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• 08.20.16 11:05 am

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Yesterday, we published an apology from the genderqueer postitive site Autostraddle. I personally went over the apology very carefully to make sure it was within the pale of legitimate discourse our readers have come to expect. It was not. 

Since publishing the apology, many of our readers have told it us it was “fucking gay” and “faggoty” and even “the kind of thing a bunch of overeducated white kids would write because they feel terrible about themselves so they fart out this gibberish all day hoping it gives them some kind of special, snowflake status even though they are the farthest thing from weird and why the fuck are they so desperate to avoid the fact that they’re suburban, middle class, white people? What’s the matter with that? That ‘demo’ basically built everything we know and love and use every day.”

How the Apology Came to be Published

I saw it on “Twitter moments” which has gone from a basic algorithm to more SJW bullshit which is actually much more than just boring people wanting to be snowflakes. It’s unhappy cunts determined to spoil our fun by drenching 100% of the human experience in rules. If you don’t follow these pedantic parameters, your livelihood is taken away. It’s a silent war on everything good about the West and the only justification for it is some kind of weird, crazy ex-girlfriend revenge for the way gays and minorities were treated half a century ago. None of these people were there for that but they feel the need to punish us for it anyway (we weren’t there for that either).

Why the Apology Was Unacceptable

Because it was gay

What We’re Doing to Stop This Mistake From Happening

I’m shooting a movie and called Pitts from the car service home to ask him to do it. He meticulously went through all the comments and made them appear on our page like real comments. It was a huge pain in the ass and he never wants to do it again. Besides, the joke is mediocre at best and the idea of doing it more than once is not okay and it’s not who we are.



  1. frank says:

    > He meticulously went through all the comments and made them appear on our page like real comments.

    You guys ain’t so good with computers, eh.

  2. SpaceKook12 says:

    Poor Pittsley.
    His next assignment should be to go fellate the Castro district Trump statue.

  3. Non-OogaBooga says:

    For a brief moment, before pressing “More” I was shocked when I saw 269 comments. Then…………
    I came back down to reality and realized that it’s not April 1st….and saw strange names and not one OogaBooga among them.

  4. hey says:

    How has Seth Rogen avoided a backlash all of these years?

  5. OogaBooga says:

    You worship me.

  6. John Walsh says:

    You auto-fellate your own words——“No-life”

  7. Duh says:

    Hee hee! Ain’t that the truth.

  8. OogaBooga says:

    Hee hee? How DARE you?!

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