanics too. It wasn’t easy. And It shouldn’t be easy, that’s the point. If they made it then everybody can.

    The fact that a super pac and the parents of these children would exploit these kids to use profanity and to also make such an incendiary message that celebrates lawlessness and incites the U.S. Constitution at the same time is asinine, ridiculous, ludicrous, and quite honestly very laughable and is just another reason to vote for Donald Trump.

    People who break the law coming into this country are not subsequently entitled to any rights upheld by the constitution in the first place.
    And the fact that Kate’s law didn’t pass is proof that politicians aren’t concerned about the safety of the American people.
    At least they’re saying it in English, oh and I’m Hispanic btw…

  14. EL MAYATE says:

    Also, the Mexican mantra: “gringos originally came from Europe, if they’re going to tell me to go back Mexico, they should go back to Europe” it’s very telling of the massive stupidity that populace.
    They are people who believe they’re 100% indigenous to this continent. They’re not, they’re European mongrels just like the rest of us.
    Gotta love people who are so moronic, they literally don’t know how stupid they are: “whites are the immigrants too.”
    They’re the descendants of native Americans and Spaniard mixes, who come from Europe as well. And enslaved, massacred and raped natives as much (if not even more) than their northern brothers.
    Gotta love people who don’t even know their own history, then wanna tell people to go back to Europe. They’re white!
    The narrative isn’t really American whites telling “unique, aboriginal, ancient, Mexicans” to go back to Mexico…It’s American whites telling illegal Mexican whites to go back to Mexico. Just like we should do to illegals from Portugal or Russia.
    So, hating and wanting to kill that illusive scapegoat “whitey” the left is using to erect their opinion of “white people” can really only be categorized as “self-genocide”.

  15. OogaBooga says:

    You’re right, Mayate, but it’s not just American whites who oppose illegal immigration. A lot of blacks do, too.

  16. Casual Observer says:

    The best part of the campaign is watching the ultra-intelligent, obviously above it all GOP rip itself to shreds AGAIN trying to pick a presidential candidate WITHIN THEIR OWN PARTY. It’s only been 12 years since Duh!-bya was re-elected and the Repubes are STILL trying to find his successor. Keep looking cunt-servatives, the right candidate is probably sitting on a pile of the missing WMD, talking to a leprechaun that is holding the Holy Grail.

  17. OogaBooga says:

    Whereas a lot of blacks ain’t opposed to a little raymi every now and then.

  18. Lot says:

    How precious of the Left lecturing about divisiveness when they wrote the play book on it. That’s their standard operating procedure dividing people with class, race, sex, warfare. From Marx to Saul Alinsky to Soros it’s the same tactics of hatred they use to rile people up. Their setting cities on fire with their BLM goons and turning students on campuses into the 2nd coming of the Red Guard’s and Brown Shirts. They twist normal patriotic concerns into racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. If your concerned about your daughters being exposed to some freak whose decided he’s really a woman and needs to squat in the stall next to your little girl, then you are transphobic and should overcome your fear of the queering taking place across the fruited plains.

  19. Spring Time For Hitler says:

    So the democrats are invoking “Godwin’s Law” in their demonization of Trump.
    What’s new, that’s what they do. You don’t believe Global Warming, then you’re a “Denier” with the unsubtle implication that you’re no better than a Holocaust denier. You think State run Healthcare will bankrupt an already bankrupt nation and give the State power it has no business possessing in a free Republic; well then you just want to push granny off a cliff. Believe a college student who can afford an Ivy League tuition should pay for her own contraception, then you hate women and are trying to deprive them of their right to fuck whoever, whenever they like. Think black on black crime is the overwhelming cause of young black men being murdered, not the comparatively few police killings which are overwhelming justified, then you’re racist.
    On and on goes the insane narratives these devious, mentally ill Cultural Marxists spout,and the hate-filled idiots that believe them, eat it up.

  20. Imrightyouwrong says:

    El Mayate, the Mexicans in that non-parody anti trump video are even fucking more stupid then the parodic idiot Gavin portrays. Are you fucking retarded?

  21. Imrightyouwrong says:

    Oh wait. Two parter. Yeah, never mind. You’re right.

  22. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Imrightyouwrong youstupid (wink wink)

  23. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah, EL MAYATE, not sure if this needs to be said or not, but we’re on the same side here. That one guy’s clam was that it was “projection” to assert that liberals are freaking out over Trump. Probably one of the more ludicrous claims I’ve heard in a long time. He claimed “smart” liberals are thrilled about Trump. I have nothing against those kids in the video I linked, but I think the retard adults who put them up to such asinine behavior should be charged with child abuse.

  24. Alec Leamas says:

    The video is actually very good at displaying all of the hallmarks of the Millennial style – particularly the quick changes to stimulate people with no attention span.

  25. The Bridge Tender says:

    Yeeehaaaw El Mayonnaise, since I’ve got nothing better to do I want you to know I’m on your side of the border not that I’m sucking up to you. Do you remember that guy who said it’s repukes looking at the man in the mirror when they think libs are scared of the Big Man with the little hands. For sure that’s one of my top 10 haha’s that I’ve chuckled over in my SC career, what do you think? Can you believe he had the gall to say there’s such a thing as smart libs who love the Donald? I have nothing against those potty-mouthed little brown beaners in that Mexican minstrel show since I love all of God’s little mistakes and I am an not a racist and actually pay an illegal to cut my lawn, but the inferior Mongol race Chihuahua abusers who told them to act natural should be exhibit A as to why Mexicans are good for nothing half breeds not worthy of cutting The Don Donalds lawn.

  26. Casual Observer says:

    OogBoog & Bridge Tender Tits, you both are no life losers who will be sucking crows feet when that Ass clown flames out in a heaping pile of steaming shit. I so hope Dodo Don Dumbo Dumpster is the choice of the leprechaun party. So long Suckers!!!

  27. Imrightyouwrong says:

    Chalk my 1:30am to lack of sleep and forgetting my own script. It can be confusing at times keeping track of it all.

  28. OogaBooga says:

    The Dodo Don Dumpster, eh? Not your best work, CC.

  29. Hatcher says:

    Normally I’m not on Ooga’s or any of his offsprings’ side but thank you, you fabulous Bucaananite. Why are these weird NYmag apologists showing up?

  30. Imrightyouwrong says:

    Why do you think, Hatchet?

  31. Hatchet says:

    I think Imrightyouwrong.

  32. OogaBooga says:

    Who knows.


    America First

  33. EL MAYATE says:

    Right, don’t get me started with the massive amount of black people I know (real, working-lower-middle class ones, not turtle-necked black hipsters), who fiercely oppose uncontrolled 3rd world immigration.
    Y’know, the types of blacks average white libs don’t go anywhere near because they think they know all about them already thanks to vox, nyt, tv and social sciences.
    Lacking white guilt and privileged with an intimidating skin tone and accent sometimes they come up with shit that makes you go “Wow, I’m with you, but wow still…”
    Lefties are wired for submission.
    So no way that they’ll debate with them. They simply neglect them and pretend they don’t exist. When you’re in full control of the cultural layers of society it’s not that hard to leave people out.
    The main issue with some of the blacks I know is that many stop being free-thinkers when it comes to the whole BLM mumbo jumbo and don’t mind the overreaching, draconian welfare state.

  34. El Mayonnaise says:

    Some of my best friends are blacks.

  35. OogaBooga says:

    The Neocons’ answer to Mattress Girl just got Trump’s advisor charged with battery. WORST thing to ever happen to her, besides the death of her father.

  36. OogaBooga says:

    Great analysis of the Neocons’ Mattress Girl scam from The Occidental Observer:

    “And what everyone has been too coy to mention is that those who walked out are not only bitterly opposed to Breitbart’s support of Trump, they are also mainly Jewish. While Fields herself is not Jewish, most of the other movers in this affair are, including the Washington Post reporter who claims he witnessed the incident.

    Of the five journalists who have resigned from Breitbart, at least three strongly identify as Jews and the fourth is probably Jewish. The fifth is Michelle Fields herself and she is of part Honduran descent. (Fields recently made the list of 9 Hot Jewish Republican Women. She then tweeted: “Very flattered, you guys. But I’m not Jewish.”)

    A survey of the Twitter comments have made it clear that a simmering Jewish antipathy to Breitbart’s support to Donald Trump was the real reason behind the mass departure. Both Ben Shapiro and his father David, who wrote for the site under a pseudonym, and who has also resigned, are both Orthodox Jews and strong Israel supporters.”

  37. Accidental Tourist says:

    It’s the Jews and a Honduran!!!

  38. OogaBooga says:

    A part-Honduran who is dating Jami Weinstein, a prime mover in the affair since he is the editor of The Daily Caller.

    It’s an interesting anti-Trump force that cannot be ignored:

    “The new stridency and confidence in the White constituency engendered by Trump has not gone unnoticed. As Shapiro himself has said at his own blog:

    ‘There is no question that a disquieting number of Trump supporters hate Jews as Jews. I have criticized President Obama in blunt fashion; I have defended Israel’s right to self-defense against the Palestinians consistently; I have bashed Ron Paul. I have never received the amount of anti-Semitic hate I currently do each day for the crime of criticizing The Great Trump. …

    It’s not just me, of course. Jake Tapper of CNN now says he’s received anti-Semitic tweets “all day.” My friend Bethany Mandel, another orthodox Jew who opposes Trump, just bought herself a gun out of fear of unhinged Trump supporters. John Podhoretz of Commentary says he receives tweets consistently from “literally neo-Nazi White supremacists, all anonymous…I don’t think I can attribute being a supporter of Trump to being a validator or an expresser of these opinions, but something was let loose by him.” Noah Rothman of Commentary tweets, “It never ends. Blocking doesn’t help either. They have lists, on which I seem to find myself.”

    This isn’t Trump’s fault. Politicians often have supporters they can’t stand and don’t control. But one thing is Trump’s fault: Trump has been reaching out to these supporters. They feel empowered by his rise not merely because they agree with his policies, but because of the language Trump uses and the people with whom he associates.’

    And that is what is really going on in the Breitbart affair — a yawning gulf between the two Jewish views on how to deal with Donald Trump. For the editor, Joel B Pollack, Trump is someone whom the Jews can work with and eventually control. For Ben Shapiro, Trump represents a huge danger to Jewish hegemony and must be stopped now. In other words the argument between Pollack and Shapiro revolves around the question that is as old as time itself, namely: Is it good for the Jews?”

  39. Dreyfuss Affair says:

    The Breitbart Affair!!!
    Oh no!!! And the Honduran dates a Jew. Guilty.
    Watch out, the next controlled demolition of a Manhattan skyscraper will be the Trump Tower.
    Poor Muslims will be blamed but we’ll know better.

  40. OogaBooga says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t quite glean your point through all of the juvenile sarcasm. Are you asserting that this Michelle Fields cunt’s bullshit was not part of a calculated hit against Trump? Are you claiming that Shapiro wasn’t at the center of it? Are you suggesting that this article, published in the Forward is a blood-libel written by self-hating Jews?

    {In the article others are willing to be more explicit.

    “There are a lot of folks who are, to be charitable, into white identity politics, and to be uncharitable are outright racists, who are supporting Trump,” said Nathan Wurtzel, a Republican political consultant and principal at The Catalyst Group, who is Jewish. “It’s very off-putting and disturbing ….”

    Trump has also drawn the backing of an enthusiastic contingent of white nationalists. “You’ll see it a lot on the Internet,” said Wurtzel, who is active on Twitter. In a New Yorker article published in late August, writer Evan Osnos quoted Richard Spencer, head of a white nationalist think tank, saying that Trump embodies “an unconscious vision that white people have — that their grandchildren might be a hated minority in their own country.”}

  41. OogaBooga says:

    “With my German-Jewish heritage I will always remain a proponent for robust immigration.” — Jordan Schachtel

    “Donald Trump, the most likely Republican candidate for president, has built within our party the nearest thing America has ever seen to a European nativist working class political movement. Such movements, to put it mildly, have never been good for the Jews…” –Noam Neusner

  42. The Unchosen One says:

    Jews, it’s always the damn Jews. What are we going to do about it. There has to be a solution to this problem.
    Trump is hated by everyone but it’s the Jews who are the puppet masters.
    It’s Jew Privilege. It’s systemic institutional racism against us Goys. Just like we Whites oppress Blackey, the chosen ones dominate us goyim. How can so few be so powerful?
    Poor blacks can’t help but be inferior, but aren’t we Europeans pretty smart. The Jews must be super smart.
    Was Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem actually right?
    Or i
    s this just the natural order of humanity with the dumber cousins down on the lower rungs of success.
    Did the Jews have it coming to them all their turbulent history because their jealous cousins hated their relative success despite the handicapping. Was Egyptian slavery and Assyrian and Babylonian bondage and exile and Roman destruction-diaspora and Muslim dhimmitude and Catholic persecution-inquisition and pograms and Holocaust and Palestinian and Islamic terrorism all necessary responses to the disparate impact of superior success to placate the bruised egos of the inferior?
    Just asking don’t blame the curious.

  43. OogaBooga says:

    Bullshit, you’re not ‘curious’, motherfucker, you’re trying to spin.

    “Trump is hated by everyone but it’s the Jews who are the puppet masters.”

    Actually, we sit around talking about the S.J.W. forces against Trump, and how stupid they are, but as soon as the massively influential (and equally deplorable) Jewish movement against Trump is mentioned, suddenly tinfoil hats and Babylonian bondage gets hurled into the conversation.

    This Fields cunt was part of a hit on Trump, and the exodus at Breitbart represented the big problem a big portion of Jews have with Trump. Is their problem that Trump is an anti-Semite? Nope. That he’s anti-Israel? Nope. That he isn’t on the take from Zionist lobbies? Yep, partially. But as some of the Jews I quoted here said, it has more to do with the fact that a white, largely Christian, identity movement is forming under Trumo’s big tent. And that is unacceptable to many Jews.

  44. Make America Sane Again says:

    Could it possibly be Jewish prior history makes them nervous even when they realize that kind of identity movement may be a response to another legitimate problem, but one they’ve seen time after time become something else that seeks scapegoats? Isn’t that a natural fear as they are seeing it happen again before their very eyes in Europe? Trump could defuse the unease if he’d make a point of distancing himself from the more extreme groups that are endorsing him. You say why should he since he didn’t seek their approval. Because he’s running for POTUS. So many of his problems could go away so easily if he’d wasn’t so arrogant. His not bending over to the media was refreshing but now he’s become a caricature of himself in his hubris.
    The Breitbart fiasco is because his operation doesn’t know the first thing about public relations 101. Pretty incredible for a man who knows “The Art of the Deal” and is supposed to be a bizness genius.

  45. OogaBooga says:

    You’re entitled to your ridiculous, bullshit opinions. But at least you are admitting the elephant is in the room. And you are articulating the fact that many Jews see their self-interest and that of white Christian Americans as very, very, very, very different, and, that, further, what’s best for America is not their highest value. Your words even give some credence to the wildest anti-semitic theories, such as the idea that Jews support non-white immigration in white countries so the natives can’t get too powerful and turn on them.

    PS Stop blaming the victim–Shapiro and the rest of those fucks put a hit on Trump. Just like “Mattress Girl” and her SJW backers, this Fields cunt and the cabal behind her should be attacked and ridiculed for what they are.

  46. Stanley Johnson says:

    There is no what’s best for America as there is no America. This is tribal identity group America, post constitutional present constipation politics. White American consciousness is awakening to the fact that their best interests, which were what’s best for the nation as individuals, are not valued and it’s time to do like the rest of the racists, ethnicists, religious bigots, foreign allegiance traitors and look out for themselves.
    Trump represents that budding yearning even if he doesn’t fully comprehend it, and he’s the beginning of that political White tribe.
    The Blacks the Browns the Muslims the Left the LGBT the feminists the Marxists behind it all and yes so many Jews are all for the fundamental transformation of these un-United States of America. All of them have their pet grievances but agree on one thing, the old Republic must go, and the New World Order must eventually erase Western Civilization.
    The worst traitors are our own kind.
    Prediction: Trump will not succeed leading to the permanent exodus of patriot American’s from first the Republican party and eventually election politics. That’s why the Left knows the 2nd amendment is the ultimate issue, because that’s where this ends ultimately.

  47. The Elders of Zion says:

    Jews are like everyone else. They look out for their own best interests, it’s just that they do it so well that offends so many sore losers. Suck it up, there is no equality, some of us are superior whether the inferior like it or not. One man’s America is another’s privilege and there’s nothing more pathetic than seeing Aryan’s bitch like niggers, cunts, faggots, beaners, and sand niggers about how unfair and rigged ZOG run America is. What do you pussys want, affirmative action for GOYS?
    No one gave us anything, we took what’s ours. Law of the jungle.
    What I never figured out was why all those anti-Semites worship a Jew.
    Haha Ovadia was right you are our donkeys. How appropriate that your Jewish savior rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

  48. OogaBooga says:

    Well, Elders, you’re obviously a crowing Jewish supremacist, and, in your thin, weak disguise, you reveal a lot. Thank you. I suspect you won’t like the law of the jungle much, if it comes to that.

  49. OogaBooga says:

    The real life Ben Shapiro s a more ridiculous and disgusting pussy than the character Gavin plays in in this video.

  50. Alec Leamas says:

    “A part-Honduran who is dating Jami Weinstein”

    She may be nuts but she’s a USDA prime piece of ass. That she dates or admits to dating such a little yarmulked twerp like Weinstein is proof that the Universe is in a state of great imbalance.

  51. OogaBooga says:

    She’s a blowdried, made up, 7.5 at best.

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