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Benjamin Leo
• 01.30.14 12:00 pm

I know how fucking annoying that sounds, but it’s the truth.

The right thing to do is confront it and make your decision from there.

Look, personally, I’m going to watch the shit out of the Super Bowl:

#1 I love wings
#2 I love America
#3 I have several diversified bets on the game to make the contest itself more palatable

But after reading this dude’s essay, it’s a no-brainer that the inevitable long-term outcomes of this shit are pretty fucked up and inhumane.

It’s understandable that people who would never watch UFC and bristle at Quentin Tarantino’s depiction of Mandingo fighting still casually watch the Super Bowl: The violence in the first two are far more explicit and directly nauseating—and in Mandingo of course, slaves were physically forced to participate, though there are some leftists you hate that would argue that today’s economic and social pressure essentially has the same effect.

Think about the way these linebackers turn out. If the damage done to them is too abstract for you because the results aren’t immediately perceivable, then just think about watching their lives in time-lapse mode. Hit your remote’s fast forward button until it’s at like 3200x, and within minutes after the Super Bowl, they’ll be drooling retards so broken they make end-of-life Dick Clark and Richard Pryor look like end-of-life David Koresh.

Like I said, I’m watching it, but I also love porn and meat and hookers.

What do you love?

  1. Futuro says:

    They know the risks. Fuck ’em. Game on.

  2. Black Intelligence says:

    If society has already devalued intelligence and morals, this is a moot point.

  3. AnthonyX says:

    “…’s a no-brainer….”

    Well done.

  4. Ecgtheow says:

    In ancient times, we used to literally watch these men kill each other. However, I’m reluctant to deem this progress after learning former players are suing for medical expenses and punitive damages after knowingly assuming the risks inherent to the sport. That’s like suing the narcotic when you OD.

  5. Conrice says:

    You see injuries in every sport. Ask any one of those players in the pro’s if they’d change their mind and NOT play football. How many of them do you think would say that’ they’d honestly not play? Should my mother feel ashamed to watch Tennis when we all know how dangerous it will be for the players’ shoulders and elbows?

    The author of that article should feel like shit because he cheered for a guy to be hurt (when he was a kid). I’ve never once clapped or cheered when someone was injured in football (or any other sport that I watch). I hope they’re alright and that their career isn’t over – even on the teams I HATE.

    And, I wonder why Favre is now complaining of memory loss and depression…. It couldn’t possibly be because he’s sitting around not using his brain reading a million play books, studying hours of film and he isn’t having a ton women throw themselves at him in every different city that he doesn’t travel to every weekend anymore. Ask anyone who loved their job and worked as hard as NFL players do and has since retired. I bet you won’t find a single one that doesn’t feel like they’ve slowed down a bit and are a little depressed. It’s a common feeling.

    Considering that most of these players squander their earnings and end up broke 5-10 years after retirement – I’m not sure how much I believe that the class action law suit is ONLY for their “head” injuries.

    Utter bullshit – I’ll be watching the game with a clear conscious. Obama says he wouldn’t let his son play football and now the NYT has a problem with football too. They’re a bunch of cheerleaders. Speaking of which, why don’t we get pissed about cheerleading? One, I’m sure there are tons of young women that get hurt cheerleading – considering that some of these girls are 20 feet in the air flipping and land on their head – shouldn’t we chastise people cheering for them? Two, cheerleading encourages young women to go after “marked for CTE” football players and get pregnant from them in high school, right? I mean, doesn’t teen pregnancy “ruin” lives? Our society is essentially offering these young women up to the football stars to make good plays and have good games, right? Isn’t that fucked up enough to warrant an editorial? Three, if the cheerleaders are good enough to go pro – they make absolute dog shit for money. And I don’t see too many cheerleaders over the age of 35 on the sidelines at pro events. I hope they have an education to fall back on once their earnings run out.

    Whatever though. I’ll still be watching the girls gyrate on the sidelines with enthusiasm on Sunday and watching linebackers crush RBs trying to run up the middle.

  6. I juiced says:

    Imagine Conrice walks around thinking that anyone in the world read his chapter above

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