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• 12.18.09 08:35 am

This would be a fantastic business card or tombstone. Feel free to do either with it.

  1. Anonymous says:

    yes. this is where sunny days, rainbows, velvet unicorns and handjobs come from. fact.

  2. Ty says:

    HELL yeah, Pinky. Hell motherfuckin’ yeah. Don Cornelius reminds me why I love my black people so goddamn much. Fuck Tiger Woods and Chris Henry. Obama? Meh! THIS is my black people! These are the brothers and sisters.

    But as a half-black/half-white (all-Jew) I gotta admit something: I’m old enough to have watched Soul Train in original broadcast, weekly, and every now and then a fucking shining diamond would appear on the Train; a coked-out white dude who out-danced everybody in the joint.

    THIS is when we all stood up an cheered what the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was talking about on the Lincoln monument steps. I have a mother fucking dream, son!

  3. Dirtdiggler78 says:

    Soul Traaaaaaaiiiiin!

  4. JuCIFEUR says:

    man they got some moves.
    Plus it’s fun to see Americans before everybody got FAT.

  5. hot for teacher says:

    i love the color-blocking going on with the outfits. what goes better with yellow than… YELLOW?

  6. mr.meat says:

    fuck yes.

    BTW, it all changed when that freaky asian chick got on board.

  7. jr says:

    yeh its like a museum of thin. i bet a few of them could even pronounce “ask”. this cant be an american show

  8. C and the MS-13s says:

    The robots were the best. This reminds me of the Jewish wedding I went to a few weeks ago.

  9. poopsmear says:

    so much win

  10. Zippy says:

    I liked the old days when black people were happy and smiled alot. :) EVERYBODY is pissed nowadays. :(

  11. MaltLikkaSippa says:


  12. DX says:

    You know it’s weird– ten or 15 years ago, people my age might have laughed at these people on how silly they looked and how much the 1970s must have sucked, but now when we see this, we become wistful and long for the days when people were healthy, smiling and having fun (or at least made the appearance of such).

    Am I overreaching on this?

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