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• 03.31.10 09:32 am

Fuck Sever!He’s just gonna go on some parade.

Fuck Sever! He’s just gonna go on some parade about being left behind with the Baldwin brothers. Boners right, more ribs for us.

  1. banana ghost says:

    fuck the ribs, i want boner!

    beeeeeest in the busssssssssineeeeees!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The amount of thought and effort this man puts into every post is astounding.

  3. gregor says:

    allegedly there’s an episode that never made it to air in which boner gets gang raped by a a wild pack of sudanese junjaweed. kirk finds him all fucked up and nearly dead, and yet with is last breath he still manages to make a funny before passing away.

  4. fangirl says:

    Who pays Anonymous to write comments VICE? What a Fucking less than clever bummer he or she is. You can also tell it’s the same ape writing them. A sad and bitter ape. Please block them. Anonymous equals = buzz kill.

  5. blockhead says:

    a way to ever boners heart is silky bbq ribs.

  6. Vane$$a says:

    Derik Beckills is still feeding off of Boner’s hippie corpse?

  7. Nice says:


  8. Navigator Chekov says:

    Not even the logic of a Wulcan can figure out why you posted this retarded wideo of my son!

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