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One of the advantage kids in the countryside have over their urban counterparts is easy access to mystery and adventure.

One of the advantage kids in the countryside have over their urban counterparts is easy access to mystery and adventure. Sure, in the city you can walk through the ‘hood after dark looking for danger, but you know what you’re going to find: crack heads with broken bottles or crunk thugs wanting to rob your ass. That’s not exciting–that’s practically routine. So where kids living in Bumfuck, ID can just walk into the forest in their backyards and get lost for hours, those of us in the city have to resort to wandering through condemned synagogues, burnt-out warehouses or, in this case, a semi-abandoned factory.

In order to past the padlocked gates surrounding the factory, we had to climb around the waterfront, trek through some overgrowth and sneak under another gate. It was a slightly treacherous but well worn path. You could tell from all the empty beer containers.

Urban exploration is thirsty work, but you often need your hands free for climbing and such, so a 40 is completely out of the question. A bota, on the other hand, allows you to drink, climb and appear cultured.

The back door of the factory was bolted shut, so one of us had to climb up a bunch of convieniently placed veins, slide through a partially open window, and undo the bolts.

Tons of terrible graffiti and empty beer bottles gave the place a fantastic “partied-in” quality.

The second portion of the factory, which we reached by pulling back and slipping under sheet-metal covered holes in the walls of the first, seemed to still be in use. There were what appeared like new barrels of something along with a parked truck that probably transported them.

We couldn’t actually tell what the factory produced, despite there being a ton of really weird machinery sitting around.

Factory workers’ locker room; what do you expect?

In the locker room we found four cassettes of “Body and Soul” along with a bunch of other random shit, like jeans, raincoats, a waffle maker and skiing equipment. I asked one of my friends if he thought it was okay to steal stuff while on an urban exploration and he said, “Take nothing but photos; leave nothing but footprints… unless you steal something, in which case just don’t tell anyone.”

I took a leather belt and a hard hat emblazoned with “#1” in permanent marker.


  1. Vane$$a says:

    Ahhh, how sweet. Hipsters rummaging through the remnants of the working class. Glad to see you care!

  2. bongmasterflex says:

    Byberry in Northeast Philly was an all-timer for suburban adventures. They finally bulldozed it though. I wish I had taken pictures of that.

  3. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Um, I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t kids anymore.

  4. ew world order says:

    ^ yeah, when your 12 its a cute magical stand by me type adventure, but in your early twenties its just a plain ol b&e. but i don’t let that stop me !!

  5. Street Rats says:

    Come on, getting girls to punch you in the face and rummaging through old warehouses!? Your mental capacity seems to parallel a twelve year old boy.

    Live in the factory for a week, that would be something to write about.

  6. Defender 2.0 says:

    Hipsters ARE the remnants of the working class, Vane$$a.

  7. Capt. Obvious says:

    We are all doomed

  8. John Doie says:

    Great post. Here’s a great resource for urban exploration, which was popularized by the late Jeff Chapman (aka the unfortunate “Ninjalicious”), who started the Infiltration zine and website. A couple traditional urbex rules were broken (taking stuff, drinking) but fuck at leave this kid admitted to it unlike other urbex chest-thumpers.


  9. yaki-pataki says:

    so, what are 20 year olds supposed to do? comment on street carnage posts?

  10. John Doie says:

    who do u think u are BART SIMPSON??

  11. John Doie says:

    ^^^that’s not me damn it.

  12. Dork says:

    So, did the person who climbed the vines develop a red, itchy rash?

  13. BRAIN AIDS says:

    Sometimes in places like this you find an VERY angry horny man smoking crack.

  14. Yes. Go to Detroit next. You’ll find the whole city looks like this.

  15. Kennedy says:

    Yeah, we went into a flooded underground cold war bomb shelter in New Orleans and made a movie of it.

  16. Street Rats says:

    No, twenty year olds are supposed to be fucking and drinking and partying. Not trying to win admiration for their pre-pubescent antics on some website.

    Write about fucking five asian girls instead of getting hit in the face by them, then write about the STI you got out of the whole ordeal. Write about some party you threw in an abandoned factory or about the time you squatted in an abandoned factory and befriended bums and crack dealers.

    Don’t write a Goonies rip-off void of all the good stuff.

  17. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or something says:

    @Kennedy: Cool blog.

  18. Vane$$a says:

    @ Defender 2.0.

    Any chance I can get an explanation of your statement? It made me laugh, but I’m not entirely sure why.

  19. Buzz Baszinski says:

    I know a college chick who entered a building like that with her camera. She wanted to get some snaps for an art school project. She got raped instead. Doing shit like that is fun, but don’t ever do it alone. You also need to look out for things like collapsing floors and other structural decay hazards. I know you think you’re real fucking cute because you went in there and got your little souvenirs of something that you’ll never understand, but you should know that factories, whether in life or death, are dangerous places that will eventually hurt you like they do everyone else. I think you’re a tool and I would never talk to you, but that doesn’t mean I want you to get hurt. You probably have a pretty decent family.

  20. Clapback. says:

    Dude, this post wins on the Hackers reference alone! And I’m from Idaho, the Bumfuck region specifically.

  21. Kennedy says:

    Thanx drippy.

  22. Commenters on this site says:

    This is stupid because it’s not dangerous enough.

    This is stupid because it’s too dangerous.

  23. ew says:

    buzz baszinski should change his name to buzz-KILL baszinski.

  24. a4awesome says:

    you got a twitter?! WHY!?

  25. Commenters on this site says:

    Any way you look at it, this is stupid.

  26. Buzz Baczinski says:

    go FUCK yoself NUKKA!

  27. consuela says:

    Well this dick clearly doesnt know shit if he thinks that theirs no discovery in the urban experiance

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