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  1. demetri says:

    this is retarded im still trying to figure out what the connection is between eating pizza and molesting children and what does burger king have to do with pizza they have never sold pizza ever. senseless american nonsense once again. \pizza gate\?? is that like secret for never once have i said you are not allowed to eat pizzzza once again the rules guys strikes again. Eat whatever teh fuck you want squares don’t even like pizza or meat the y enjoy things l;ike pasta and fruits and veggies

  2. Manchurian Take Out says:

    OT but dead on.
    Anonymous ID:wjOT2KIb Wed 23 Nov 2016 04:59:11 No.99865156
    Quoted By: >>99865487 >>99865690 >>99866395 >>99866455 >>99866542 >>99867320 >>99867804 >>99868095 >>99868660 >>99869078
    Here’s the the sequence of events
    1. Richard spencer is totally irrelevent and barely known on /pol/, only actual storm front posters and white nationalist activists have heard of him. Happened to coin the term “alt right” by chance in 2011, years before it was even a thing
    2. Media and HRC campaign starts taking notice of /pol/ and /r/thedonald and milo yiannopolis due to their success in generating online momentum and “memes” for Donald trump
    3. Media noticed milo and others refer to these people as the alt-right (probably by coincidence. I doubt milo or many others had even heard of Richard spencer at that point)
    4. Media finds Richard spencer, wants to shine media spotlight on him so they can paint trump’s online supporters as white supremacists and so discredit and besmirch trump , Richard spencer happy to attention-whore and claim to be representative/leader of ‘the alt right’ and trot out white nationalism and nazi references even though it is detrimental to us gaining ground in the culture war
    5. Feedback loop develops where the media literally pays Richard spencer for access, gives him publicity while he in turn claims to lead the alt right and imply that the alt right are nazis

    That’s why /pol/ doesn’t like Richard spencer.
    He has done nothing to help get trump elected
    He’s being used by the media to discredit and hinder trump, breitbsrt and Steve Bannon and he is happy to be the media’s pawn for personal gain.

    You’ll notice that most of the people trying to claim that “/pol/ loves Richard Spencer” cannot put forward a single argument for how he has helped or improved the situation. I severely doubt that anyone is seriously claiming that we should support spencer in good faith. Their only motivation for doing so is to falseflag and get us to shoot ourselves in the foot

    He has been clearly detrimental to the aim of winning ground in the culture war and swinging the pendulum back to the right by normalising conservatism to those in the middle.
    Anonymous ID:SM/o10zy Wed 23 Nov 2016 04:59:23 No.99865171
    The Democrats lost because they went too far left and people got sick of their bullshit SJW tumblr identity politics.

    Richard Spencer is dangerous because he’s doing the exact same thing in reverse, and will end up alienating lots of potential supporters if people think he actually represents a right wing movement.

  3. demetri says:

    Gavin |Mc|Innes |”African American Architect of Hipsters”Creator Of Hip Hop” Progressive Unattratctive Street Boner Architect””The Proud Rules Guy””The |Not allowed to wear American Apparrell guy”The |Not allowed guy”

  4. Ghetto Defendant says:

    It’s a damning pattern that would show connectivity, but I wouldn’t be so quick to jump into that conspiratorial mindset. Law enforcement’s tactic for years on catching pedophiles has been to watch and track individuals to lead them to larger networks, over long periods of time, sometimes for years. It’s called pulling the thread, they don’t just go jumping on individuals unless they’re sure that they serve no use in leading them to rings or networks of pedophiles, child traffickers, and child porn traders. They had Jared Fogle, the Subway guy, on the hook for almost a decade but had to hold back, because they suspected he belonged to a large network and waited for him to lead them to multiple people, including ring leaders. All these busts are probably all connected, but are probably related to years of investigations and leads they were following to larger networks.

  5. demetri says:

    |Hip hop nerds!!!!!!!!! are you fucking kidding me you must mean indie rock nerd buddy gavin you gotta understand something you are a reverse wigger in utter miserable african american denial. there is absolutely nothing nerdy about hiphop to tell you the truth its the only music that matters. are you serioulsy going to try and stigmagtize an entire genre of music because the kids listen to it. Thats exactly what you are doing i saw an indie rock nerd on jeopardy and alex trebek said to her “Sooo i hear you re a hip hop nerd what exaactly is that. and hte entire crowd started hoooting and hollering and screaming at her and i realized every single american reads this weppage. but come on buddy you are not going to stigmatize an entire subculture are you. You sir are dressing up in blackface to show your love to the african community way to go gavin you are my |HEro

  6. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @demetri, wrong thread, sock puppet…

  7. demetri says:

    child pedophile shmile shmedofile scrild shmettophile one thing you gotta understand about the american government the entire infrastructure is built upon lies and fluoride. what is the worst possible thing you can label someone ahhh…..peodophle exactly looks like strucka painful truth and the bullshit keeps on building not buying it ghetto defendant not buying it all

  8. demetri says:

    @ghetto right thread fag puppet all day once again homie

  9. demetri says:

    @ghetto and to tell you the truth the american government hasn’t existed for a while now

  10. meech says:

    @manchurian 25 percent nonsense post 25 percent ambiguaous orwellian double speak 50 percent rhetoric and has any;one even noticed howmuch double speak there is in the media its a huge way to control the public’s mind pay attention and you weill see quite a lot of contracdictory double speak they probably teach it in their schools

  11. Alternative Historian says:

    Pizzagate was all too real. The bastards stuffed their faces with deep dish, took a few cherubs up their tender young asses and headed right out and committed the Bowling Green massacre.
    Trump said it. I believe it. THAT settles it.
    Make America Great Again!

  12. OogaBooga says:

    Exactly. Next they’ll be telling us there was a Muslim pedophile ring in Britain devoted to raping white girls, but the police were afraid to investigate because that wouldn’t be Progressive.

  13. Raymi's me me me meme Pizza says:

    1 out of 14 priests in Australia linked to pedophilia? No! Say it ain’t, so. Yet another Catholic church scandal ? And what did the other 13 know about it, and when did they know it and why didn’t they come forward? How come the Catholic church doesn’t turn in these molesters and instead transfers them to new parishes? What’s going on in those rectories when no ones looking and why is there such a thing as altar boys whose rectums keep getting wrecked? What’s with all that genuflecting bobbing up and down? Is the giant Egyptian obelisk in St. “Peter’s” square some kind of phallic symbol *wink* *wink* that just like the original Egyptian cross is a sex object that is the real object of the priesthoods affections? What’s really going on with the pontifex maximus, in his dress and fish head hat, when he addresses the faithful from the balcony overlooking the obelisk in the middle of St. Peter’s square? When he raises his hand with the 2 finger gesture of benediction to bless the gathered ones, is he really blessing them, or is he signaling to the World Wide Pizzahood of pedophile priests the secret message of conspiracy? Anyone who remains in such an organization is indirectly complicit in the crimes committed as enablers, and should as the admonition says: “Get out of her my people…” – Babylon the Great. My admonition is beware of men who take vows of celibacy and then surround themselves with young altar boys in dresses. Even the real apostle Peter, as far as the biblical record goes, was married, so where did this injunction come from? Well it’s interesting to note that that very same book that the Catholics claim as the basis for their authority says that there would come a time when an apostasy would form and that one of its features would be that very injunction to not marry. Of course Catholics will tell you that the pope is the vicar of Christ and therefore is privy to direct new revelations. Who cares what they think, they are just like that description of the whore of Babylon who fornicates with the kings of the earth. She certainly has meddled in political affairs throughout her history and is as corrupt as any regimes in the history of mankind. Except for one thing, she’s a religion that is supposed to have all this moral authority which is what’s makes her so hypocritical and evil.
    That’s the REAL PIZZAGATE.

  14. Manchurian Take Out says:

    Since Richard Spencer’s neo-Nazi antics at his National Policy Institute conference two weeks ago, the mainstream media has been awash with references to President-elect Trump and neo-Nazism. Spencer and his goose-stepping minions have ensured that the liberal media has all the ammunition they need to link the president-elect and Nazism in the months to come.

    For a man who says that he supports President-elect Trump, Spencer’s actions are suspicious to say the least. Something is very fishy about Spencer’s fashy speech.

    Why would a white nationalist leader, who coined the term ‘alt-right’, suddenly come out in front of over 100 invited members of the mainstream media and directly associate President-elect Trump with neo-Nazism? Why mimic Hitler’s style of oratory so explicitly? And why would he give a Hitler salute while doing it?

    Most importantly, whose interests is he really serving by doing so?

    Spencer’s climactic salute while crying ‘Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!’ was a gift to the anti-Trump liberal media. The mainstream media, or ‘lugenpresse’ as Spencer referred to them, have now had all their accusations of fascism against Trump vindicated. It’s exactly what President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC would have wanted for Christmas.

    Other prominent figures in the alternative media who put their weight behind President-elect Trump have denounced Spencer’s buffoonery. Despite this, the narrative in the mainstream media has been that Trump’s supporters are anti-Semitic neo-Nazis. Americans who still rely wholly on the liberal mainstream media for their news will now have evidence that this is true.

    Spencer’s speech and actions were too stupid to be stupid. If Spencer’s intention was to derail the Trump transition and play into every hysterical stereotype the left has of Trump, then he has succeeded.

    If his intention was to make manifest the phantom neo-Nazi menace that liberals have been projecting onto their opponents for the last 50 years, then he may very well succeed at that as well.

    Donald Trump’s election campaign had nothing at all to do with neo-Nazi ideology. Trump is not a national socialist and he is not a fascist. Never has President-elect Trump referred to white people as a group when he talked of how globalists have gutted the American economy. He has reached out to minorities while rejecting the patronizing and suffocating political correctness of liberals which prevents Americans from facing and fixing harsh realities.

    In short, Trump’s philosophy is not based upon a Marxist approach of dividing society up into groups for the purposes of divide and rule. For the first time in a long time, we have a president-elect who rejects collectivist thinking.

    We know now that intelligence organizations funded and directed elements of the New Left Cultural Marxist movement which took over America’s campuses in the late 60’s. Carrying out a similar plan with the nationalist form of Marxism that Spencer represents would not be a new strategy.

    It is critical for those of us who would defend America to be vigilant for all threats against it. If the oligarchic interests who are opposing Trump wanted to co-opt and subvert the movement supporting him, creating a neo-Nazi alt-right to discredit it would be the perfect strategy.

    While Spencer’s supporters are still very much on the fringes of the anti-establishment movement in America, the possibility that they are being funded and directed by oligarchic interests makes them dangerous. How is it that Spencer has a think-tank as well as a journal? Why is it that sites like Daily Stormer which equate the alt-right movement with neo-Nazism receive the oxygen of widespread media coverage?

    Spencer’s rhetoric plays upon the same Marxist feeling of identity-based victimhood that characterized Hillary Clinton’s failed election campaign. Indeed, what Spencer and the liberals who fear him fail to understand is that fascism and national socialism were both movements of the left, not the right. Mussolini was a socialist his whole life; his only quarrel with his communist brothers was that they advocated for international socialism while Mussolini believed that socialism based around a strong national state was a superior model. He believed that the state should take indirect, rather than direct, ownership of the means of production.

    Hitler’s ideology, to which Spencer made explicit reference in his speech, was even more clearly Marxist. Nazism replaced the proletariat and the bourgeoisie with the Nordic race and the Eternal Jew. While Marx’s original formulation was a dialectic based on class, the Nazis adapted it to one based on race. Hitler’s plan for Germany in ‘Mein Kampf’ and Marx’s Ten Planks in ‘The Communist Manifesto’ are essentially the same program.

    This is why Spencer and his monomaniacal followers look and sound so much like the anti-white liberal intelligentsia who control America’s universities. They’re all racial Marxists; their beliefs mirror each other. They’ve figured out history; they know who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed. Now someone has to pay.

    Like all Marxist demagogues, such people prey upon the naïve idealism of the young and the gullibility of the unstable to foment chaos and instability. No matter what their rhetoric, their goal is always power. The doctrines they spout are toxic to social cohesion and must be opposed by right-thinking people. The twentieth century showed us where those dark roads lead.

    There is also a long tradition of oligarchs and vested interests using radical Marxists to destabilize societies and achieve political outcomes. Marxism has always been a useful tool of social control for those who call the shots behind the scenes. Lenin himself was sent in to Russia to stir up revolution by the Germans during World War I. Seen in this context, it is interesting that it was Hillary Clinton who introduced Spencer’s term ‘alt-right’ to the broader public audience in the first place.

    For the entrenched establishment interests opposing Trump, Spencer’s speech couldn’t have been timed and delivered more perfectly. For those of us who want to stamp out Marxism in America entirely, this is a worrying development.
    Anyone defending this piece of shit is a traitor and deserves what comes to traitors.

  15. OogaBooga says:

    Well, Marx thought the Mexicans were lazy and inferior and applauded the fact that America took California from them.

  16. Layme the Sphincter says:

    Wasn’t the original PizzaGate when Raymi had her face permanently scarred by a pizza that was delivered to her and her boyfriend and somehow it was still scalding hot enough for him to bitch slap her with a slice and leave a brand mark that looked like the words “I’m a self absorbed attention whore”?

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