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[flv:whitewilliams.flv 480 368]

This video is a glowing tribute to our men and women in blue who courageously risk their lives each day, handing out tickets to people for riding their bicycles on the sidewalk. The song NEW VIOLENCE is blatantly excellent on its own, but when combined with TV CARNAGE the result is nothing short of a totally deadly, Lethal Weapon.

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TV CARNAGE continues to create more videos for excellent music. Contact pinky for information. TV CARNAGE DVDs are for sale in the “SHOP” section on the home page . Look for the microscopic word “shop” or click here. The DVDs are each over and hour of wonderful hilarity and editing.

pinky and ladyfriend


  1. tootie says:

    This is both electrifying an titillating.

  2. MethMagic says:

    Two things:
    What’s the movie where the guys in skimasks spray the bar?
    What’s the name of this song and artist?

  3. MethMagic says:

    Nevermind I got the song title, now what about the movie?

  4. i’m going to court friday for riding my bike on the sidewalk.

  5. mr.wilson says:

    I don’t know what they call the award show for music videos, but if they have a category for the best body of work with “new violence” in the title, you fuckin’ nailed it.

  6. stevienickelback says:

    Will you marry me PLEASE! Christ on a crutch, I’ve been going to a way to expensive USA flim skewl for 3 years and nothing has touched you. Appropriately or inappropriately.

  7. penn says:

    “i’m going to court friday for riding my bike on the sidewalk.” -chrissederstrom

    At first I thought you were saying you were going to ask friday out on a date.

  8. Catface says:

    White William’s sister is my friend! COOL.

  9. mishipoop says:

    All the time I imagine what life would be like if I was made of liquid metal like T1000. Sometimes I even imagine what it would be like to be Robert Patrick. Kids would walk up to me and say, “Hey dude! Can you like walk through that metal fence! C’mon!” Then I imagine how such fame would drive me to insanity and an unsatiable ego, enough to lash out at the world like Elvis once did:

  10. cunt facer says:

    this is so good I’ve been pretending I did. I have already had a blowjob with a clean finger up a Very dirty post fajita ass as a result! Thanks Franklin I Owe You One Brother, I’ll say it again

  11. texasstee says:

    Dear” cunt facer”
    What does that mean?
    Dear TV CARNAGE and WHITE WILLIAMS… i love you.

  12. toesucker says:


  13. Jade Jagger says:

    I officially like this video a butt-load. I’ma smoke a j and watch it again in the bath.

  14. mr.wilson says:

    Beckles, your new violent video library should be charging me late fees, because I’m not returning any of them.

  15. Vanessa says:

    When I saw this guy live I was like whatevs, but this song is catchy as syphilis!

  16. stevienickelback says:

    fucking genius.

  17. Mad Max says:

    The song is terrible. It was much better when Duran Duran did it.

  18. dugfresh says:

    The song b good! Mad MAx was better when Tina Turner wrote comments.

  19. jojobra says:

    GREAT VIDEO CARNAGE! you are good!

  20. steve says:

    well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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