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• 09.06.11 04:22 pm

Hello boyz and girls. I’m back home after spending the summer in upstate NY and Ontario and South Carolina and Britain. Here are some photographs from my vacation.

Eldred, NY

Hello boys and girls. I’m back home after spending the summer in upstate NY and Ontario and South Carolina and Britain. Here are some photographs from my vacation…

Found this little dude trying to cross the road like a idiot. We brought him in the car and gave him a smoke which he seemed pissed about. As we were releasing him back into the wild, I noticed he had a spot of blood on his tongue. This is weird because I don’t remember him snapping at us so I can’t see how he’d have bitten it. Is it possible he’s so pure, the toxins from the cigarette made his mouth bleed? That’s on some unicorn shit if so.

Some homos I know bought a church and filled it with weird shit. It has a cemetery out back which occasionally has a big ghost cloud floating above the headstones just in case you didn’t think things were creepy enough.

One time one of them was sitting on a lawn chair and had a sudden urge to grab a cocktail. He went inside and while he was squeezing the fruit, a ginormous tree fell and covered the entire backyard. The chair he was sitting on was completely crushed. He says it was the spirits getting him out of there. I say alcoholism saved him from being murdered by dead people.

What? You think they overdid it? You fag.

There are only four poisonous snakes in NY state. They are incredibly rare and two of them are rattlesnakes so grab whatever you see and go scare girls with it. This is the common garter and they never bite so you don’t even need to do that thing where you get them right behind the head. Just lunge at it and grab the body then work your way up to the back of the head. Do it, you pussy. No, I’m not going to do it. I do it all the time. You do it, this time. When did I do it? The other day. You weren’t here. Oh, he’s gone. Too late. You should have done it.

As was made clear here, I got really into critters this summer. It’s amazing how your camera is now about 100x better than your actual eyeballs.

Sometimes mother nature makes shit look fake.

This was a collab she did with Stanley Kubrick.

I find toads to be snobs sometimes.

I turned 41derful and received a breathtakingly gorgeous birthday cake.

Went to go visit my old buddy Steve Durand in Hudson. He’s a music producer who is working with people of color to create African rhythms in the rap genre of music. He also put a toilet in his attic which is Jedi-level as far as Handymanness goes.

Here’s a guy he’s working with. His name’s Young Paris because he’s young and he’s from Paris. I think Tommy Stinson is involved too. I like seeing rappers who don’t give a shit about New York or LA and are perfectly happy fucking around in their little hometown. Not sure who’s talking at the beginning of the video. It ain’t Steve.

Got into a huge argument at Steve’s house. Paris was the only sane one and he’s mentioned in the story I wrote about it. More commentary here.

We went cliff jumping over in Chatham, NY.

I thought I was a badass for doing this jump. Me and Steve actually toasted with beers afterwards and said, “There are two types of people in the world, the people who jump and the people who don’t.”

Then these little twerps showed up and went 20 feet above us to a spot that was so dangerous, they had to do a running start to avoid jagged rocks the entire way down. Now there are three types of people in the world: The people who jump, the people who don’t, and the people who jump so fucking far, it makes the people who jump scream, “HOLY SHIT!”

Found this front page in Steve’s attic. Hitler was a retard for confusing Britain with France but he was smart to see Danzig’s potential way before the Misfits were even born.

Got in a fight with Spiderman on the way home. He won but he said I was a worthy adversary and he was really surprised how long it took to pin me.

Photographing bats is way too hard. Good night.


  1. (not published or required) says:

    politics and alcohol don’t mix

  2. hmmm says:

    more please.

  3. mr.meat says:

    I drank and masterbated a lot on my summer vacation.

    uh and…..I may have killed a dog in a satanic sacrifice too.

  4. farts says:

    spiderman kinda has a perma stink eye (it’s pretty cool)

  5. miss appalachian says:

    HUDSON is where we live.

  6. luke says:

    I like this type of post

  7. Gnar Jen says:

    you must have one or two bat photos in you, gavin

  8. booty says:

    Yes boss man, I like dis

  9. Bathead says:

    Do you smoke Gavin? Do you think that is responsible as far as your children are concerned? If you do smoke, how many a day do you smoke sober and do you smoke a lot when you are drunk?

    Please answer my questions. Thank you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    In case you read the comments, i would like you to know that i’m reading the taki article that’s linked and i thank you for being honest and i can completely identify with feeling like i can’t voice my opinion at social gatherings. i used to do it anyway but the flack really just made it not worth it

  11. raymes says:

    boozing and politics, avoid unless the party is sucking.

  12. pogi says:

    I like this photoblog posts. Its very Raymi -esque. Please do more of these Gavin.

  13. busted says:

    Jedi-level funniness.

  14. man says:

    garter snakes do so bite

  15. blaahus poopus says:

    end of summer such a bummer.

  16. Katrick Pay says:

    Your son’s Spider-Man costume looks fake or home-made. Do you want him to get bullied?

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