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Jesse Andrew
• 10.26.12 09:20 pm

I am an asshole. I just read a news story about a very rich family living in New York City.

The luxury building this family lives in is near Central Park with a going monthly rent of $10,000. The husband is an executive of CNBC’s digital-media department. The wife once had a cooking blog and taught art classes to children. I forgot to mention this building is on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Do you get what I’m saying here? They’re fucking rich and more than likely snooty pricks. But that doesn’t mean these people don’t have a heart. The wife came home today to find her two children stabbed to death in the bathtub and the nanny lying on the bathroom floor bleeding from self-inflected knife wounds to the neck. Lulu, the daughter, was six and Leo, the son, was one. The nanny is accused of killing them.

It’s a very, very, sad story and for a second I caught myself not giving a damn because fuck it, they’re rich. It’s as if for a second I thought they deserved it. WTF? Just because this dude has an above-average career, I shouldn’t give a damn if his children are violently murdered? What kind of bullshit thinking is that? I caught myself after being a dumbass for about six seconds and came to my senses, but still. I like to believe I’m not a moron and would never think such things. I hold no animosity toward these people. This is very sad shit and I tried to justify it with, “Oh well, it’s not like they can’t afford to have more kids.”

You can’t replace fucking kids! Money—yes. People—no. They just recently hired this nanny and she apparently went fucking crazy. That will destroy the mother. One good thing worth mentioning is the fact one of their other children survived. A third child was out with the mother and safe from the nanny’s psychoses.

The reporter made it a point to explain how exclusive the neighborhood is and by doing so pissing off a lot of jealous poor people, which in turn, equals less sympathy. Or maybe the reporter was trying to explain that terrible shit can happen on all levels of life. He did use the word “idyllic” to describe the neighborhood. Was I only being a jealous asshole, or did the reporter make it that way?





  1. Hornblower's Ghost says:

    No you’re just an asshole in general but the media is as well, because at the same time you’re dealing with your inner conflict over this, there was another similar tragedy in the Bronx where a mother was brutally stabbed and her baby thrown in a bath tub, and the entire room was set on fire, and a fire man carried the dying baby in his arms trying to breath life back into him. That event happened at the same time the other story broke, both are equally horrible for any human being to ever have to endure no matter their income bracket or zip code, but while people like you are fucked up over how you should feel about the tragedy the media is pushing, the other one isn’t even a blip on your radar.

  2. Albert R Parson says:

    As Long as the wealthy and powerful of the world are indifferent to injustice and equality…. That indiffrence is the catalyst for violence visited upon them….

    Like all violent movement through out time , children are always the first causalities..

  3. Jim Goad says:

    Albert, what a stunningly uplifting, pretentious, and borderline-psychotic statement!

    Too bad you don’t know how to spell “casualties.” Or “indifference.” Or “throughout.”

    Now please sit alone in a room, sucking your thumb and wondering why you aren’t rich.


  4. Anonymous says:

    what parsons said is unfortunately probably true. very sad anyway. feel very badly for the parents.

  5. pantagruel says:

    kids are actually the easiest things to replace. they’ll even look the same

  6. Albert R Parson says:

    Mr Goad , i will have to work on my spelling, and yes it is safe to say that i am psychoitc 52 months as as 0311 has caused a bit of a bleak world view.. So its envy not social darwinism ok. im sorry for my cold remarks regarding the dead children. I will work towards a more positive outlook just like my Va rep says.. thank you for calling bullshit. best of luck to you ,,.. oh and i dont suck my thumb but i did shit my pants once when an ied went off…

  7. Mitch says:

    Moms should raise their own kids. But I bet the cooking blog was too overwhelming.

  8. jissom jigaboo says:

    I read about this earlier today. Most of the articles make mention of this story————————->

    being run on the CNBC website, as the speculatively paranoid reason for the children’s murder. Said article has since been pulled from CNBC.

  9. Chapter After says:

    Rich or poor, black or white, I’ve usually forgotten all about it by the time I close the browser tab.

  10. Ring Kodney says:

    Uh. The mom didn’t have a real job. Why did they have a nanny in the first place? Dad had hella bread coming in and they had a 1yr old. Why have a nanny with that set of circumstances? I’m thinking the mom wanted to have more free time to fart around……Well, You’ve got it NOW! Are you HAPPY?!?! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!??! HUH?!?? I GUESS YOU DIDN’T CHECK OUT ESMERALDA AS WELL AS YOU SHOULD HAVE!!!! LOTSA TIME FOR YOGA AND TRIPS TO WHOLE FOODS AND CRUISING AROUND IN YOUR GODDAM BUGATI NOW!!

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