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• 10.21.08 12:00 pm

How many emails have you received from people you thought you liked that said, “I don’t usually send political emails but it’s time to stand up and make a difference blah blah blah”?

How many emails have you received from people you thought you liked that said, “I don’t usually send political emails but it’s time to stand up and make a difference blah blah blah”? I’m not talking about nerds or old people. I’m talking about emails from your closest friends, your mother even. My fucking boxing coach just sent me one asking to vote against some Sarah Palin thing on NPR. Huh? Then you have every comedian and blogger and music writer in America setting up some fucking PayPal account so we can give a politician with 150 million dollars in campaign funds, a few more piles of hundred dollar bills (PS: Am I the only one who finds it a little gay that the guy who spent MILLIONS trying to convince young people that he is “not like other presidents and actually super cool” is now considered “not like other presidents and actually super cool”?) On top of all this unbelievably lame bullshit, you have artists like Shepard Fairey and his big HOPE poster and DJ Z Trip making a song for Obama and Ron English doing shit for “Change.” Even my previously flawless pal David Choe did a fucking painting for the guy that sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. These people do illegal graffiti (or music) for a living and they’re trying to help the president? It’s exactly like that part in xXx: State of the Union when Ice Cube has to convince Xzibit to save the president because – get this – the American Way allows Xzibit to sell drugs and without this president at the wheel, it will be even harder to be a criminal.

Do you people honestly think it matters one iota who the president is? Do you enjoy paying tax? Do you want to be ruled? Why do you love the president so much? It’s gay.

“Well, he’s the lesser of two evils and the last thing we need is another Republican in the White House. They got us into a war you know.” The “Republicans” didn’t get us into a war. The government did. They always do. It doesn’t matter who the president is. In fact, I would argue Bush is one of the biggest Democrat Dickheads we’ve ever had. He certainly spends like one. And he loves open borders more than the Kennedys could ever dream of. Even the war in Iraq could be seen as more “Save the World” pandering that liberals (now called neocons) built their whole reputation on. Conversely, Clinton was such a successful fiscal conservative Pat Buchanan once beat off thinking about him. The point being, it is a total and utter crap shoot. Conservatives who voted for Bush got the biggest spending Democrat of all time. He outsourced the whole country and gave all our jobs to the world’s poor. Liberals who voted for Clinton got a tight-fisted paleoconservative who refused to throw money at America’s problems despite his party’s modus operandi.

All politicians care about is votes and the only thing they “change” is your ability to make your own money. If they succeed it wasn’t their hard work. It was yours. If they fail it is most likely their fault. We don’t succeed because of them. We succeed DESPITE them.

Ron Paul recently made it pretty clear both McCain and Obama have the same foreign policy. Contrary to popular belief, Obama would not pull out of Iraq before McCain does. They will both pull out as soon as it isn’t disastrous to do so. Whatever makes them look good. Why does anyone believe anything a politician says, anyways? I thought we were all on the same page. They lie. McCain and Obama both say they are going to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. You know who else said that? As 20/20 recently pointed out, “Every president since Nixon.”

“This intolerable” (Carter) “excessive dependence” (Bush Sr.) “on foreign energy sources” (Nixon).

(I highly recommend getting Stosselized on all the links from this episode.)

Why are you even pretending to care anyways? Most of the people screaming for change barely graduated with a liberal arts degree. Do you think anyone in this incredibly irritating ad knows anything past “war is bad”?

(Man, I wish the image didn’t freeze on Sarah like that – couldn’t it have been Leo?)

As Bryan Caplan pointed out in his book The Myth of the Rational Voter, the majority of the issues regarding this election are way over people’s heads.

When you do get down to the nitty gritty, you see both sides have a policy that revolves around nothing more than, “Vote for me.” Neither of them are going to go out on a limb if it’s going to cost them votes. Obama has said he might tax people who make over 250k, IF that’s an option. McCain might too. Whatever works at that particular time. In this Bill O’Reilly interview, Obama is forced to explain the exact numbers when discussing capital gains tax (snooooooze). Guess what. He wants whatever the person asking him wants. The right would like to keep capital gains tax below 20%. The left would like it to go above 20%. Eventually Obama says OK to 20% and O’Reilly agrees. That’s right. Bill O’Reilly agrees with Barack Obama. That’s how fucking wishy washy and boring these liars are. Is Barack for guns or against guns? Both! Like all politicians, he’s whatever you want him to be.

(You have to scroll to the very end for the 20% part.)

And do you really believe Palin would overturn Roe vs Wade? We just had a pro-life president for two terms. He brought pro-life judges Roberts and Alito into the Supreme Court. What happened to abortion? Nothing. None of it matters. They are all the same. Shit, not only is McCain the same as Obama, so is Palin. They both have about the same work experience. Here’s a guy arguing Palin has more. Yet, all my friends see her as a nuclear weapon, just waiting for the right moment to blow us all up. (She also has the same foreign policy experience as Clinton and Reagan by the way, so please shut up about that.) Palin is not going to give everyone guns or kill fags, not more than any other politican. In 2006 she vetoed a bill that would deny benefits to same sex couples. Why? Because it seemed best for her at that particular point in time. I’m not saying I love Palin. I hate her fucking guts but I hate all politician’s guts. Think of the kind of shitstain you’d have to be to want to be a politician. The idea that McCain / Palin represents fear and racism and war while Obama / Biden represents hope and change and equality is a level of naivete usually reserved for wasted college girls about to be raped.

Neither of them will cut taxes or work the economy differently. Fake emergencies pay their bills so if the terrorism scam runs out of steam, they will just switch over to the environment and convince us we’re all going to cough to death unless we pay more money. The REPUBLICANS just paid $25 billion to make cars more green (none of which will go to making cars more green).
I realize this economic collapse came from Karl Rove’s retarded notion of home ownership but Clinton was OBSESSED with the same idea. They are all incompetent boobs and how bad they fuck us over is up to Fortuna and her deadly wheel to decide.

Don’t believe me? Try this: Knock yourself out right before the election and go into a coma for four years. When you wake up I will tell you what’s been going on since you’ve been out. I’m not going to have any giveaways like “There was tons of change and hope” or “Corporations bombed Iran.” I’m just going to tell you what happened. If you guess right I will pay you one thousand dollars cash. (That only works out to about two cents an hour but the odds are still 50/50 so why not, right?)

So, to all the people sending me these gay “Rock the Vote” type emails: Stop falling for this bullshit. It’s making you look like one of those kids who yells about school spirit and says we all have to go to the football game this Friday because “Our team needs us.”

I don’t give a fuck who gets elected because they are all the same. I’m not going to vote and I don’t think you should either but it doesn’t matter either way, not even in swing states. Sorry to sound like such a Negative Nells. What I’m trying to say is actually pretty positive: You are the only person that can invoke Change. All the president can do is shit on it. And they all shit on it with equal enthusiasm.

(I was going to end with an embed of this but it was just too gay to bear.)

  1. Anonymous says:

    you talk a lot for not giving a shit about politics

  2. libertarians are idiots says:

    You are a shithead. Just look at what you said about the supreme court. “And do you really believe Palin would overturn Roe vs Wade? We just had a pro-life president for two terms. He brought pro-life judges Roberts and Alito into the Supreme Court. What happened to abortion? Nothing.”


  3. homeless. says:

    fuck dude. awesome stuff. I feel the exact same way, but can’t be bothered arguing with others over it. I never voted before, for these same reasons, but I’m gonna vote this year cause I want a shot at question #2 for MA, while I’m there I’ll put a check next to Obama’s name cause there’s a good chance it will make it a bit easier for me to get some fresh foreign pie!

  4. pussyctrl says:

    “Like all politicians, he’s whatever you want him to be.”

    which is exactly the point

  5. Jagoff says:

    This is fucking ridiculously try hard.

  6. bord leg says:

    Right on. 100%. I say this and have made more friends think i’m fucked up in the past month than i ever expected. We all grew up not believing in this system, and now all of a sudden a guy that gets more political contributions from the insurance and pharma companies than Mccain is somebody i’m supposed to believe in? Fuck it. Ron Paul was right, but he’s also ALWAYS right, and we missed our chance to have someone who didnt pander on the national stage. Shame on all of us. It’s too late. Palin 08′.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who the fuck takes voting advice from a Canadian?

  8. huh?? says:

    stick to stuff that’s funny mcinnes.

  9. BoBandy says:

    When I was in highschool all the jock kids that were stoked on football games and school spirit had no interest in politics. They didn’t give a shit about change or political issues because their lives were closer to perfect than anyone would like to admit.

    Are you the douchebag that wrote to Barfin?

  10. maurice del taco says:

    Hahaha, did you see Jamie Foxx wearing a keffiyeh?

  11. Bingo Joe says:

    > “And do you really believe Palin would overturn Roe vs Wade? We just had a pro-life president for two terms. He brought pro-life judges Roberts and Alito into the Supreme Court. What happened to abortion? Nothing.”

    Uhh… you do realize that this is only because there’s still 5-to-4 a pro-choice majority in the Court, and during this next four year cycle, two of the five are most likely going to retire?

    And have you traveled overseas at all during this past administration? Yes, the president is largely a figurehead and nothing more, but the influence of a well-spoken, intelligent president has a huge affect on foreign affairs and the world’s perception of the country.

    And lastly, you’re taking the word of Ron fucking Paul?!

  12. Monty says:

    Gavin’s thinking here reminds me of people who don’t believe in evolution because “look how complicated an eyeball is.”

    Is it that hard to vote? Even if it makes .00000045% of a difference, are you that much of a scumbag that you can’t even try to participate in the flawed, yet real, democratic process? It takes like 1/2 an hour.

  13. Bingo Joe says:

    Er, “effect,” not “affect.”

  14. Payeras says:

    Gavin, I like the reference to Fortuna…have you been reading Machiavelli lately?

  15. Ron Paul says:

    RU PAUL ’08

  16. Vane$$a says:

    Under Obama, there will be re-education camps for white heterosexual males. Mark my fucking words.

  17. Ron Paul says:

    whoa, is gavin on the defense because he smells his irrelevancy around the corner?

    sept. 11 declared an “end to irony”. depending who you ask, this may or may not have happened. i, for one, think it did.

    to the best of my knowledge, obama hasn’t been corrupted by the system yet.

    obama inspires people . . . lots of them.

    god forbid a politician should outwardly campaign on messages of hope and optimism rather than preying on voters’ fears a la adam curtis “power of nightmares”.

    god forbid we actually have a president that we can admire, rather than buying into the anti-establishment that has been marketed as a cliche of counterculture for years. even the most radical of 20th century thinkers and movements had a political message of some sort, and supported political leanings, instead of resigning themselves to nihilism and complacency and pseudo-anarchism.

    the machinery of american politics may be broken, but the fact that a candidate like obama has risen above that, and has raised so much money from legitimate sources of the people (like comedians and artists, etc), shows that its still possible for some goodness to come out of it.

    gavin has gone on the record supporting far right wing causes, and everything he posts has undertones of this. here he is appealing to his market’s supposed blind following by promoting ignorance and appealing to it, but guess what? even your “market” is growing up gavin. vice sucks, its legacy sucks, and this website probably has about 1/100th your previous readership.

    your heyday is over, and telling people “voting is gay” won’t change that.

    start getting used to it and stop hating.

  18. Emily H. says:

    Yeah, you’re a funny guy, but stick to writing about stuff that doesn’t make you sound dumb. The Roe v. Wade thing has already been explained to you, but in addition, if it’s gay to “love the president,” why isn’t it gay to love failed presidential candidate Ron Paul? This article is such a farrago of poor logic (e.g. it doesn’t matter who’s president, but Bush “outsourced the whole country and gave all our jobs to the world’s poor”), it makes me wonder if it’s a mere trollish attempt to make people waste their time arguing with it. OH NO, I FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT NOW.

  19. Canadian Politics says:

    You’re right. I won’t vote and you can continue to not post funny material.

  20. deeznuts says:

    I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with you Gavin. Even if Roe v. Wade got overturned, people would just have to drive to NYC or LA.

  21. rexxx says:

    If you can honestly say that the Bush administration hasn’t been destructive to the country and our perception around the world, then yur gay Gavin. I’m not saying Obama is Jesus (or Muhammed or whtvr) but he is an articulate statesmen who would increase our standing in the world. Maybe some Egyptian will see a brown man in office with the middle name Hussein, and decide to not blow up our buildings. And that’s good enough for me. I am voting on the 4th, if that makes me gay, then I guess I have a dick up my ass.

  22. Matthew says:

    You have said nothing new, have opened nobody’s eyes here. But I’ll be voting for Obama anyway. It’s fifteen fucking minutes of my time and, quite simply, it’ll always be fun talking shit to my Republican friends and family.

  23. Loomis says:

    this guy really likes making enemies. The problem is, I don’t really see any problems with his argument. If you want to give him shit you’re going to have to do better than the weak criticisms above. I had this same argument with my roommate a few days ago. he could not give me one valid reason why Obama or McCain were different than anyone else. Neither have you people.

    1- Bush’s fuck ups don’t negate the “doesn’t matter” argument. He made it pretty clear it’s a “crap shoot.” He admits they can do horrible damage. What he’s saying is, there’s no way of predicting that.

    2- He never said he loved Ron Paul. He just quoted him.

    3- Roe VS Wade will never be overturned. No matter what the political balance of the Supreme Court is. Everyone secretly knows this but they like to harp on it because it may lead to Obama’s election. It’s a red herring. Just like Gay Marriage was during the last election.

    4- “The end of irony” quote was from Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair. One of the most pretentious idiots around. Way to show your news source.

    5- “Raised so much money from legitimate sources”?! I don’t think someone so closely associated with Acorn should be held up as a bastion of legitimacy.

    6- “A campaign run on hope and optimism”? Are you hearing yourself? That kind of shit is in the dictionary under rhetoric. Who doesn’t want hope and optimism? That’s what all politicians have been going for since the beginning of Democracy. The thing I can’t get over is that people are still falling for this generic rhetoric.

  24. Wow! says:

    You really ARE a nihilist fuckhead. I’m outta here.

  25. Sharky says:

    Usually I’ll read a political rebuttal if it’s one bit cohesive, and not something that could be mistaken for chatter by pensioners at a Tim Horton’s in Thunder Bay. The most I got from this post is “pffft…politicians are populist, they’ll fuck you over, so why vote for them?” What? Honestly. I can’t tell this drivel apart from some old dude in pissed-in sweatpants at a bus stop telling me why his dad doesn’t like him.

  26. B. Carbine says:

    “Obama hasn’t been corrupted by the system yet.”

    Douchebone, he rose up in Chicago politics. Easily the most corrupt city in the USA. Tony Rezko, douchey-boy. Tony Rezko.

    And only white people care about abortion. Pro OR con.

  27. french guy says:

    thank you so much for that and for the stuff about the word “respect”, i totally feel you.

  28. Gavin says:

    “People will like us more”? “Muslims won’t bomb us”? “Obama want’s ‘Hope'”? That’s the best you can do? You guys are fucking babies who should be voting for which Sesame Street character gets to host the episode brought to you by the letters B and S.
    And I never said Bush wasn’t a fuck up. I called him a “dickhead.” I’m saying they’re all the same and it’s a roll of the dice how badly they will fuck us up, regardless of party, or looks, or how articulate they are. Bush has acted like a Democrat and fucked us over. Clinton started the whole home-ownership catastrophe that led to this collapse. It’s not Republicans who are the bad guys. It’s both parties.

  29. Your DADDY says:

    It blows my mind day after day about the people “who don’t get” these posts. If somebody mentions an example to further their argument you kids go off on a yarn about that shit. The topic is clear as day! And what is this stick to writing funny shit? He’s trying to help you fags out! So this one is for all the brain-dead degenerates who apparently need it spoon feed to them à la comedy. There’s words with pictures kids, dig IN!
    And to end this on happy note, all you newly registered voters who are going to spark change; you’ll be doing that about every two years when they call you up for jury duty.
    Have fun in court kids!!!

  30. Beefy McManstick says:

    One thing about Roe v. Wade that I didn’t see mentioned is that the Supreme Court can’t do shit until a case comes its way. As far as I know, the Supreme Court has not heard a case having to do with abortion since 1992 (Planned Parenthood v. Casey).

    Basically, all that needs to happen is for the court to have the majority swing the other way and wait for a case to come its way. That means the case needs to get through all the lower appellate courts before getting to the Supreme Court, which equates to millions of dollars and several appeals–not an easy task.

  31. uhh... says:

    i cant believe you payed money to see xxx state of the union

  32. Turd with tude says:

    I agree with the author.

  33. Red says:

    “God forbid a politician should outwardly campaign on messages of hope and optimism.”
    This is the single, gayest thing I have ever read. What politician hasn’t campaigned on messages of hope and optimism?

  34. Anyone says:

    C’mon Gavin, Phil Gramm was the one who took the locks off the credit market and Greenspan was the one who lowered interest rates to such a point to make cheap unsustainable mortgages a honeypot for bankers looking for a way to make money based on outdated forecasts. Check your facts. I’m with you in that people are idiots on the right & left equally if they fall for bullshit ‘bumper sticker’ political beliefs which appeal to emotion and not reason, but it’s really the same flavour of shit if you think that everyone is a dead loss (ooh, except for Ron Paul, of course!) because ‘they’re in it to make money’ and will fuck everyone over without doing any research to support.

  35. Rock For Light says:

    you have bored me silly.

    If you really don’t care, why bother convincing other people to not care also?

  36. Ronald Reagan says:

    It’s morning in America.

  37. rexxx says:


    I agree that both parties are imperfect beasts by nature. How does not-voting change that though? The message of non-participation is lame. “It’s all fucked, no matter what you do” is a cop out. If every Jesus freak in the heartland is voting, there needs to be a counter-point. If all the young people in urban centers around America didn’t vote, it would guarantee a government that would continue to carry out a bastardized version of neo-conservative imperialism. Which I think (along with a few other folks) would hurt the long term prospects of America to survive for another hundred years. It’s not Republicans vs. Democrats. Just rational people vs. the crazies. I think that’s why your seeing people like Buckley Jr. and Powell endorsing Obama. Because there are alot of conservatives (myself included) who feel no connection to the Hannity branch of the republican party. Am I retarded for thinking his skin color and middle name could help our ability to restore relations with the rest of the world? I guess your answer would be yes. I’m just a pragmatist. If his election could help reduce the number of angry muslims who want to destroy shit around the world, I see it as a benefit. It’s not the only reason I’m voting for him, just one of them.

  38. Shmoopy says:


    do you hear yourself? let’s vote for a black guy with a muslim-sounding name just so they aren’t as mad at us anymore.

    what a pussy.

    i don’t see arabic countries making the same overtures.

  39. Loomis says:

    Well this has been very telling. Turns out the reason most people love Obama (outside of the hope and change rhetoric) is, they feel Muslims will like us more. 9-11 did not happen because Bush goaded them into it via his foreign policy. We had been attacked many times before. So did London. They hate us because we are not Muslims. If you want a world where terrorists are satisfied with the way we run our lives you’re going to have to turn into Iran because anything less than that is a land of infidels (and even Iran often fails to make the grade). I cannot believe you people think we deserve to be attacked and a quick name change will satisfy them.

    It’s like saying women who wear short shorts deserve to be raped so we’re going to be electing a president in a long skirt. Islam won’t be happy until we’re wearing burqas so stop trying to appease them.

  40. not fussy says:

    the problem with obama’s candidacy is that his hope/change rhetoric will not translate into actual legislative change if he gains power.

    mccain has obviously stopped going with his natural political instincts and has allowed backroom power players to saddle him with palin and the whole ‘real america’/’fake america’ campaign tactic.

    citizens need to stop putting faith in, and needing to worship these mommy/daddy figures we call politicians. the office of the president is always filled with an individual who by necessity becomes an expert in symbol manipulation, by which the masses can be swayed. true emancipation lies with citizen empowerment.

  41. Red says:

    America has always been hated by the rest of the world. Ever heard the term “Ugly American”? Who gives a shit what other people think? Especially when they’re all dying to move here.

  42. Gore Vidal says:

    How about let’s stop fucking around with the rest of the world and they won’t want to blow us up? Do you really think that Obama is going to shut down the School of the Americas or stop unconditionally backing Israel? Yeah, right…

  43. tommy gun says:

    This was excellent. One example as to why I think so.

    Bet virtually none of you, since the media would never bother reporting it, knows that Ron Paul advocates going back to the gold standard. While I am ashamed to admit this, i work in, and have vast knowledge of, the “derivatives” world – ie., private contracts that derive their value (however notional) from other things like foreign currency exchange, debt instruments like mortgages, or traded securities.

    So? Well if you may have noticed the economy is jettisoning jobs and wealth at a breakneck pace. Try getting a small biz loan right now – its IMPOSSIBLE. Its all because these credit products have disintegrated. What could have avoided this…The Gold Standard. Why? Because, while the gold standard appears archaic and laughable to some, it LIMITS growth – ie., it limits things to their real value. Again – limits things to their REAL value. and what’s so fucking wrong with that? NOTHING – this meltdown in the credit markets would not have happened.

    The point: on fundamental issues like how we value our money -our money! – no one has a fucking view except a guy who got like 4% of the vote. Shameful. I am with Gavin – fuck voting – i am an educated successful person and yet…let me say it again.. FUCK voting. it makes no difference at all because the people like Ron Paul that actually dare tell you the truth about things never ever ever get elected or even nominated.

    Go make as much $$ as possible for your family and fuck politics. Cheers.

  44. rexxx says:

    Thats a bit of an overstatement loomis. I think most people like obama because he seems like the first erudite, educated statesmen to come along in awhile. Am I voting for him to appease jihadists? Of course not. Does electing a black president help confirm the message that America is a place where anyone can attain the highest office in the land? Yes. Maybe both parties are part of an ingrained power structure thats not going to lessen it’s grip on America, but there are shades of gray here. If Obama and Biden will fuck up my life 10% less then McCain and Palin, then they have my vote. I also don’t like the prospect of somebody who can’t name one supreme court case other then roe v. wade, or name a fucking newspaper to even have a shot at running the country. I think that America’s fascination of electing cowboys has fucked us over, and I don’t want it to happen again (even if it’s Annie Oakley).

  45. Red says:

    But that implies a president’s education and temprament and beliefs affect anything. Did you watch that 20/20 clip? The government can’t even get money to the poor in New Orleans. Brad Pitt can. They can’t. This is what I always hated about conspiracy theories. They imply the government knows what they’re doing. Have you ever been to the DMV? They can barely get you a license? Or the Post Office? They are competing with non-subsidized companies like UPS and FedEx. The government can’t even win when the fight is fixed. Obama’s a great guy with his heart in the right place. McCain is also a noble hero who loves this country. Both are completely irrelevant and to think otherwise is to be fooled by million dollar marketing campaigns.

  46. hmm says:

    earlier this year i went to the DMV to re-new my license. They gave me a new license on the spot without asking for any form of ID including my old license which i still have.

  47. Nick says:

    You box? That’s surprising since it looks like you have a shit body (if that’s your photo a few posts back)

  48. rexxx says:

    Last time I checked, when the government did decide to outsource to private companies, the results didn’t go so well (see blackwater, kbr, halliburton). Government is huge lumbering ineffectual beast 85% of the time, but it does serve a purpose. As for the President having no relevancy to the direction of the country, George Bush is the counter argument. He’s done a bangup job of implementing his fucked up brand of foreign policy. If he hadn’t been elected, it wouldn’t necessarily have happened. They can’t change as much as we’d like to think, but they can at the very least nudge the behemoth in the right direction.

  49. What? says:

    You’re kind of a douche and an untalented artist. Your misoginy shows in everything you write. I only tolerate it as far as it is a funny caption in a picture. Your documentary “Sophie Walks” or whatever fucking sucked. If you had real talent for anything, you’d be more succesful.
    That said, all your political shit-stirring-attention whoring makes me impatient. All the libertarians only make arguments to differentiate themselves from everyone else, but Gavin, you are NOT SPECIAL, NOT UNIQUE, NOT THAT SMART. You have only thought once, and that was in high-school, and it shows in al yur high-school references. Grow up dude. Not caring and not believing is the teenage thing to do. Are you going to tell me you don’t racycle because it doesn’t matter, or you leave your computer plaugged in at night because it is all the same?
    Grow up.

  50. tommy gun says:

    thanks or being so smart for us

  51. tommy gun says:

    thanks for being so smart for us

  52. Loomis says:

    Unplug your computer every night? Are you serious? That’s you contributing to the environment? Wow.

    And recycling is a perfect example of the government convincing us we’re all going to die unless we give them more money to set up an ineffectual program. Landfills are working just fine. Recycling is a make-work project that only helps bureaucrats.

  53. Slapt says:

    Let’s hit the Gen X-er with our laptops.
    Gen X sucks.
    I’d hate myself if I had to come up with Mallrats, 120 minutes, untrimmed cunt and Rock the Vote too.

  54. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    Oh, so Jamie Fox can wear his kaffiyeh in this voting promotion but Rachael Ray gets pulled from Duncan damn Donuts?

  55. Jerk says:

    Yup, total Gen X cliche

  56. So says:

    What Gavin’s saying here isn’t necessarily nihilist. It’s rooted in the same anti-authoritarian, Crass-influenced, anarchist belief that goverments are inherently corrupt and that the Brechtian empowerment of the individual is what mobilizes social change. The comment “Do you want to be ruled?” is a case in point.´

    I thought this was interesting – although claiming that Bush is a Democrat and that he wasn’t the reason that we invaded Iraq is beyond stupid and really depressing.

  57. So says:

    w/e. votin’ anyway.

  58. hozman says:

    fact is, america is an empire, and has been in a state of near-perpetual war since its inception. this does not take away from the fact that it’s a great country, people from around the world still want to move there (except me and practically everyone i know), it’s economy is still the largest and most vibrant in the world, etc.etc.etc. however, no empire lasts forever. i’m of the opinion that we are witnessing the slow dissolution of the american state. i hope its implosion is not too violent. the country is simply running with too many internal contradictions, and its population is hopelessly divided along socio-cultural lines. finally, there is a huge gap between the rich and poor that is widening every day. i humbly submit that this last point is most important—history has shown that any nation that ignores massive divisions in wealth does so at its peril.

  59. homeless. says:

    actually, they are diggin up many landfills to pull out all of the recyclable materials for recycling, and then filling them with the materials that can’t.

    Recycling is really important whether it makes a big difference or not. Only a prick would deny recycling that.

  60. Overstay\ says:

    According to Gavin the only thing our government should do is somehow seal the borders. (What a joke! most illegals overstayed valid visas! short of a police state you’ll never round them all up!)

    Let’s start with the Canadian border. We have to defend America’s proud multicultural subcultures against fat, ignorant Canadians with xenophobic hang-ups.

  61. Taeil says:

    Why do people that get on my ass about voting all liberal douchebags? If I tell them, “Yeah of course I am gonna vote… for McCain.” (I prefer Obama by the way)

    They all look like I poured acid in their ears. How exactly does it count when electoral votes of each state just go to one candidate?

  62. Gary Bang says:

    Gavin got rich and turned into a fucking douchebag, it’s old news. His good humoured opinion turned sour and jaded years ago. As a result, people want to kick his ass — that’s where his boxing lessons come in.

  63. Gary Bang says:

    Ya! Don’t vote! Don’t pay taxes, either! And don’t call the fire department if there’s a fire. Just, you know, run around and try to get some neighbors with buckets to help you out.

  64. I read all the comments. says:

    Man, would it ever suck being a university professor.

  65. Ignoring Gavin says:

    I’m voting anyway, but I hope apathy continues to work out for you.

  66. balzac says:

    stop the fucking presses, gavin mcinnes is too cool to vote! this website is entertaining and all, but anyone who takes these simplistic and attention-seeking arguments seriously is a sad and brainless lemming. or a 15-year-old. i encourage everyone to grow a brain and draw their own conclusions, but if you’re getting your political insights on street carnage from a guy who does fashion critiques, you need to get your head out of your ass.

  67. F. Face says:

    Gavin, I pretty much agree with every thing you wrote, but I hope to god you weren’t wearing that freakin shirt while you wrote it. you know the one.

  68. Michael says:

    Does it ever shock you when people parrot the Hope and Change mantra as if it was of their very own design? Not me. I love the incredulous thousand-mile-stares I’m given when I suggest that they’ve been taken by one of the oldest and most proven marketing tricks known to man.

    I recently got caught up in a heated argument with a girl that is a rather vocal Obama supporter. She was appalled to hear I’d be exercising my right to electoral abstinence once again. I asked what she liked so much about Obama, and after the expected hope and change blather, she said something to the tune of, “He’s gonna give us universal health care.” Now I’ve long been perplexed by why so many people stand behind this ridiculous concept, and I’ve ruled out that they either are A.) themselves without health coverage and lack the means by which to obtain it, or B.) care so much for their fellow man that they’ll support any such program despite its astronomical cost and potentially disastrous, unintended side effects. No, they are simply taken in by the warm, fuzzy altruism that is implicit in the word universal. No one is without care! Hope! It covers all pre-existing conditions! Change! Choose your own doctor! Hope! Watch how easily it picks up marbles from this deep shag carpeting! Change! Use it underwater! Buy now at this ridiculously low introductory rate, and we’ll throw in our instructional DVD, entitled Hope and Change…ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    Lest I be labeled a crypto-Republican for making example of an Obama campaign cornerstone, please note that you can substitute “universal health care” with “energy independence”, “tax relief”, “family values” or just about any other GOP talking point in this little exercise and find it yields absolutely the same results. They’re all untenable pies-in-the-sky, but both campaigns try to make you a true believer through careful wording and relentless repetition.

    If the first step on the road to enlightenment is admitting you know nothing, then the last step must be the cold realization that you’re outflanked by idiots.

  69. Gaylor says:

    How come there’s like 3 people who haven’t gotten angry because he said mean things about Obama? What’s the fucking deal?

    Do I live in a cave or do “we” really need all this shit he’s selling? Like why does everybody think that America needs to improve its reputation internationally? Are we not doing too good on earth or something? What exactly happens if next year we’re better friends with some countries? How does that work?

    Why do Obama people think that John McCain is going to try end the world? What’s up with that? If you ask a lot of “Obama supporters” who they voted for last time they say they couldn’t because they weren’t old enough yet. Idiots.

    Who would have thought reality TVs final mission would be to revitalize the “democratic process?” Yaaaay, Obama’s going to win!

  70. Sasquatch says:

    Dear Michael,

    Please explain how it’s pie in the sky that if you break your leg in France or Scandinavia, it costs you $60 to fix, but in the U.S., it costs you $6000 if you don’t have insurance.


  71. peanut says:

    yea bro, you’re so above it all! haha, you sound like a jaded teen bragging about how little he cares. could you be any more self-indulgent, defeatist and juvenile? the world isn’t perfect, so fuck it, why try to improve anything, right? you’re so fucking COOL.

  72. Kevin says:

    I actually broke my collar bone in Paris and waited in ER for so long I had to fake passing out just so they’d serve me. Breaking your leg in Europe (or Canada) is more than $60 you ass. It’s called way higher taxes. Next time you get your paycheck imagine the government taking out ANOTHER 20% for tax. Can you pay your rent now?
    In the UK cancer patients wait in line so long for help they die before getting treatment. And they’re still taxed upwards of 45% of everything they earn.

  73. Loomis says:

    This isn’t against caring or wanting to make a difference. It’s against thinking some politician on a huge marketing budget is the one who’s going to save the day. I thought the 20/20 link explained this pretty well. It must suck to know you guys are more square than John Stossel. ABC News is punker than you.

  74. Gabin McIhavenoideawhatImean says:

    “oooohh oooohh. Look at me. I’m Gavin Mcinnes and if you guys think I’ve lost my “edge” just because I’ve become a domesticated pussy with a kid, guess again. I’m still totally into spewing sophomoric platitudes about politics. I’ll prove it to you!

    I think both political parties in America are (get this) not all that different. ALSO, since I’m guess I’m some kind of a frat-boy libertarian, hence my implicit endorsement of Ron Paul and his inevitable revolution, I can let you in a little secret… Politicians. Lie.

    I’ll give you time to pick up the fragments of your skull that litter the floor from that mind blowing statement.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d remind everyone of my ability to rudimentary think outside the box. If you have any questions, I’ll be in my playpen/office trying to go down on myself!”


  75. balzac says:

    fuck all these people gavin. you are fucking dead on. neither of these clowns will do anything. obama is just as bought and paid for as mccain. everyone who has called you stupid cant come up with anything close to a decent argument, let alone one supported by any facts. (rhetoric doesnt count!). and to the douche bag who called gavin stupid for referring to bush as a democrat…look up the history of neo-conservatism. I’m actually doing a paper on it in a few weeks. and its true, their origins are form the political LEFT. All of you morons simply use the “Palin is a jesus-freak! im not voting for some crazy republican again! they screwed up the america!” Just the same bullshit based on nothing but the status quo of your ignorant, loser, wannabe art-friends. To vote is to believe that there is an actual difference between these two candidates. which there is not.

    and socialism through coercion (government force and taxation) IS unamerican. I bet obama has never even read the constitution.

    Im with you all the way Gavin.

  76. Jaysun says:

    Since I turned thirty I just can’t stop pissing on myself.

  77. Gavin please STFU says:

    You political opinions are shit and they are going to get us all killed. Shut your fucking canadian mouth and move back home. Let the Americans handle their own country.

  78. Gabin McIhavenoideawhatImean says:


    “Literally all of my political theory was picked up by listening to a group of homeless people who made records.”

  79. Sasquatch says:

    Yeah Kevin, I can imagine it because I worked in Europe. I had renter’s assistance, free health insurance, and got paid in euros. Europe’s not perfect by a long mile, but the idea that America’s health care system is working out great is just as absurd. It’s common sense that if health insurance is too expensive for a lot of people to afford, and if companies increasingly can’t afford it for people they employ, then waves of people start using the ER as their primary care provider and pass on the costs to other tax payers. I’d rather see the people and companies in the highest tax brackets (say, over $250,000) pay more in taxes, cut down on a few foreign wars that use up $10 billion a month, and have a fucking government-supported health care pool for anyone who wants it that costs $250 a month and gives good coverage. INSTEAD OF NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD IT, like my personal situation now, and knowing if I hurt myself I’ll have to hold a stupid fundraiser with sucky bands and still go into debt for the rest of my life.

  80. Michael says:

    Hi, Peanut.

    Could you please tell me exactly what you’d like to see improved in the world and why? Could you also tell me how the act of voting will achieve your desired ends? If you pose a sufficiently convincing argument, who knows what might happen? I might even feel compelled to…vote.

    Thank you.

  81. dr. deece. says:

    you should probably split the country down the middle, and have a red dictatorship and a blue one.

  82. Fuck yeah. says:

    Damn straight. Politicians don’t succeed because they give a shit, they succeed because they are better at lying about it than any of their competitors. I hope they all loose.

  83. Jerk Chicano says:

    what the fuck is up with that video with the fucking celebrities telling me to vote? I can’t believe I watched 2 minutes of it, I had to stop it when that retarded little black sambo steppin fechit uncle tom faggot from the BLACK EYED PEAZ tells me “U Know U have to regista to vote righ??” piece of shit wigger minstrel. honestly why can’t all Hollywood fucking die? why can’t there be a low level nuclear attack or some kind of supernatural disintegration happen? can we not all focus very hard at the moment of coming next time we masturbate on giving everyone in that video a fucking embolism or better yet total face palsy followed by a savagely painful heart attack that lasts for an hour? fucking smug hollywood jackoffs.. I was pulling my penis for an Obama win because the republicans cheated the last couple times, but then again that was a particularly disgusting opportunity to watch how the two parties are both fingered in the ass by the same puppetmaster- to wit how Gore and Kerry bent over backwards to concede immediately even tho republicans clearly CHEATED. whatever you think about how pointless the system is, the fact that those sacks of shit feel they can delete black/poor/democratic votes makes me sick. have the democrats done similar things? anyway it made me sick how Kerry fucking pussed out of challenging the Ohio thing, so you know what they deserved to have the election stolen. and if they’re going to buy this one that’s fine by me, but don’t expect me to paypal money I could be spending on a fucking taco to some smarmy chicago twat full of Care Bear platitudes.. McCain and Palin’s thing may be pandering to the retards of america, but Obama/Biden are just jerking us off with this hope stroking.. what the fuck good is hope anyway? hope is just about as useless as prayer.. where are the concrete plans? anyway I love black chicks and figure they’ll be in a good mood on Nov 6th when I goes cruisin in my Great White Sharak Attaq T-shirt so I’m all for it… but on the other hand I hope he fucking losers just so every single cunt in that video realises their gay endorsement didn’t do shit. so it’s a tie. Vote Nader

  84. Dr. Device says:

    Yes, I’m sure they’ll *all* “loose”, fuck yeah…

  85. Janie says:

    You may not want to “take voting advice from a Canadian…” but we’re sick you taking us down with you. We may not be in a perfect situation either and as a matter of fact, EU cant really get any worse either but if I hear one more fucking word about Sarah Palin, I am going to fucking loose my mind. Cant everyone just shut up about that woman already? She has proven herself to be a complete moron and she did it all on her own. She is basically a non issue. That is, unless you people do what you did with Bush and elect him to not one, but TWO fucking terms. I know that you are not going to let that happen. But Gavin is right, they are all the same (up here too). So its really just a matter of who is the most stupid/biggest embarrassment. Dont feel bad. Our choices up here are some guy who can barely speak english and a middle aged bible thumper with gray skin and no social skills.

  86. Janie says:


  87. Jerk Chicano says:

    Gavin, what’s your views on health insurance,etc.. isn’t Obama the better choice for poor people based on what he says is his platform? sure he may jigger it round once he’s eating melon in the oval office but on the face of it, isn’t he the better choice for say some hayseed or FOB with no coverage? it’s pretty fucked the health care system down there, like I’m assuming you nip back over the border when you suffer those relapses of roids that are essentially prolapses??

    seriously fuck all the I Have A DREEM shit, just looking at that one healthcare issue, isn’t Obama the better choice? cos if I was the poor piece of typical average Joe that you seem to be appealing to, i.e. the piece of shit that you are saying neither party cares about, it nonetheless seems that Obama will treat this piece of shit slightly better from a healthcare standpoint. cos as it stands he’s basically saying he’ll bring in universal health coverage

  88. Dr. Octopus says:

    O.K……just a couple things:
    1) Everyone bitching about Gavin’s comments on the Supreme Court needs to Google Marbury v. Madison and read Marshall’s decision right quick so you know what the fuck you’re talking about.
    2) Many defend Obama on the principle that he will positively influence world perception of America/American people, but quite honestly, why the fuck would world opinion possibly matter? Because some European assholes might treat each of us rudely on a personal level? I have travelled extensively in the past 4 years, and yes, americans get some shit on the street (to a very limited degree), but it’s no worse than walking down the street in Philly. Grow up. Ideological differences will always exist between polarized cultures. That said, countries will always act (or attempt to act) in a manner which is of the greatest (albeit perceived) benefit to them, regardless of their opinion of others (doye).

  89. So says:

    Hey, what just happened to that last comment? The one that tore you apart? Please tell me you didn’t censor it…

  90. Red says:

    re taxing the rich: my dad makes over 250k a year and he gets taxed about 45%. Is this not enough for you? I know you hate to hear about rich people being stuck with 125k but when you go to school for 12 years to get a specialist degree, you’re kind of hoping to get paid for it.

    Everyone can say they don’t like Gavin’s body or make fun of him for breeding or whatever the problem is but let’s see some numbers. If 45% is too little tax what would you like it to be? 65%?

    I loved the capital gains part of this because someone finally stopped talking about “peace and hope” and actual said some figures. McCain is about 5% away from Obama on capital gains. Sounds like the same shit to me.

  91. WORLD WAR DREW says:

    Fuck all ‘yall, im sending all of middle america and christianity a big “fuck you” by voting for obama.

  92. shnake says:

    Even some third world countries have universal health care, and it takes care of things. Whoever upthread said that they had to wait in ilne in France or whatever, dude, try to go uninsured to a hospita in the United States, it will take about 16 hours to get attention.
    And those who say that people pay less tax in Europe, it is really not that different. I get about 30% of my paycheck to taxes, and it PISSES ME OFF that part of that is health care, and I still will NEVER EVER EVER get it back in services. And what’s more fucked is that the poeple pitching the “options” to you act like it’s such a fucking priviledge… For the price I pay for “health care”, I could fly to France and pay for surgery, fly to Peru and get routine exams and visits to all doctors, fly to Brazil and… you get the idea.
    Americans, your healthcare fucking sucks, fix it.

  93. Poopie Pants says:

    Election season gives uneducated celebrities a chance to put out smug television ads telling us how big of assholes WE are if we don’t vote. I thought this was the USA and people had a right to choose, even if that meant not choosing between two dipshits who say the same thing but look different.

  94. Flip says:


    Don’t be trite. If you’re not fascinated by the shift happening away from Reaganomics to Keynesian economics, and hence the shift from Free Market Capitalism to a Social Democracy, you need to wake the fuck up. I do believe in the adoption of socialist policies because the world simply has too many people and too few resources for the continued adherence to republican democracy. There’s a reason republicans are usually christians–they both have a devotion to the fictitious. So to say there’s no difference between these two candidates is ignorant.

    You’re not ignorant, are you?


  95. srsly says:

    thing is, the two main political parties are monetarily supported by the same fucking multicorporations as well as the same ruling elite families of the whole entire fucking world, ie, they’re both the same fucking asshole party, ya loopy fuckfaces, taking you for a ride on some sideroad somewhere and fucking you in the ass while its youngest watches from its carseat ya fuckin dumb good for nothing shits

    hows that for rhetoric, vote for me ya dumb fucks cos it doesnt matter if ya vote or not cocksuckers!

  96. patrickteque says:

    yeah man, i can’t believe Stossel got to air his anarchist manifesto on ABC. ha!

  97. crowd pleaser says:

    dear gavin,

    i support everything you say here to the fullest. especially the thing about the david choe hope poster, what the fuck was that?

    people, there’s a reason there’s a lot of apathy towards politics. the reason being that it doesn’t fucking matter. get over your “worldly” selves and focus on something that actually does.

  98. Payeras says:

    well ya know G, you maybe right+it has been extremely gay out there on the obama tip,but fuckit, like it’s not super gay to comment on culture and dig or dis photos of other folk’s styles and laugh and go to punk shows +blah blah blah ,and stuff. it’s the audacisty of hope . people gay out+it’s cool to make fun and what not ,but that is why. to actually think events that only ever seemed like they would happen in a buck rogers tv show is happening rt now+ its kinda cool. that maybe gay but whatevs

  99. todd says:

    thats a lot of comments

  100. ashley says:

    im voting for him because hes black (mccain, i mean).

  101. No. 100, muthafuckas! says:

    Eat it!

    Great article, too.

  102. Stossel's Moustache says:

    WHOA! Hold it, Gavin – you mean people are both stupid AND easily led? WTF?! When did that start happening. BTW – WTF do u mean by “you people”?! You RACISSSS!!!!!!

  103. matt says:

    I work for a senior democratic senator from Montana, and after having seen the belly of the beast from the inside, i can safely say that both parties are essentially the same, and it really makes no difference at all which one you vote for. Gavin is pretty much right on the money. I will say that I do want universal, single-payer health care though, and I early voted for Barry O and the rest of the Dems in the far fetched hope that universal coverage might one day be achieved. Other than that I don’t really give the tiniest fuck who gets elected. It doesn’t matter. At all.

  104. Li says:

    This article proves once again that Gavin was always the engine behind Vice.

    The biggest “change” that most people are banking on is blacks will finally shut up about racism.

    Well, if you’ve ever spoken to a black person, you know this won’t ever happen and will likely make them shout louder.

  105. SHITCOCK says:



  106. Check it out fellas. says:

    Voting is gay? Fuck you, YOU’RE fucking gay. Keep your nose in your own goddamn business you fucking Canuck.

    Complaining about black shouting about racism? Eat shit. Blacks are part of America, and in America, we like it fucking LOUD.

  107. Arv says:

    @ Beefy McManstick

    “One thing about Roe v. Wade that I didn’t see mentioned is that the Supreme Court can’t do shit until a case comes its way. As far as I know, the Supreme Court has not heard a case having to do with abortion since 1992 (Planned Parenthood v. Casey).”

    Gonzales v. Carhart, 2007. Do research. Stop talking out of your ass.

  108. Pussy Galore says:

    minesentiments exactly.,

  109. srsly says:

    powers that be use feotus for stem cell research,
    something to do with privileged whites not wanting to go prematurely retarded due to effects of parkinson’s

    bush has it now, so did reagan

  110. srsly says:

    no wait, hes always been retarded, no cure for that

  111. gorm says:

    not reading any of the comments, but FUUUCCCCK YEAH.


    ive never voted in my life and im 837 years old or something, i feel bad about it sometimes but fuck it

    actually i dont know why im writing this.

    it probably is a conspiracy of some sort – thats the rule in human history rather than the exception, and i think the same type of people are running the show now – not the government, i think they take orders frm the elite. who are probably time travelling space aliens. fuck, how else do you explain this BIG ASS CRAZY FUCKIN WEIRD TOO-NORMAL-TO-BE-ACCIDENTAL shit that we’ve got going on here.

    ie: potatoes. why the fuck potatoes. a little food pod that costs money that you have to work for then you shit it out and have to buy more. that is fucking strange and im calling super-alien-conspiracy ala ‘They Live’.

    we aint goin nowhere and we’re all fucked. arbeit macht frei.

    ps also Mr Mcinnis please dont mention your boxing guy anymore. ive heard about you doing boxing from this website a few times already, it always makes me cringe when dudes talk about that shit. its only cool if you never talk about it.
    other than that, fucking awesome article.
    (im probably going to get worms because im typing and eating at the same time)

  112. Arv says:

    im gonna try to do as much blow as you so maybe I can see the world like you do.. you forgot to put some of the blame on the blacks and mexicans this time though..

  113. Arv says:

    This sounds like some classic Canadian trust fund baby talk to me. Voting is good.

  114. St.Louis says:

    Presidents may not matter a lot, but it’s still a little. Go to the football game or boxing match or whatever and be a sport. You just seem like you’re in a bad mood.

  115. Polydick says:

    45% tax, 60% tax? Canadians pay 24% of their paycheque and get free healthcare. Makes sense. No fucking wars — thats it, thats all.

  116. Daz76 says:

    I wasn’t going to, because Rasta doesn’t participate in the affairs
    of Babylon, but I thought, oh well what the fuck. This one is different.

    It was pretty easy and it took about fifteen minutes in total, mainly
    because I had to change my address.

    Barak Obama does not believe in gay marriage, and that’s just
    stupid. He also claims a ridiculous religious viewpoint that
    I find not only offensive but entirely nonsensical and dangerous.

    So I didn’t vote for him because of his policy or beliefs.
    The main reason I voted for him is because I want to see an
    African American family in the white house.

    Also, I think America deserves to be represented by a real statesman,
    and that he is. Obviously the republican candidates are particularly nasty
    and vile, so mainly my vote was against them. When it comes down to it
    I voted for Obama because I think America will be a better place with more
    lovely oil paintings of a handsome African American man hanging
    prominently in all our federal buildings, just to annoy all the racist
    judges and cops. That’s going to be so sweet.

  117. ew says:

    u guys, voting is not gay. its totes girl wearing a skirt as a top. ( dont know if some variation of that joke has been made prevously, but i just dont got it in me to read that shit storm. or spell correctly.)

  118. jackwell m. samson says:

    all you sweets roll a j, maybe do a bump, a little of the mdma, a couple beers—whatever it takes to make you just a little loose, a tad sexy, and just re-fucking-lax…it’s all gonna be a-ok.

  119. kdawg in e Minor says:

    Too many posts here. Passion is also gay. Everyone should just shut their mouths and wait for the vote. I don’t need to hear who anyone supports, just like I don’t need to know what kind of underwear my next door neighbor, Al, wears.

    One thing about the Canadian election is that it comes and goes in a hurry. You might argue that this doesn’t give us a chance to know who the candidates are, and their platforms, but we Canadians have a thing called the internet. On the internet is a lot of information about all kinds of things, including political parties. Oh yeah, we also (technically) have more than two of those to choose from. They tell us there will be a vote, people watch the news or read (yeah…read!), and then they vote. They don’t make youtube videos, or songs, or racist campaign speeches………………

    That being said, I like Barack…he’s cute.

  120. Tully Selektor says:

    Wait…………Gavin boxes?

  121. The Decider says:

    Great fucking article. Pretty much expressed everything I felt in my gut but couldnt articulate with my simple brain.

    These fervent Obama supporters drive me nuts (Fuck McCain BTW). I really am going love the next 4 years of disappointment laid down upon these people.

    Although, my guess is, Michelle Obama runs for President in 2012 (After the assasination of course!…just a prediction) and wins with a groundswell of sympathy that fridgid cunt Hillary never could muster up. The Republican Party will cease to exist by that point thereby allowing a new forward thinking canidate to come a long and disappoint another generation of smug self important cocksuckers.

  122. ok i'll read it for you... says:

    I just wanted to mention the fact i read most of the comments and two of them are really good :

    Jaysun Says:
    10.21.08 at 5:47 pm

    Since I turned thirty I just can’t stop pissing on myself.

    Gabin McIhavenoideawhatImean Says:
    10.21.08 at 5:44 pm

    “oooohh oooohh. Look at me. I’m Gavin Mcinnes and if you guys think I’ve lost my “edge” just because I’ve become a domesticated pussy with a kid, guess again. I’m still totally into spewing sophomoric platitudes about politics. I’ll prove it to you!

    I think both political parties in America are (get this) not all that different. ALSO, since I’m guess I’m some kind of a frat-boy libertarian, hence my implicit endorsement of Ron Paul and his inevitable revolution, I can let you in a little secret… Politicians. Lie.

    I’ll give you time to pick up the fragments of your skull that litter the floor from that mind blowing statement.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d remind everyone of my ability to rudimentary think outside the box. If you have any questions, I’ll be in my playpen/office trying to go down on myself!”


  123. ok i'll read it for you... says:

    I endorse the message by “Gabin McIhavenoideawhatImean Says”

    … “actually what I am saying is pretty postivive” … W H A T E V E R just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean its right … your not negative or positive … you sir are simply an irrelevant has-been wannabe frat boy and the only reason anyone still comes here is to look at hot girls who live in cities.

    Libertarianism is incompatible with a working democracy (just try to have interstate commerce that is not protected by the law) and Ayn Rand was gay.

  124. so... says:

    why do you bother reading this shit and commenting then ?

  125. Sorry says:

    I come here to look at chicks and people dressed funny, Gavin can say what he wants (I may or may not agree with it) but if you are stupid enough to get your politcs from a site like this rather than reading the papers, listening to the news or reading books or engaging your fucking brain then you really don’t deserve to vote anyway

  126. so... says:

    and why are you so pissed anyway? chill bitch.

  127. so... says:

    who said you cannot read this site AND papers? you still did not answer the questions.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Do some research and realize that you and everything you perceive is controlled. That’s why the pussification of America is happening. you’re getting turned into a fucking machine and you don’t even know it. Quit your worthless dayjob and live off the land, that’s honestly the way it’s supposed to be.

  129. so... says:

    @ ok i’ll read for you :

    those comments WERE very good.

  130. so... says:

    and where are you? england? netherlands?

  131. Anonymous says:

    They want you to think the way you do, that’s why you think that way.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Take more psychedelics and go live in the woods.

  133. Dr. Fate says:

    1.) Libertarianism is a joke – and does not work.

    2.) Being cool lost its appeal after 23.

    3.) Socialism is currently impossible and impractical.

    4.) Not voting does nothing but allow you to support that status que without actually being obvious about it.

    5.) Ralph Nader should be dead already … all great people are.

    6.) George W. Bush almost ended civilization … leadership is important.

    ) Being complacent was N E V E R sexy or cool.

    8.) Intellectuals are the shoe shine boys of the ruling elite.

    9.) Only lazy people don’t vote.

    10.) “Rock the Vote” is really lame … although what is even more lame is the need to actually need something like “Rock the Vote” so “young” people can register to vote.

    11.) Its really Bourgeoisie-(y) to be against politics … and while being bourgeoisie might look great on Friday night at the club – its only cool if you are euro trash.

    12.) Euro-Trash, in this day and age, is like garlic to a vampire.

    13.) Having a black American president would be crazy, the only other time I saw this was in Deep Impact … and that flick was a downer.

    14.) Being political is not – NOT cool, its just that its not superficial (contrary to popular belief) and its really hard for people to make sense of non-superficial people these days. Everything is political … the personal actually is political.

    15.) “I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it.
    ” ( Letter to the Conservative MP, Sir John Pakington (March 1866) – J.S.

  134. McSteves says:

    You’re on crack politically.

  135. so... says:

    in fact he’s half black, half white, he did not really choose side, strange huh?

  136. Anonymous says:

    What I’ve always wondered is why we totally went against the law of nature so incredibly quick. It’s like humans went from being a self-sustaining spieces that lived off the land to total fucking pussies that think they’re lives and bullshit little issues are way to important than anything else including the universe. When we realize that everything is wrong than we will truly evolve the right way.

  137. Sorry says:

    i didn’t say you couldn’t read both, i just meant you shouldn’t get your politics from here without the other stuff, especially engaging your brain

  138. so... says:

    @ anon 4.22 :
    … and hopefully we’ll stop typing like shit too.

  139. so... says:

    did not answer the questions and politics can be found everywhere not only in PAPERS, journalists are not always that smart you know, and contrary to popular belief they don’t always do lots of research…

  140. Sorry says:

    for fucks sake, i know that i was just trying to get people to stop getting their panties in a twist over something Gavin said, everything is politics, i know. every single issue and statement is politics, every single facet of your life is politics you should treat it as such and treat everything you say think or do as politics, believe politicians, journalists authors, musicians comedians all you want but only if and when you’ve found out why they are saying something, who for and whether what they are saying is true. You can believe in every individual as a constituency and not espouse an anarachist/libertarian ‘system’. Not voting is the lazy mans way out, by all means don’t vote but then realise you absolutely have no right to complain when they start interfering with your shit.

  141. so... says:

    ahah, again :
    why are you so fucking pissed, and why do you still bother coming here?
    not everything is politics. your views are framed by the actual context.

  142. so... says:

    and where are you?

  143. Sorry says:

    I come here to look at chicks and people dressed funny

  144. so... says:

    “why so serious?” ahah.

  145. so... says:

    none of it here, here is politics and passionate sissies.

  146. so... says:

    anyway you won’t care in like 2 months…

  147. so... says:

    is gavin a citizen of usa? is a canadian living in new york against immigration? can gavin even vote if he wanted to?

  148. so... says:

    i did not say that.

  149. Your DADDY says:

    Way to get geeked the fuck up you guys and punch the comments section in the nuts you guys, I go away for a couple of hours and blam-o. will read tomorrow

  150. Health says:

    ya but what about the health care thing? it’s reason enough to vote Obama. not voting is irresponsible from that standpoint

  151. B. Carbine says:

    Plainly, nothing upsets these “Rock the Vote” tools more than being informed that they don’t make one fucking bit of difference in this world.

    Universal health care? That sounds COOL! I think they should write a check for $1,000,000 to every one of us, too. And a new car.

    To the “Passion is gay” guy:

    Sometimes. But feigned hipster boredom is 1,000 times gayer, often even gayer than that. Hook it up to any Gadyar Machine. You’ll see.

    To the “Rasta” guy:

    When did the head injury occur, and have the doctors said anything about a possible recovery?

  152. french guy says:

    we have universal health, it kills our economy, but it kind of works, kind of.

  153. srsly says:

    @ Dr. Fate

    Hey cockface, STFU

    the bourgeoisie are politicians and the ruling elite ya fuckin’ retard

  154. french guy says:

    Gavin is just trying to discourage liberals from voting, because he is a racist, conservative asshole.

  155. french guy says:

    did not say it.

  156. We Need a Change says:

    A change of diapers.

  157. french guy says:

    yeah, especially mccain’s… look at his grin, this is not a happy hippo. please, change his diapers, they cannot be clean.

  158. good fish? good bait says:

    sore loser mcinnes!

  159. F. Face says:

    I agree with Gavin but i’m still going to vote. the thing i want to know is what does Jim Goad think?

  160. Anonymous Coward says:

    I agree with one of the other commenters … stick to what’s funny, and what you do well. This post sticks out with suck like a post about the new Blahniks on a jock-sports blog. It’s not a good look for you, and it’s not at all productive.

  161. goofus says:

    why is my comment still awaiting moderation?

  162. Polling Place says:

    I kind of agree with you Gavin but I’m still going to vote and i think your an idiot for telling people not to. Your not voting because your Canadian and not because you are tying to make a statement of any sort. I guess when Rick Moranis runs for office you will start to care more.

  163. Red says:

    “Your an idiot”
    Hey! You’re stealing the Towers of London bit.

  164. justin says:

    Go ahead and laugh at this dude when he rips on people for their clothing choices, kids, but don’t listen to him when he pretends to know what he’s talking about politically. What a whiny fucking childish protest.

  165. Loomis says:

    John Stossel thinks you guys are pussies.
    NEW RULE: From now on young people have to be MORE REBELLIOUS and believe LESS BULLSHIT than six figure reporters from ABC News. You guys make Andy Rooney look like Sid Vicious.


  166. We Need a Change says:

    Congratulations, “what a twat”! You are this thread’s winner of the Godwin’s Law Award.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Universal health care applies to all that are still living it and getting broke off every other weekend. Whether it be a bar fight on too much coke, falling down stairs drunk, skateboarding and breaking an arm, playing in the snow and slamming, etc.

    The lively folks of this world need free health care.

  168. srsly says:

    maybe if conservatives started getting broke off every weekend then maybe they wouldnt be such douches like gavin, here

    (actually didn’t read his piece or watch the vids but, still, it’s worth commenting nevertheless)

  169. Jaysun says:


  170. srsly says:

    @ JAYSUN

    are you management? then STFU

    OK, Thanx.

  171. We Need a Change says:

    “The lively folks of this world need free health care.”

    Free million-dollar checks, new cars, and Jacuzzis for everyone!

    A romantic notion? Yes. Entirely removed from anything resembling reality? Yes.

    Nothing is free, you Mongoloid.

  172. srsly says:

    ‘nothing is free’

    everyone pays for water now but is air free still?

  173. srsly says:

    We Need a Change hands out free blowjobs

  174. We Need a Change says:

    Air comes with the territory.

    Medical equipment, medication, and medical training don’t.

    Sorry I had to explain that to you.

  175. bearded fuckbitch says:

    how does libertarianism not work? the United States started out that way. what other country in the world can you point to that was libertarian? show me where it has failed and I will accept it! The only answer to the bullshit problem that is politicians and government is to eliminate it!


  176. srsly says:

    @ We Need a Change

    start suckin’

    oops! already has

  177. bearded fuckbitch says:

    wow, 175 comments in one day! people care more about voting than they do about expensive handbags.

  178. french guy says:

    again : we have free health care here and it kind of works.

  179. We Need a Change says:

    “again : we have free health care here and it kind of works.”

    So you don’t pay taxes for it?

  180. french guy says:

    wait a minute you think you can have health care and not pay taxes? ahah!

  181. We Need a Change says:

    My point exactly. That’s why the word “free” is a deceptive illusion.

  182. vyvanse says:

    having a facade of apathy for the sake of cool is no biggie.
    ranting on and on about your supposed apathy is trife.

  183. srsly says:


    the facade of cool for having pointed out that, ‘ having a facade of apathy for the sake of cool is trife,’ is just that, a facade

    start suckin’ batch

  184. what a twat says:

    Hey, We Need a Change, there’s a difference between National Front and National Socialists. So Godwin is not on point and I decline to accept your award, twerp.

  185. Canadian says:

    Welp, it’s closer to free than our American counterparts. I mean, 24% percent of my shitty paycheque is taxed. Maybe 4% of that goes to healthcare? So I mean, the government gets about 40$ a paycheque out of me for healthcare.

    Now when I get cancer from smoking ciggies I don’t have to fret that my broke ass family will struggle to pay for chemo. On top of that, the comment about “living it” applies — I’m in the hospital about 4 times a year. Concussions, cuts, and some broken limbs mostly. I hear a broken arm is upwards of 600$ in the good ol USofA. Thats more than half what the average canadian pays in a year for healthcare for EVERYONE.
    In the US, those making under 75 grande a year pay next to nothing in taxes — but those making more than that pay about 28% of their yearly income. (Not the supposed 50% like that douchebag said his dad got taxed — typical republican child, suck four dicks, buddy). So now people like Gavin who make a lot of money get all fussy at the thought of you kids going out there and having fun and getting broke off and him having to pay for it.

    Think Logic.

  186. campcore vs wharf says:

    no one is going to read this cuz it’s so far down the page i feel like i should tell everyone some terrible secret from my past…….damn i can’t think of anything

  187. campcore vs wharf says:

    oh wait i felt up a passed out chick at a party once
    is that terrible enough?

  188. srsly says:

    i have the distinct feeling you’re not telling the whole story, the part about the party is true however, and you do feel bad, just not for the reason you stated :

    it was indeed at a party the incident that took place… the two of you went upstairs where you could get some alone time, you pushed it in but she didnt notice anything , So you went downstairs and told the Boyz she passed out on you So there was no story to tell them ….and then you cried like a little girl and asked her(in your mind) why she didnt feel anything

    It’s because you’re cockless you little swine!

  189. aleke says:

    hahah oh gavin, you`re supremely reactionary.

  190. Lenny says:

    It’s true that both parties represent the oligarchy and always have, but it’s also true and very plain to see that the democratic party is much less anti everyone else.
    It was James Madison’s intent that the wealthy land owning elite run this country, and that’s how things always will be unless fundamental changes are made to the constiution.
    We have to try for the best we can in this system, and anyone who’s done a cursory examination of the choices at hand they’d choose Obama.

    By the way, the reason Bush has done nothing to secure borders is the same reason why the bush administration killed the simple social security number checking service. Business Interests want illegal labor. Ending illegal immigration requires a simple simple law. A law that fines employers 50k a head + jailtime for hiring illegals. Talking about immigration is just another way of firing up the idiotic republican base to vote for things that are against their personal interests and benefit multinational corporations. You know this, we all know this. Oh and you know which president from which party did the best job of curbing illegal immigration? Jimmy Carter, who established a wildly successful guest worker program.

    You used to be cool, man

  191. aleke says:

    Oh but multinational corporations are good! Since, you know, greed and self interest isn’t like one of the things that is almost universally-regarded as repulsive across a broad spectrum of cultures, groups, and time periods. Not like humans aren’t some sort of tribal, social animal. No they’re free agents that have no responsibility to any one. That’s why Ayn Rand was right. We have literally nothing to do with our animal or biological nature in any way whatsoever.

    That statistic about those European social democracies having very happy citizens is just bullshit! America is way better! Deregulate that shit! `Fiscal responsibility`! Those poor people deserve to die because we have no ties to them, social or moral. People who are rich deserved it!

    Ooooh the markets be so efficient, word up!

  192. Herr Wolf says:

    Actually, you missed the point: He/She does care about politics; says so right at the end. But if you’re American, I understand that you would have difficulty reading an article of this length.

  193. Wuk says:

    great south park reference

  194. Dubenstashe says:

    !Death to all those who don’t celebrate this article with a resounding “yes”.

    The time for moderation is over, and we should all stand with eachother and beside EVERYONE who is spoeaking out against the fucking disaster of a society all you apathetic bony-nosed critics and pencil-dick malcontents seem to want to perpetuate by throwing your worthless two cents into the pot. Fuck off, this article is reactionary? God Damn right it is, and its about time we all start to fucking react.

    Theres nothing but good common sense in this article, and what makes it even better (and more rare these days) is that he gives offers an opinion and a course of affective action: Don’t fucking vote.

    If you still believe your vote counts for anything than obviously you were born after 2000.

    FOR GOD SAKE can we all just fucking do something about this (like write an article, condeming and embarassing these motherfuckers) instead of trying to sound/look fucking smarter than the next guy…you’re all idiots. We’re all idiots if we let this (western culture) continue on its current course…

    Voting is so gay.

  195. cockballs says:

    “its about time we all start to fucking react.”
    “he gives offers an opinion and a course of affective action: Don’t fucking vote. ”

    yea! that’ll show them all! you fucking moron, you think you’re a revolutionary? maybe when you’re out of middle school you’ll realize how stupid you sound.

  196. srsly says:

    i believe that no government is way better than being governed by people who care about nothing but their own chequebooks

    i mean, what do these people do really? go around the country every so often that an election happens in order toshake a few old folks hands and kiss some squirmy babies?

    if everyone stopped voting what are they going to do, kill every last worker/slave/citizen/I.T. guy there is? I think not> We’re the ones making shit happen for all these rich fucks; they shoulda robotocised industry long long ago, then they could do with us what they will; but right now they can’t so You’re right Gavin3000 no one vote come election day! how many are there of us again? OOPS can’t vote….don’t live in the states!

  197. cockballs says:

    punk is over, seriously

  198. ashley says:

    free healthcare. yea its not ‘free’. nothing is ‘free’.
    but its going to the hospital, waiting 6 hours to get a bed, being discharged with a 3000 dollar bill and not being able to afford the 100 dollar medicine that only costs 2 dollars to make VS. showing up waiting 10 hours to get a bed, being discharged with my ‘tax dollar’ medicine and no bill.
    ill take the longer wait with meds and no bill. thanks.
    i would pay 40% of my measly paycheck if i could go to the hospital every now and then.
    wtf is even the point of insurance anyway? it costs too much, it doesnt

  199. ashley says:


  200. jojo says:

    i feel like i’m taking crazy pills. to all you ‘tards who think you’re starting a revolution by not voting, kindly remove your head from your anus. i think one of his main points (the one that i actually agree with) is don’t rely on the government / the president to solve your problems and make your life better. you need to do it yourself. i can’t believe all these shit-for-brains basically writing “gavin you’re so cool, let’s bring the system down together by not voting”. not voting is your prerogative, but for fuck’s sake, realize that that in itself isn’t some great act of defiance.

  201. ugly says:

    The point is if you vote or if you don’t it changes nothing. Our choices are so limited that we pretty much are voting for the same person. Both are going to run the country using the same source of ‘money’ and therefore both will dig us deeper and deeper. It’s not about health care, poor people, war, terrorists, or whatever issue we’re facing because anyone of those issues can’t be fixed under our current monetary system.

    Some of the commenters have attacked libertarians which is fine, but one thing libertarians know is that we can’t keep going on like this. History shows time and time again that our monetary system will fail. Fractional reserve banking with fiat money does not work. McCain and Obama have made no mention of changing that.

    I’m not Libertarian, I’m not a nihilist, I’m not trying to be cool. I’m just going on what I’ve read and understand about what’s really going on.

  202. ugly says:

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. This issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of the moneyed corporations which already dare to challenge our Government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country” Thomas Jefferson, 1791

  203. poo poo head says:


  204. s.silverman says:

    Street Carnage just jumped the Shark…

  205. s.silverman says:

    McObaMcaino pic looks like Lance Armstrong in 2012. Cancer makes you look old eventually no matter how much you exrecise!

  206. Leaflet says:

    Fuck Gavin, how dare he not bow to the altar of Obama.

  207. french guy says:

    @we need a change :
    you go to the hospital and you don’t pay, this is it., kind of free, kind of not free. pure free does not exist, are you in fucking kindergarten?

  208. srsly says:

    also i would so like to suck gavin’s dick, it seems so thick and all.

  209. jaysun says:


  210. bitch says:


    Brilliant post.

  211. jojo says:

    Who gives a fuck what an old Canadian thinks about politics? Go back to writing captions on 8 year old pictures of drunk girls, plz.

  212. jojo says:

    P.S.: Gavin, you are so punk. How is that Range Rover holding up?

  213. Shmoopy says:

    How many of the 215 billion comments on this thread are of the “Who cares about this shit?” variety?

    Obviously someone cares, numbnuts.

  214. aleke says:


    Characterized by reaction, especially opposition to progress or liberalism; extremely conservative.

    n., pl. -ar·ies.

    An opponent of progress or liberalism; an extreme conservative.

  215. Bartlet for President?

  216. you are perfect.

  217. Vane$$a says:

    All of you idiots who think you’re politically active are nothing more than a bunch of babies looking for the person most willing to wipe your ass for you. All of you hate Bush so much and you blame him for being so evil, which he is, but the truth is that you’re so crippled you don’t even have what it takes to go out there and be a real American and exercise your right to protest and question the government or simply do something to make your life better. American style freedom requires effort, yet you don’t want to put in that effort, so you just let Bush be his nasty self. You’re too busy being a member of the most mollified, muzzled, trivial minded race of people to ever walk the planet. Instead of actually doing something, you simply go out there every 4 years and vote, i.e. take your social action placebo and then prance around all sanctimonious because you think you’re being some kind of modern Tom Paine. Oooooh, you voted, and you voted for the person who’s done the best job of buying off the mainstream media. Wow. What an agent of progress you were born to be. What a bunch of shit. What a fucking bad joke your excuse for activism has become. Now go take your psych meds, i.e. handcuffs and ball-gag in a bottle, and watch another episode of Leno, or better yet, stay on this web-site and manufacture your little comments. I love watching you idiots get uptight because daddy Gavin (who’s probably just pulling your impotent chain so his site can get more hits) isn’t coddling your need to believe in your vote. Go on now. Watch some Jay. You don’t wanna miss out on his last season of pre-fab inanity, genius.

    Speaking of Leno, I saw Colin Farrell on his show last week and Russell Crowe on Letterman last night. Both of them were sporting gay ass pony-tails. Just remember, that’s what a democratic president means (not that I want McCain), a bunch of pseudo-sensitive numb nuts Republicans letting their faux freak flags fly in the form of Fabio hair. Anybody remember the gay 90s? Maybe we’ll be so happy again that the great icon of pop culture will celebrate that happiness by sticking a shot-gun to his smack addled head and pull the trigger. Fuck you and fuck your election and fuck your phony vote straight to hell. Peace.

  218. jaysun says:

    I just thought I should mention that those guys are sporting gay ass P-tales because they’re currently shooting films where they have long hair.

  219. Elixer says:

    Holy shit hahaha Vanessa you suck so godamn much. I won’t even dive into your post because it’s not worth it — just off yourself, already!

  220. Loomis says:

    I just got back from upstate. I went to the liquor store to buy some bourbon and they didn’t have my brand: Jefferson.
    She said they can’t carry it because the government regulates which states can sell which liquors. Once again the government is getting in between the vendor and the consumer. That kind of shit makes my blood boil.
    Then, she gave me a bag to carry my wine in. She told me not to trust it as it’s not very thick because the government just made her buy these Green bags that break down faster. Plastic bags probably make up less than 1% of landfills and now I have to carry my booze with the bag around it like a blanket because it’s not actually a bag anymore. Thanks government.
    I met a woman in the store who is a nurse. She noticed I was getting mad and told me she had a similar problem and a whole WalMart thing of tomato sauce came crashing out of said bag and covered her in red sauce. She had to go to work like that, looking like a mass murderer. Now, after her shit she had to use extra bleach and all this hot water which is way worse for the environment than a fucking bag but that’s how the government works. All rules and no logic.

    I’m not saying we need NO government. Just as little as possible. Obama is better than McCain and you should vote for him but don’t think he’s special or things are going to get better. The government will always be about getting in our way and taking our money. No matter who is elected.

  221. The Truth says:

    Has anyone noticed that what is going on in the comments section here is about 1 million percent more of an interesting conversation than any “political debate” you hear on TV?

    That’s exactly why I don’t vote. Not because of political debates on TV. Because political debate IS TV.


    no this comments section bores THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF ME. haven’t even read it.

  223. Not free, pretty simple though. says:

    Universal health care? It’s not free, it’s provided by the government, which operates using tax dollars. It doesn’t cost you as much in tax as you all seem to think, though – in Australia it’s a 1.5% extra tax levee for those already earning above the average wage. If you choose to purchase private health insurance instead, then you get a big tax break in return. It works quite well for us here, as for those in the rest of the developed world (excepting the USA). It’s not “socialist”, just a normal part of a mixed economy (one involving public and private sectors).
    That neo-con propaganda has got you all in paranoid brain fuzz territory…
    Glibertarianism RIP, just another utopian fantasy…

  224. Jerry says:

    Joesph McCarthy
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    dont vote

  225. The Truth says:


    you haven’t even read the comments section? Not even the part you’re responding to?

  226. srsly says:

    jeezus crist the only way i could ever suck gavs dick is if i was kenny hotz

    …and we all know those two have a thing for each other Jeeze

  227. Smart Canadian says:


  228. […] I don’t know if you had a chance to see the magnificent troll perpetrated by Gavin on StreetCarnage on Tuesday – in case you didn’t, check it out, it was the best thing ever ever ever on the site. […]

  229. nacirema says:

    Vote for Nader, dummies.

  230. princess says:

    i seriously hope nobody decides to vote or not as a result of this moderately humorous website.

  231. Shitti Politti says:

    It’s really just true enough to be truer than the Bible if the Bible were actually the word of God. It hurts (so good) to admit but if you’re really swayed toward one side or another enough to actually vote, chances are you’re both retarded and annoying.

  232. MoJo says:

    Ever herd the song “Science of Myth” by Screeching Weasel? I hate to invoke early 90’s pop-punk to make a point, but the song essentially says that it doesn’t matter if religion is real or not, people just need something to believe in or hope for to help get them through the day. So, so what if all politicians are full of shit? Times are tough right now and if one person is standing out like a beacon of hope and people have something to believe in or stand behind, isn’t that some sort of social progress, no matter how much sheen is placed upon it or doubt there is they’ll pull though? Maybe with a minority in the White House, people who aren’t raised by white millionaires can feel like they can aspire to be more than rappers, athletes or Avon Barksdale or maybe people could even start respecting each other for what they have to say or what they want to do instead of how much money they have and then maybe people will start giving a fuck the other 6 days of the week when a child is murdered on the South side of Chicago who isn’t related to the token black friend from Sex in the City.

  233. Penis Pie says:

    A millionare wrote this.

  234. albino snow says:

    you americans never cease to amaze me. i once read that over 60% of the vice readers have a university degree. how come you still talk like uneducated pricks. what was said is a platitude of something that is a given fact (that you learn with any higher eduacation). incredibly naive to think differently. and whenever courtney cox or dustin hoffmann or any of these hilariously overpaid people opens their mouth to speak, expect it to be nothing but bullshit! come on, you don’t even have to be puky or “different” to not give a shit. common sense, simple common sense.

  235. ugly says:


  236. Don says:

    I think laziness is a more potent force motivating people than fake righteous indignation. People do go through a lot to rationalize their laziness, though.

    In conclusion, if you’re too lazy to register & vote, just say so.

  237. joe 6 pack says:

    Nice rape analogy . . .. uhh

  238. Applejacks says:

    Obama has no intention to develop a universal healthcare system. He wants to amend policies to allow coverage for preexisting conditions. Universal healthcare goes against the American dream. Survival of the fittest… and by fittest, i mean the wealthiest.

  239. awesome says:

    i dunnno, bending over in apathy and getting fucked up the butt sounds pretty gay. i’ll take my chances with the voting and shit.

  240. […] only person that expressed any kind of nihilism recently was me and that wasn’t even nihilism. I was just saying I don’t see Obama as the Great White Hope. This sentiment was shared by 0 hipsters in the world (not even at this site – see David – see […]

  241. […] so i suspect it’ll raise your hackles, trots. but he kind of makes a point don’t you think? STREET BONERS and TV CARNAGE VOTING IS SO GAY the article is from prior to your vote for […]

  242. Divine's Less Flamboyant Testicle says:

    if you’re all really musicians, play that.

  243. WADE says:

    it s great that you all posted your insightful and well thought opinions here, i m sure the people at sSBTVC will read all of them and Gavin will learn a lot from your comments. It s so productive and proactive of you.

  244. WADE says:

    P.S. for all those that commented, he is right voting is “So gay” If you want to make change in your life, work as hard as you fucking can and become important! If you do so, YOU start making policies. You can live your life however you want.

    Voting for change is the equivalent of doing 20 push ups a year to stay in shape. ’nuff said.

  245. blew it. says:

    until this country takes back to the streets in wild and outrageous protest about all that ails us, we will continue to be the biggest nation of pussies in this ill-fated world, me included. we are all guilty of being full of shit when it comes to political revolution. pussies. its shameful.

  246. Evita Gause says:

    I did not really like that picture of the plastic surgery proceedure, I considered it was overdone and too much.

  247. […] all that’s been said for like two generations now about voting being obsolete, there is much less discussion about another obsolete by-product of democracy: jury duty. You can […]

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