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• 10.30.14 04:18 pm

One thing I didn’t include in this is the mind blowing abuse they deliver to their own families. I know Israel and foreign intervention is mean but why is it my fault a father threw butyric acid in his daughter’s face? 

Instead of getting angry at Islam however, we always manage to pull it back to us and our innate “Islamophobia.” After the attacks, Canada’s first instinct was, “Don’t be mean to Muslims.” When one guy pretended he might be mad at them, he got punched in the face. That was the only hate crime to follow the attacks.

Anyway, HERE are 10 countries they regularly attack that have absolutely no foreign policy in the Middle East OR relation to Israel.


  1. So?? says:

    Meh. Out of those ten countries, I can’t find one that I would so much as want to take a shit in. If we would make stuff here at home instead of China, I can’t find one in that ten that would interest me if they each slid into the ocean with all their mangy citizenry going down with them.


  2. Pres., Bloor Felony Club says:

    These guys are not a political entity and hardly qualify as terrorists, at least in the vaunted old IRA sense of the word. Let’s call them what they are – a cult. Look at them that way and you’ll see their beef is not about our foreign policy and never will be. It’s about sustaining their grievance history, justifying their criminality, and deflecting rational criticism. If they didn’t have various episodes of “oppression” to reference, the cult would fail to attract new members and collapse. They hate us because they have to hate us; it’s the foundation of their business model. That much we can figure out. That much can be destroyed. The real obstacle here is how our academic and media elites produce for Islamists a victimhood narrative that is equally compelling to progressives schooled to hate themselves and perpetually apologize.

  3. first bassist for stryper says:

    @So?? I agree with you for a change.

  4. HuffPostChick87 says:

    Bro, fuck these Muslims. These dudes are pussies. Mr. Terrorist you have balls? kill someone in a project or in a Jewish neighborhood. This is merica we got loads of whites and for the most part we are lemmings and you can kill us and get off easy and we will make t-shirts to memorialize it.
    Kill a black dude and you won’t hear the end of it.
    Kill a Jew and the entire media atmosphere will fucking crush your bitch ass.
    But you towel head fucks know that shit. Your fucking educated at our best schools on our dime. So you know that the Jews and the black and the Mexicans and every other mother fucker likes to see white folks die. They don’t love it but it doesn’t fucking bother them. The white man is the oppressor, the land owner, the employer, the Dad to the world.
    So fuck it man, put our heads on sticks because when you kill whitey the oppressed empathize with you.
    We will still wake up and write the foriegn aid check and make sure that your eggs aren’t over cooked. All the while paying for your flying lessons to get you the multi engine rating.

    congrats on graduating college as a computer programmer you are the equal of a retard money in wrinkled Khacki’s covered in your Ebola ridden filth.

  5. Tony says:

    Gavin in your latest Taki article you state that the Pope made a statement about gays blah blah blah.Jorge Borgolio is not the Pope,He is an Anti-Pope.The Vatican 2 sect is not catholic.Google “sedevacantist” and llearn what I mean.Thank You!

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