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Jessica Delfino
• 01.10.13 01:00 am

OK so here’s one for the books…er, iPads.

I walked into Paul Frank today on Mulberry Street which is going out of business and having a 75%-off sale. They had bikes in the windows, all of which were sold, except for one – a beautiful pink bike with musical instruments on the seat. It’s like lady god herself made it for ME.

For those of you who know me and my aesthetic, that bike was my bike. It was like I’d dreamed a bike and it came to life. For those of you who don’t know me or my aesthetic, you’re probably either thinking, “Huh, now I know,” or you’re getting ready for your LARP meeting and planning the obnoxious comments you’re going to write below, so I figure I might as well write my column about whatever I want to, and today it’s about my bike story.

I asked, “How much?”

“$114”, the kid answered.

WHUTTT???? I practically broke my arm trying to get it around/into my purse and onto my wallet. Then the manager said, “Sorry, it’s not for sale, a woman called this morning and said she wanted it.” After a 20-minute back-and-forth text session between the manager and the woman, the woman decided she did still want it after all and purchased it from the convenience of her living room via telephone.

Here’s a question — was that the right decision of the manager? I think being in the store in person trumps a phone call, but I’m biased because I really wanted that bike.

However, there was another bike – a black one with pink fenders for $165. Though it seemed really nice, I wanted the pink one with music instruments on the seat for $114, so I decided against buying it. I didn’t want to make a random bike purchase today; I wanted to make a random “bike of my dreams” purchase.

That means the brand-new 3-speed black cruiser with a basket and pink fenders is still there for sale for $165. GO GET IT! It will go fast if it hasn’t gone already. It’s not on display so you’ll have to ask for it in person or call with your feet up in the air from the comfort of your apartment while shoveling frozen yogurt into your face and watching reruns of Good Times.

Here’s the info: 195 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10012 (212) 965-5079




  1. Tyler says:

    The bike was rightfully claimed by the woman caller if the manager was confident about a receipt of payment, however, there should have been a “sold” sign on the bike assuming that enough time had elapsed to have reasonably been able to put up said sign. Out of good faith the manager should then apologized and offered you some store credit. In my opinion.

  2. z says:

    who cares

  3. Ned says:

    Maybe the reason they are going out of business is because the manager is refusing money that is in front of him/her, and spending his/her time texting a customer (?) that “like, really wants it”.

  4. Ring Kodney says:

    Delgato: Little old for a childs bike, no?

  5. raymi says:

    Well it was technically, “kind of” on hold but still why advertise for them the other bike now that’s just super nice of you.

  6. TomSawyer says:

    The manager should have done something to bring the price of the remaining bike closer to the one you couldn’t have. Like Ned, I suspect that the shitty service preceded going out of business.

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