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• 12.10.10 09:00 am

I’m tired of this bullshit standard of beauty where a 375 pound eight-year-old is somehow “obese” or “unhealthy.”

I’m tired of this bullshit standard of beauty where a 375 pound eight-year-old is somehow “obese” or “unhealthy.” So what if she’s wheezing and has to roll to get around and needs a special stick to pry herself from a crater in the couch? Beauty is on the inside, and I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a fledgling pulmonary system completely clogged with Tastykakes.


  1. Zippy says:

    I bet when she takes a dump all the neighbor kids want to come over and check it out. That’s epic cool for an eight year old to see.

    “Josh, look at it! It’s huge!”
    “So’s your dad!”

  2. oooooohhhhhhh says:

    I hate fat people who are fat because they eat a lot.

  3. skull front says:

    oh little sun drop. there are mushrooms in her belly button

  4. Pee says:


  5. Where’s the animated gif of that little pig dancing on the sofa?!

  6. cyclops says:

    She’s probably dead now.

  7. imyar says:

    oh she didn’t realize that over-eating was endangering her daughter’s life? FORGIVEN.

  8. Steve Dave says:

    I’m only 185 but I betcha two Wendy’s Jr. Bacons I could whup that kid’s ass!

  9. gabelord says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  10. Beau Nerfuel says:

    The taxes you’ve been paying since your first after school job are already pledged toward this girl’s disability payments because her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Diabetes render her unable to work. And let’s not to mention the Paramedics and Fire Fighters who are going to be called to her house when she gets stuck on the toilet every other week. Disgraceful. You can’t smoke in a bar, but this is totally accepted? Firing squad.

  11. you.fux. says:

    I fucking love tastykakes.

  12. Zippy says:

    Look at the bright side, Beau. She won’t live to 30 and nobody would fuck that, so the cost to the taxpayer is probably minimal.

  13. dead scene scrolls says:

    just let her die. The kid too.

    …and then i’d tap that.

  14. popfop says:

    Yuh know, it’s easy to attack the Gastrobourgeoisie for their snotty class based dietary preaching but then you see something like this and you’re like, “oh right, fat stupid white trash is fat and stupid.”

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