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Aileen Awesome
• 08.27.09 10:00 am

It turns out that I can’t do push-ups so instead I decided to stick to something I love and am good at: hooking up with people.

It turns out that I can’t do push-ups so instead I decided to stick to something I love and am good at: hooking up with guys. Earlier this summer I got my foot backed over by an ice cream truck and, thinking ahead like the Renaissance woman that I am, I decided to save a few my prescribed percocets for the right adventure. This was supposed to be that adventure. The idea was to take a couple of percs, hit up Santos Party House, and lay my mack down while Arv got it all on film. Unfortunately things didn’t go according to plan. Maybe I took too much or maybe it was the drinking before hand, but I think I should do uppers next time.

  1. Street Boner says:

    Never mind the Sex Pistols: Theresa Duncan on Game Boy music

  2. Big H says:

    These guys suck, please replace them.

  3. kuntz says:

    So she stole the idea from someone who doesn’t work for you guys anymore and does it poorly? Also, the anti-climax sounds like a really bad high-school improv script. “Someone give me a drug!” “Percocets!” “Someone give me a destination!” “Party House!” “Okay, so your friend’s on percocets and you want to go to a party…Aaaaand ACTION!”

  4. depr$$a says:


  5. kuntz says:

    Why are we supposed to care about Aileen and Arv?

  6. Ngaz Playin' says:

    At this point… couple questions:

    Is G-Mac funding this on cred alone? Like, is Arv basically running the show for free?

  7. BRAIN AIDS says:

    everyone of the above comments is a fucking fact.
    their posts always fucking SUCK!!!!!!!!

  8. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    You are a slob, as well as a total lightweight. You’re dog is cute though.

  9. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Well… it certainly wasn’t as excruciatingly awful as her last video, but it was still a complete waste of my time. I thought she was going to make up for the previous debacle by allowing us to watch her have sex. She’s got a face like the back end of a bus, but her body looks rad.

  10. christi Bradnox says:

    Lame. Bring back the doe-eyed kid!!

  11. PUre SHIT says:



  12. Dr Fill says:

    Whoa, wait. You’re telling me you had an accident, got some pain meds, then saved some for recreational use AFTER you recovered? You really are a Renaissance woman.

  13. crampon says:

    this shit fails on so many levels, it makes baby jesus cry.

  14. bob says:

    yeah, the last time i felt obliged to comment on this site was when the other retard from this arv-based group sprayed her stupidity into my mind with that “schizophrenic’s sketchbook” thing. i like gavin’s stuff and the tv carnage is funny but what is the deal with this group of morons? not funny, not interesting, just fucking dorks. i guess gavin’s on vacation or something but he better take care of business because these fools are making this site look pretty lame.

  15. tampon tampoff says:

    hey bob…. didn’t your parent(s) ever teach you if you have nothing constructive to reply with then fuck off?

  16. BRAIN AIDS says:

    tampon, did you read any of the other fuckin comments???

  17. fun stuff says:


  18. hagenshape says:

    It is constructive, for Gavin, to help keep this site safe from retarded posts.

  19. french guy says:


  20. uhh.. says:

    who in their right mind would want to hook up with this half a retard?

  21. french guy says:

    ^did not say that (funny though).

  22. dickless french guy says:

    trés faible

  23. WockaWack says:

    I’ve never commented on ANY thing anywhere before, but this is such bullshit. There are Christian preteens that party harder and are more natural than this.

  24. no point says:

    this was no point. stop screening wasted push-ups

  25. Blaqui says:


  26. Jacob says:

    fucken cyanide push-ups please

  27. Neezy says:

    Percs, like bite-sized dope candy

  28. pantylover says:

    You can tell them all to go to hell when you’ve made your panty fortune!

  29. Adolf Hitler says:

    We have now officially scraped the proverbial barrel-bottom. This post should have been titled, “Pretty much a regular Saturday night for a boring, normal girl who’s just trying too hard to be interesting.”

  30. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Ha, cyanide push-ups made me laugh

  31. no.thanks. says:

    how about this…..wasted masturbataion. get it? stoners all polin’ pud for the camera.

  32. lol@u says:

    how about go fuck yourself with this boring shit.

  33. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    fuck off fangirl. quit swinging around on cooler kids nuts trying to be authentic.

  34. Oh get off my Bawlz says:

    From everything I’ve read concerning this chick from the disgusting birth control overdose to the pathetic plea to buy her used underwear, she is quickly winning disgusting human of the year award. Please, before we see some horrible rape/disturbing sex scene, STOP.

  35. David MaCstarofdavid says:

    “Hey guys, let’s do the whole, ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ shtick. Really modern kinda crazy stuff. You know what I mean?”

    -Arv (?)

  36. Monty says:

    This chick is worse than Raymi and that’s saying something.

  37. kss says:

    HAHA that’s why you DON’T STEAL arv. i’m so not surprised you two fell asleep. amazing.

  38. BBC says:

    @Drippy dog dix:

    “Swinging around on cooler kids nuts trying to be authentic” is the new national sport. Forget baseball.

    It unifies kids of all races and economic backgrounds and makes us all Americans.

    It’s also why most of us are (or have) mixed race kids going into the 2010s.

    I gotta admit though: in real life the (allegedly) dumb bitch would’ve at least looked on Wikipedia for the off-label effects of percocet. Even my teenage sister isn’t that much of a retard.

    Sorry…not buying this little presentation.

  39. Jesus I'm a Cracker says:

    This reminds me of how I’ve literally shared Percocet with all kinds of people just to get them to shaddup.

  40. Dork says:

    Okay, you still have some percocet left, and it takes an our to kick in and an hour and a half to get to the party. Next time do it in this order: before turning on the camera, please make yourself look hot. (really, PLEASE!) Then start recording, take the shit, and head the fuck out the door. Then it might be the tiniest bit interesting.

    You are welcome.

  41. someone says:

    Well, I laughed when she fell asleep and fell out of bed.

  42. sho nuff says:

    not awesome at all

  43. Atheist says:

    WAIT… ‘hit by an Ice Cream truck’?

  44. _-_-_-_ says:

    that room looks like it smells terrible.

  45. kure kure takora says:

    This woman manages to be worse than Jen’s stupid moped/70’s biker fetish. At least that’s kind of cute in its naivety/utter corniness.

    I mean, I’m trying to get into the giant wad of curly hair, but all I can think about is how clogged her mom’s shower drain is, and how sick of her dumb bullshit she must be.

    Maybe she should’ve gone to a college where she actually learned something instead of getting into debt at art school, and suddenly come up with the ingenious idea that some dudes buy used underwear.

  46. connie marble says:

    i miss Sam. these kids suck.

  47. connie marble says:

    That ice-cream truck driver’s a fucking hero.

  48. Vane$$a says:

    As you might recall Sam Metteer is working in a northern Canadian goldmine because it’s hard to pay the bills in NYC, especially with all those people who want free work. Do They Owe Us a Living? Apparently the answer is a big fat depressing NO. You get what you fucking pay for.

  49. That's so raven! says:

    I imagine this girl smelling like makeup and farts

  50. That's so raven! says:

    Sam wasn’t so good until he did heroine and had everyone freaked out, and still this bitch has everyone wanting that little attention craving prick back, myself included.

  51. BZM says:

    Seriously? this is how this chick wants her face to be remembered? Mom must be so pleased.

    No joke though, where the fuck is the quality control? this sight used to have me rolling

  52. FITHERS says:


  53. Swingline says:

    I wonder if she’s just another one of those young ladies with a witty sense of humor and smarts and just happens to hang out with the wrong crowd. I see it happen all the time, a beauty gets taken down. Or she could just be playing dumb because it’s easier. People these days get so lazy they rather look like a dumbass and wonder why it’s so hard for them to start a career.

    The dog is rather cute. He should get more airtime.

  54. Swingline says:

    Also, where are these videos of this Sam girl? I would like to compare.

  55. I don’t like her or her videos very much.

  56. HOMO says:

    what ever happened to Preck? he needs to be the head writer on this site!

  57. jake says:

    can’t sam do the pushups from his gold mine? and why can’t lance do a couple? i’d like to see how many pushups some fat fuck could do on adderall.

  58. Blurry says:

    fuck this bitch fer realz.

  59. _ says:

    Fools! This is awesome!

  60. boredatwork says:

    this is really fucking fake and stupid. the part where she falls off the bed was the worst!

  61. todd says:

    Clean your bathroom with ammonia and bleach, then do push-ups right on the floor.

  62. taodelasoul says:

    this was an idiotic idea matching that of a level of grandeur.
    this is coming from someone who spent over $200 bar hopping all the while with 5 perks in his stomach.
    at least i didnt end up like that.
    but then again, you have to wonder, a video like this can be really not worth the three minutes because of how much a failure it turned out to be, or it was awesome because it was made to be this fucking witty.
    i wouldnt really know.

  63. taodelasoul says:

    Ha I remember Ryami.. It was bogus but it did generate a ton of comments. Think about it.

  64. Merd says:

    You thinking this attempt at comedy/staged bull shit was a good idea is just embarrassing.

  65. Re:no point says:

    “this was no point.” – no point

  66. taodelasoul says:

    i thought it was kind of clever for something staged. dont assume i have a failing sense of humour though, this is the first time ive even been on this site and i could be using my time much more productively than watching idiotic videos and replying to fucking cocksuckers like yourself.

    like drinking. i could be using my time getting drunk.

  67. brooklynchimp says:

    A hell of you are under the impression that responding to a thread is any less gay-

    chick did a vid- arv does look somewhat meh- but so what?

    get some ass and stop taking your e-personas so serious.

  68. streetbummers says:

    When are these pussies gonna drink some Drano “just-a see wuh happens!”?

  69. ew says:

    combining Chinese and Black works out so good for the grimy restaurants by the greyhound station , but so badly for people.

  70. a4awesome says:

    I would like to thank everyone for giving us over 2,500 hits on youtube. A couple more thousands and it could get viral. Next week my tex-mex french butt will do a bit of Draino to get everyone to crack a few tiny smiles. 143 y’all!!

  71. Dupey says:

    “Y’all”? What is this? MTV?

  72. sho nuff says:

    did you “get hit by an ice cream truck” or did your foot “get backed over”? not the same at all.

  73. Fat one from the backstreet boys says:

    This mulattofu chick is a drag.

  74. kingraro says:

    well i thought it was funny..

  75. King Henry says:

    Think about it. At least Vane$$a’s punch-line, coming at the end of a looooong protracted joke, was her/him being a dude. All this bitch did was cop some Zs.

  76. BN says:

    I agree with King Henry. Vane$$a got men to fall in love with her over the internet, myself included. Pure genius.

  77. ??? says:


  78. Merd says:

    If I was talking to you I would have done an “@taodelasoul”
    way to get offended d-bag

  79. hahha says:

    Her grunt at 0:54 sounds like it’s been dubbed by a man

  80. frenchy says:

    “makeup and farts”

    thats funny.

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