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In a debate with Ann Coulter, Geraldo said that Ann does her research from her computer but he “actually goes to these places.” He sees their “immigrant vitality” first hand. He’s watched Hispanics “rebuild entire communities.” Then he uses Washington Heights as an example. WTF?

Ann wasn’t given a chance to respond so I will.

How could anyone possibly visit Washington Heights and say it has vitality? The only thing that’s vital up there is a welfare check. I was there yesterday and saw a ten-year-old riding one of those tiny motorcycles with no helmet. It’s HISPANARCHY.

Virtually EVERYONE there is on welfare and they don’t seem to do anything but sit on lawn chairs on the sidewalk and stare into space. At night, they’ll project a movie on to a brick wall and watch it into the wee hours as children play all around them way past any normal earthling’s bedtime (and don’t give me that BS about the love of family. 53.5% of Hispanics are fatherless – not including illegals). Kids who are born there can barely speak English and rarely do. When forced to speak it, their accent is so thick it makes Glaswegians look like pussies.

Every single fire hydrant from 189th to 198th is going full-bore, 24 hours a day. Who’s paying for that? There are also at least four barber shops every block. They open at 10 AM and stay up until two in the morning because they are packed with customers all day. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans get their hair cut several times A WEEK! Who the fuck has time for that? I hate getting my hair cut because you have to sit in that stupid chair for twenty minutes unable to move. Their haircuts go for hours. Are you retired or retarded?

If hanging a disco ball on a telephone wire and not having a job is vibrant then okay, you got me. Otherwise, this giant cruise ship on welfare is a perfect example of the reality disconnect most Americans have when discussing Hispanic “culture.”

The “debate” is HERE

  1. zombiedad says:

    Nice.. He’s as empty headed as Al Capone’s Vault. His whole “I was there” shtick is worthless knowing he is in his penthouse taking selfies.

  2. John Thomas says:

    Speaking of “I was there,” remember Geraldo in Afghanistan?

  3. cook says:

    yr spose to use statistics not anecdotes gavster

  4. CopyPaper 8 1/2 in letter size says:

    To 198th? You’ve completely left out Dyckman to 207th streets (I nominate 207th street as the most third world stretch in Manhattan.) Drudging through hundreds of people selling and buying literal crap gives one a serious headache and makes you question our existence.

  5. Some Guy says:

    You see, if Geraldo wasn’t half Swedish half Irish, then he wouldn’t be making these claims. It’s always those damn Swedes.

  6. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Geraldo–the only fraud on TV bigger than Sharpton.
    “Screw YOU, Gerardo!”

  7. Benoit, R says:

    Geraldo has always been a fake, even when Gary Gilmore was shot and he worked for ABC, his Bologna was always exaggerated and sensationalized, he is full of Latino-bull-****

  8. Hugh Beaumont says:

    Sounds like they’re having a blast. Riding a scooter without a helmet?!! Horrors!! Next thing you know, they’ll be climbing telephone poles and..and spitting…and saying bad words.

  9. CopyPaper 8 1/2 in letter size says:

    You’ve never been up to the heights and watched the kids/adults on scooters, bikes, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers or any other type of apparatus with wheels.

  10. dick lubin says:

    “Virtually EVERYONE there is on welfare…”
    im impressed that you actually went door to door and asked every single person in the neighborhood if theyre on welfare or not.
    also, arent you the same guy thats constantly bitching about society becoming more and more “pussified?” now youre worried about some kid riding a motorbike without a helmet?

  11. CopyPaper 8 1/2 in letter size says:

    Fuck that-I live up there and trust me, they work the system. When I walk to the subway on a weekday during the AM, the men are already sitting around on the sidewalk in their lawn chairs, playing bachatta, smoking from a hookah and sitting in the filth thrown on the sidewalk grommet night before. I’ve overheard conversations on “the block” where they are coaching each other what to do and say in order to recive certain benefits. Go shopping at the Pathmark or SuperCompareFoods on Negle and see how many pay with EBT.

    The scooter shit is true, rolling down the middle of some busy sidewalk at full speed blaring some Louis Miguel bullshit out of a speaker stashed in their Frozen knapsack. Any sane parent would call their kid out on that bullshit-these parents encourage it. You should see the bikers doing wheelies down Sherman.

  12. For the truth says:

    The truth he spoke was how many illegals using someone else’s stolen identity can’t get their benefits lol why didn’t someone say thanks for acknowledging the fact that there are thousands of them taking American jobs illegally and the companies who look the other for cheap labor. Driving down wages and making everyone suffer.

  13. True-hee-O says:

    Perhaps that is why the DR had a Trujillo? Before we knock ‘caudillos’, Americans must be sure about what ‘freedom’ will bring, and what the Trujillos of the world know that you don’t.

  14. Ed says:

    I use to work up there and I totally agree, total Hispanarchy.

  15. Real McRealnameson says:

    PR is a US commonwealth. People born in Puerto Rico are natural-born citizens of the United States. The tile should read: WASHINGTON HEIGHTS IS A SHITTY CITY IN THE UNITED STATES. Not really sure why that requires to be screamed, but hearing does fade as one ages.

  16. Real McRealnameson says:

    BTW: HISPANARCHY is an awesome name for a shitty LA metal band.

  17. CopyPaper 8 1/2 in letter size says:

    Nah, very few Puerto Ricans live in the Heights. It’s predominantly Dominican (minus the small Jewish, Irish and those exiled from the UWS who live west of Broadway)

    In fact, Dominicans think that Puerto Ricans are lazy and “too American” because they are a commonwealth. Puerto Ricans believe Dominicans are too third world and a bunch of peasants. Typically, they really don’t live in the same neighborhoods.

    One thing about Dominicans uptown is that they are obsessed with complexion and skin color. They hate black people (Cocolo) but yet the men want to be black Americans so badly. Not only is there a barber shop on ever corner, but also at least 2-3 beauty shops per-block. The women are vain as hell and look for potential mates based on the lightness of their skin.

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  19. Susan says:

    Why doesn’t Adam’s Apple discuss the poverty and welfare use among white Americans in West Virginia, America’s most obese state?

    Funny how all of that remains hidden. We rarely see the media filming down there and documenting the way they live. The only time I ever saw them on TV was when Jamie Oliver, a Brit, filmed his show Food Revolution in WV. The whole school qualified for free breakfast and lunch. That cafeteria was packed all day, yet none of the kids even knew how to use cutlery and mostly ate with their hands. No joke.

    Adam’s Apple’s mother is from Paducah, Kentucky and her ancestors probably have more in common culturally with Momma June than any Founding Father.

    Trump quotes Adam’s Apple mess of a book and now he has lost his brand and is hemorrhaging money. That’s what he gets for aping a bottom feeder. Trump is a Chump.

  20. Some Guy says:


    If Mexico were filled with a hundred million of the bottom fifty percent of whites from West Virginia, then Ann Coulter would still be saying that we should close off the border from these people. That’s the point. We have enough trash as it is. We don’t need more from the third world. We don’t need anymore filthy brown spear chuckers who got raped by Spaniards three centuries ago. You aren’t even making a point. There are less than two million people in West Virginia. There are more than fifty million Mexicans in the US. The problem of Mexicans is vastly worse. Why don’t you leave the running of Western Civilization to the men. We die in the wars and win the Nobel Prizes. We beat the Asians to the industrial revolution. Go make some babies sweetie pie. This isn’t your natural area of expertise.

  21. […] communities and it sounded good in an argument, but I live in New York and Washington Heights sucks. It is quite possibly the least vital place in America, crammed with unemployed men lining up to […]

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