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• 06.29.11 04:02 pm

All three of these morons have egos the size of Twitter, but can any of them actually tweet?

All three of these morons have egos the size of Twitter, but can any of them actually tweet? Vote for your favorite in the comments — partial credit will be given if you SHOW YOUR WORK.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the comments below because, well, yeah, these three need the gratification.

  1. Gavin says:

    I think @GavinMcInnes nailed it. SHIT! Forgot to Logout.

  2. no.thanks. says:

    cant choose, these were all amazing.

    posting some of these winners to facebook.

  3. Erin Z says:

    Goad’s got my vote.

  4. Shaggy twice dipped says:

    Leo the only funny rest cack

  5. j says:


  6. reo speedwagon in converse says:

    Goad. No contest.

  7. Jordan says:

    I supremely dig Gavin’s style, but BenLeo wins for causing the greatest loss of shit.

  8. Hey jew says:

    Leo by fucking miles jesus

  9. Nolo Contendre says:

    What’s funny is how much funnier Goad’s are.

  10. rat kicker says:


  11. Christi Bradox says:

    Gavin is funny. Goad is a bitter man and it’s hard to see any funny through all of his bitterness. And the Benjamin guy isn’t supposed to be funny, is he?

  12. Ryan Giggs says:

    is this what people do on twitter? It’s reading an advert in the back of Viz magazine for ‘hilarious T-shirts’ that are only available mail order from a commercial unit in Hull.

    I’m trading in my blackberry for an 8210.


  13. emily says:

    benleo… that yemen tweet.

  14. no entendre says:

    judging from the musty odor in here, i reckon twitterjizz must be yet another fagotty taste which i’ll never acquire.

  15. Chris Winters says:


  16. Joe Lewis says:

    I don’t like Benjamin SC posts, but he’s the clear winner of you three because his are the only that are funny. If it was whose were racist or pathetic, then Goad and Gavin would win, respectively

  17. Christina says:

    I’m biased. I follow Gavin on Twitter already, so his tweets don’t have that “new joke” smell I love so much. Jim Goad is borderline offending me, so he’s probably the winner anyway.

  18. Dang, Mang says:

    Oh man. Ummm, Gavin gets my vote.

  19. riv says:

    Ahhhh ben leo destroys!!!!

  20. michael cera says:

    in 100 years, the other two couldn’t come close to “quran quran.” this one is all goad.

  21. Hyperbole says:

    Tons of LOLZ here. Way to go fellas!

    PS I’m Canadian and this is how we vote on stuff.

  22. You kneeeew says:

    Ben rules but Gain isn’t worse. Sooooo… I follow McInnes on Twtter that’s why I vote for him.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Leo’s were pretty entertaining.

  24. Kev Turner says:

    Ben Leo by a mile. Tweets 2,4,5,7,8,10,11,13,15 (from the start of his list) are evidence enough.

    Gavin has some winners, like Forrest Whittaker and fuggedaboudit guy.

    Goad’s Chad/Canada tweet is funny.

  25. ONLYMERK! says:

    in the order they are presented as you scroll down the page.

  26. half wit says:

    i almost chuckled

  27. Mubia says:

    Goad, hands down.

  28. funn stuff says:

    ja rule looks like a gummy bear. haha. leo takes the crown.

  29. muscles says:

    shockingly Leo. Yemen takes it

  30. busted says:

    I was all Gavin, then read Ben’s Chinese laundry joke and he stole my vote. Leo for the win.

  31. Yanis says:

    The non bitter one, that means McInnes

  32. fuck you pay me says:

    I think they all suck

  33. tinyfrogs says:

    Most of these are mean and/or funny, but Leo is meaner to himself than anyone else. It’s easier to laugh and not feel guilty about it if the jokes are on the teller. Therefore, I vote for the jew.

  34. Albino Moustache says:

    Man do I love that photo of the guy dreaming fuggedaboutit

  35. kremlins 2 says:

    Leo, but if I could I’d use my vote to subtract from Goad if anything. That shriveled gob of earwax is like a Louis Black that somehow gets even less laid

  36. Hop Conway says:

    Gavin is consistent, goad is stale and unimaginative as usual… Leo for the win with SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU RACIST PIECE OF SHIT

  37. damn says:

    holy shit, i will read anything gavin writes at this point and I have never made it through a full goad article, but goad is killing IT. i vote for him. but then again, like someone said before, I’ve read all those gavin jokes before, so i might be biased.

  38. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    Ben by a mile. Sorry Gavin, but you do better with long form forums. Ben gets to the point with word/character limits probably due to an old school youth of verbal battles in NY where we had to get to the point quick with the witty disses. Goads is good but wit and satire just aren’t his thing, he’s out of place here.

  39. Charles says:

    Ja Rule looks like a Gummi Bear = victory.

  40. Steve Harvey says:

    Leo. But seareeissly so many LOLZ GUYZ, U should submit this as a sidebar to Reader’s Digest.

  41. pogi says:

    Team Gavin!

  42. Tommy P. says:

    Goad all the way.

  43. kyle says:

    Ben Leo, my favorite in general is gavin, but not for tweets sake…heh, for tweets sake you guys!

  44. Frank Fittesaft says:

    I agree, whats actually funny here is that Mr Hateful Goad i waaaayyy funnier… Evil jokes FTW

  45. sho nuff says:


  46. SteveZ says:

    Yeah, the reason that Ben Leo is lightheaded ahead in these is because he’s a comedian. He’s good at short punchy lines, whereas the other guys are provocateurs, and very talented, but can’t compete with thebenword at this particular form.

    Not their fault cause it’s not their thing, but yes they come off as children compared to ben on this.

  47. SteveZ says:

    Haha lightyears not lightheaded autocorrect

  48. ad says:

    Gaywin !

  49. Damian says:

    Goad is the least funny

  50. Scheck it says:

    Leo for the win

  51. Dude says:


    But the one from leo about the delivery guy was so true it pushed him within a pube.

  52. Larry David says:

    It’s clearly Benjamin Leo. Goad has his little group of revises so they kiss his ass. Everyone sucks Gavin’s dick because he’s the king of the hipsters, but as far as laughs negro please, Benjamin Leo’s lines are world apart.

    I bet even goad and gav would admit it

  53. fachoto says:


  54. poopsmear says:

    gavin gets my vote: the bluetooth one and the hassidic hipster ones were my faves

  55. Jackie Mason says:

    “Ben Leo is lightheaded ahead in these is because he’s a comedian.”

    You just wrote the funniest line on the whole thread.

    Comedian? I don’t think one open-mic night qualifies.

    He’s a book editor and afraid of his own shadow. At least the other two use their real names.

  56. ington says:

    HAHAHAH yemen!!! Thebenword in a landslide

  57. Hipster Doofus says:

    Ben was a lot funnier when he pretended he was black. Now he stinks of try-hard.

    Gav, Goad, then Ben.

  58. wtf says:

    Ken. Easily Ken. His dragon punch owns all.

    Ryu is a total pansy. Guile is a total dork, and if you pick him, your most likely in a frat.

  59. Taeil says:

    I vote for me.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Goad, obviously

  61. Brahms says:

    Ben’s sound like a legit comedian, Gavin’s sound like a really funny dude you hang out with, Goad’s sound like a bitter dude who’s kind of funny.

    I got a real LOL out of “I’m anal about my shit”.

  62. Jim Goad says:

    Hello, schoolchildren. With all due respect and much Ghetto Love to all three of our lovely and vivacious contestants, Sean Tejaratchi is my favorite person on Twitter.

  63. MS13 says:

    Gavin is funnier but not by much.

  64. Donkey Kong says:

    Ben is the funniest by far.

    PS @JackieMason, I’m an actual friend of Ben’s, and you sound like a paranoid skitzo. Ben Leo is is his real name, and he’s not an editor. I don’t know who you think he is, but he’s not who you think he is. This place is crazy.

  65. ramon says:


  66. Anonymous says:

    Ben Ben Ben.

    I imagine it’s exhausting being Jim Goad. What must it be like waking up in the morning hating everyone and everything quite so much? “Fuck the inside of my eyelids. These lazy, flat, possibly federally-funded, featureless flaps of racist skin do nothing but suck money and resources directly out of my pocket.”

  67. Mike says:

    How did you guys manage to make a list of tweets TL;DR? Seriously. I want partial credit starting…!


    I want a t-shirt that reads “Give Up Indie Kid” because my “Cheer Up Emo Kid” shirt is passe.

    I’m working on a flow chart of potential bunkmates from the cast of “Wet Hot American Summer”

    Black America, haven’t you suffered enough? You don’t have to watch the BET Awards.

    “I see your true colors shining through. Wait, is praline a color?” first-draft Cyndi Lauper lyric.

    “And you can tell everybody this is your song, but it’s not. It’s Pierre’s song. I met him in Paris.” Elton John first-draft lyric.

    “I’m still standing cause I got a leg-brace on. It helps a lot.” Another Elton John first-draft lyric.

    Why does Wayne Coyne look like a Muppet version of Jeff Lynne?

  68. WhoreDervz says:

    There was about 4 good tweets in them all. You guys really need to develop your own style.

  69. Kentucky Failure says:

    “How did you guys manage to make a list of tweets TL;DR?”

    You made a fucking comment that was TL;DR. You suck so hard, I can hear it.

  70. Some Comedian says:

    Google…”ben leo” + comedian

    A couple hits for a guy who writes for Huffington Post and is not this guy nor a comedian.

    How many hits describe this “ben leo” as a comedian? A grand total of one—this thread.

    If he’s a comedian, he’s the least successful comedian ever.

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