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• 05.10.17 04:30 pm

Listening to protestors can be an entertaining yet difficult task. But if you take the time to pay attention to what they’re really saying, you’ll probably find that you actually agree with them. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Asshole says:


  2. gavin says:

    im a total queer!!!!!!

  3. meech says:

    i call bullshit on global warming as far as the weather is concerned did those meteorologists on tv give THE Lord God Almighty an old ringle dingle on his cell phone to find out if it is going to be sunny yet windy tomorrow. bull fucking shit hey gavin how fucking stupid can you be. Those meteoeerlolgiists are pretty much playing a fucking guessing game and bullshiting the general public as far as the weather in concerned they are about as stupid as gavin mc innes the leader of the free worled. And transgender don’t even get me started what is the point is the social ostracism and societal pressure worth this massive change in genital switch. My question as far as transgender\ism is concerned is where does someone get the idea to be transgender take it back to the original time a certain thought of political ideology was introduced. certainly it wasn’t just some joe schmoe off the street who started , oh let’s say back in nineteen seventy four, you know what im a man but im going to start dressing like a girl. If people seriously think ideologies start with the masses then you are surely mistaken some fucking asshole let’s say his name rhymes with shmavin stikingus said we are going to introduce ridiculosu retarded irrational political concepts that make absoultely no sense …and you wanna know why…because they can….that is just the way power workd. And to tell you the truth every single person gets every single iota or minuscule bit of information from their television. A bunch of fucking slimy serpents who exercise eminence de grise de facto political affairs from the absence of sight. Here’s the thing i have no problem with anyone wanting to be a girl or a girl being a man my problem is when gullible people fall for irrational political concepts… i mean come on transgendered people are so extremely few and far in betweeen …very rare to see one..its like the system is playing god can you imagine going to the zoo and seeing a pink yellow orange striped warthog with white toes it is so fucking disgustingly out in leftfield irrational senseless your first thought is ..YES its disgusting this is uncomfortable and you try and avoid and shun the thing and pray it gets some fucking much needed help. But if that is your choice all the power to you i support your decision wholeh eartedly

  4. meech says:

    feminism created Bert eyebrows.

  5. meech says:

    the way the world used to be before these slimy serpents took over was there was no winter it was always beautiful even november till february that was the rainy and mild like in northeast of america and most of canada. they had what was called a telescope and it would be on on every part of the city so everyone could be a star im telling you right now you could be transfixed on people working at arestauranunt they get to be a star when they work. and you could watch it from your tv set im telling you right now it is utterly fascinating. coffee shop employees stars on the telescope people in the park stars people down at the shopping mall stars everyone is a star. what they did was they made like a nucleus where everyone had to watch a certain newscaster tell us all of these problems that needed fixing. you know what you should try listening to is the doors jim morrison got killed for speaking his mind that is pre illuminati music before they took over he talks a lot about indians getting killed and massacred because they were the ones who ran the counntry and everyone had a dictionary EEVERY single human being alive had a dictionary and god would dictate to you fun things you can do every single day. go down to the beach then watch yourslef on the eye inthe sky afterwards(big brother) smoke some opium don’t you see that is what all of the hippies were talking about your grandparents will definelyremember how the world was before illness disease sensseless political concepts. and the way the economy workded was instead of senseless paper work jobs and eighty percent of the workforce doing meaningless paperwork and destroying to rebuild everyone would work five years mandatory like a n army service while the females raised two kids there was no problems no wars no misery being trapped with your wife or husband no friends because all friends do is talk about plans coming to fruition or negative gossip. why do you think there is facebook because people shouldn’t be hanging out with one another. come to think of it friendships are one of the weirdest concepts ever listen to people are strange by the doors athat is a very old song which sums up all of these people getting adjusted to this senselessness

  6. A Non OogaBooga says:

    ^ ALL the above
    An OogaBooga by any other name is an OogaBooga Cock Muppet.

  7. Gary Crant says:

    This thing is the best example of where we’re at as a nation right now:

  8. Remember Ruby Ridge says:

    ^ G. Crant link
    “I was physically afraid” boo hoo you fucking cunt. This country is finished. 50% plus of the people in this country I hate to death. I encourage anyone who lives in any of these 6 States that have organized leftist sessionist movements to join them by pretending to be one of them. If even one State succeeded it would set the precedent for the breakup of this mud bath we call America. We seize the Mid-West and the Mountain states. The rest goes to the miscegenating mud people. Like William Wallace said – FREEDOM!!!!!!

  9. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    1.) Yup. I was raised Catholic (no longer practice). In elementary school and high school we were taught evolution. Religion class didn’t crossover into science class and science didn’t crossover into religion. That’s how it should be. Unfortunately, the SJWs or “the new church ladies”, as Jim Goad would call them, are infiltrating real science and trying to shape its conclusions according to their beliefs. 2.) Bill Nye’s a Seattleite. Seattle and Portland are the hotbeds for this new “PC science”. They all hate the reality of gender and sex differences. I’ve never met so many leftist anti-vaxxers and anti-gmo folks in my life as I have in the Pacific Northwest. They don’t understand that pure organic farming can only work with a small population. Non-GMO foods can’t sustain the current state of our country yet alone the entire world. 3.) The government isn’t beating up disabled kids. Non-disabled kids beat up and make fun of disabled kids. Kids like Kenny Powers when he was young…

  10. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Also, remember to do “butt stuff”. It’s “science”. It’s “evolution”.

  11. Flaming ASSHOLE says:

    ^ bill Nye vid
    I understand, if not condone, one of the real reasons radical Islamists hate us and why they want to blow us to Hell, and it sure isn’t because of our freedom, but more how we exercise that freedom. That Bill Nye segment is mentally ill and is targeted towards a school audience of teenagers. That’s child abuse. I swear, those kind of deviants deserve ISIS, and ISIS deserves the guillotine. This country needs to break up into different states of mind. Different areas for varying levels of intolerant insanity, and one area for individuals with working consciences who believe there are eternal truths, but who are not fanatics. I’ll be happy if that area for human habitation includes my Florida Panhandle.

  12. OogaBooga says:

    ^ ground control
    I was a Catholic too until my coming out. If the Church would come to terms with its hypocritical stance on Sodomites, what with the legions of closeted fruitcakes that come out of the semenarys into the priesthood, then I’d return to the fold with open arms. In fact my life might have taken a different course if the Church had been Cock sucking tolerant when I was an altar boy. I’ll forever be grateful for the sex education I received in the rectory from the horny old priests, but I was put off with the whole secrecy thing since it required dishonesty. If the Church had been accepting of queer priests, then probably I’d have become one myself knowing I’d have had the blessing of the Holy See himself to recruit the next generation of Cock sucker priests from among the ranks of young altar boys ~ who I’d personally groom.
    This current Pope looks promising, so it may not be long before the rainbow flag flys from the top of Saint Peter’s Cathedral, and the obelisk in the square is bathed in lavender light ~ Then this prodigal son will return with a butt load of titillating confessions.

  13. Ha! OogaBooga. There’s no need to get all faggoty, dude. I mean, its not the Catholic Church’s fault every time you start to shove your rhythm-less limp oysterdick into your young altar-boy, he starts dreaming of Monsignor Bruce and company taking turns wrecking that ass at Catholic Retreat Fire Island ’15. That’s just the way it is. And when that kid of yours comes home leaking a train load of cream pie out his Ass, don’t be mad at that boy. Love him like he was your own anal virgin!
    PS: You mad?
    PSS: You really mad?
    PSSS: Youse reeeeally mad???
    PSSSS: I think I made an impression. Bitch.

  14. Gavin says:

    Proud Boys are fags.

  15. OogaBooga says:

    ^^ Five Feet of Fugly
    OH SNAP!! Yet more midget comebacks! And who says that bimbos only have one-dimensional minds? Now, now, don’t you go getting angry with me! I mean, it’s not my fault that every time you go out into society the vast majority of people will look at you as a talentless stubby fingered little blog hack who lives on your huspands shoe strings that will never contribute to the family budget in any real or meaningful way. After all, squirts and failure go together like dwarfs and dwarf tossing. That’s just the way it is. Your ugly little mug is Mother Nature’s way of letting everybody else know about your potential fertility in life. You know… dead end.

  16. im a total queer!!!!!!

  17. OogaBooga says:

    You ain’t no Florence King, Kathy. Hell hath no fury like a 5 foot midget scorned by the literati you D-lister of the Conservative rant industry. Keep popping in with your website link, no one visits more than once, and even then its mostly other REAL authors you link to from other sites you aggregating bitch.

  18. OogaBooga says:

    Fake me, we get it, you’re gay. And you’re into eating shit and all that. And you want people to think I’m gay, etc.–and Catholic. But no one believes it. Anyway, this is a good article on the genocide supporter honored by the Israeli holocaust industry. Thanks for generating attention:

    BTW, certain others, if you can’t acknowledge certain truths, you should get out of the pundit game. Unless you’re cool with being a shill. Wait, what am I talking about? Carry on.

  19. Dan says:

    Too funny. Some sad sack who calls himself OogaBooga gets constantly punked by some clown who perpetually mocks him for his tedious Jew obsession. This little shit show that never ends is quite entertaining and it’s amazing how every single time the clown lays the bait, the guy who lives on Street Carnage starts barking. Don’t stop guys. You two are like a dog who chases his tail. Stupid but funny.

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