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John Pittsley
• 06.24.16 05:20 pm

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The boss made a great point on the show yesterday and today, none of us have a problem with amputees. Being crazy is a huge red flag though and blaming women’s body issues on men is exactly that, crazy. What’s even crazier though is losing a leg and choosing not to use a prosthetic limb.

Every guy needs to get with a crazy chick in his younger years, at least once. Dealing with all her bullshit will be a pain in the ass but the wild things she’ll let or demand you do to her in bed will sorta make up for it. You have to be careful, of course. You don’t want to get into a real relationship or anything. That’s how you get the Lorena Bobbitt treatment or all your shit burned in the street. You just want to kick the tires and give it a try. But some piece of ass who chooses to hop around on one foot all day isn’t fun crazy, she’s mentally ill and that shit is not fucking cool.

Using a prosthetic arm is kinda silly. All someone is doing there is trying to fool people into thinking they aren’t missing an arm and the only people who’re gonna fall for that trick are the blind. Using a prosthetic leg is pretty fucking necessary though, unless they plan on sitting on their ass all day and using a wheelchair. Getting around with only one leg is next to impossible. Pirates couldn’t even do it and that had less to do with the rough sees as it did with how fucking stupid it is to hop around on one leg all the time. Getting from place to place would take forever. Short distances might be doable but in a long distance race, I’d take a full-blown cripple over a one-legged hopping maniac. Seeing a chick struggle to hop everywhere would kill any chance of a boner, too.

As MC pointed out, only G.G. would have the balls to tell an amputee to get off the beach. I’m not saying amputees shouldn’t be on the beach. All I’m saying is it’s kind of sad when you see one and the beach is all about fun. So, it is kinda in the back of everyone’s mind but it’s really not an issue. That is assuming the amputee isn’t having too big of a problem getting around. If they’re slowly hopping to the picnic table or crawling back to the beach blanket, like it’s Normandy, it goes from kind of awkward to heartbreaking in no time. Dealing with that situation would be like sitting through a UNICEF marathon or going to a refugee camp for your honeymoon. Seeing someone with NO legs walking with their arms, like an ape, would be less of a bummer.

It isn’t for attention, either. No one has a problem picking out who is and isn’t walking with a fake leg, especially if they’re wearing a swimsuit. The clumsy walk and off-color limb are pretty telling signs someone is missing a limb. It’s not even a matter of reason or mental capability, it’s practically instinct. Losing a leg isn’t like losing a tooth or the tip of your finger. You don’t just say, “fuck it” and go on with your day. When your leg gets blown off or whatever, your first thought is, “Ho-ly. Shit. What the hell am I gonna do now?” and then you focus on nothing but fixing that little problem of yours. Only the most insane lunatic would shrug off losing a leg and not worry about how they were gonna get around.

Banging a mentally ill woman is like having sex with a retard, it’s taking advantage of them. Only a low-life piece of shit would do that type of thing and it’s horrifying to see feminists try to make us feel bad for not doing it. They can have fun trying to get us to sleep with morbidly obese women but they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to get us in bed with the mentally ill.


  1. Low-life Piece of Shit says:

    As some other Piece-of-Shit said on another one of your imbecilic posts, Pittsley, amputee porn star Jean Silver was an interesting fuck. Her stump would beat the shit out of being banged by a strap-on. She was really hot and I would have used here stump as a strange new missing limb syndrome foot fetish. That would make for some freaky missing toes sucking.
    All in all not a bad post John.
    I give you an A.
    A for Asshole.

  2. John Bobbitts post-Loretta cock says:

    Still wouldn’t it be fun to tell your one-legged wife to hop to it everytime you’d normally say let’s go.
    “Hey honey, hop to it, serve me my beer” or “honey how abouts putting that leg in gear and hop on over here and blow the old man” or if she’s a French wife “how abouts hopping over here and take a spin on my third leg you one-legged frog.”
    She’ll be so grateful you married a pogo-stick for a wife that she’ll put up with your lame limb jokes.

  3. JR Wirth says:

    The crazy ones also “forget” to take their pill. Wrap it. Wrap it twice.

  4. Real Housewife says:

    Wow– Pittsley has given this subject some thought, perhaps more attention than paid by anyone since the makers of “Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo”

  5. SpaceKook12 says:

    Too much information Pittsley. You obviously speak from experience. When you see a pile of smiling bacon, you always see a skinny scrawny scruffy dude with a mangy flavor saver beard, kinda like your SC mug shot, John. The other kind other than the aforementioned white trailer park trash that hangs with wobbling blobs are lazy black con-artist sharks that milk them for all they can get.
    It’s a rare treatment to hit the trifecta of slob-crazy-1/3(1/2)women.
    It’s even rarer to find a post that truly comes from Pittsley’s heart that isn’t the usual scribblings we expect from “a retard, who writes dumb shit about stupid crap.”
    This isn’t that post.

  6. raymi says:

    Crazy is the new black. Unstable is the red flag. You wittle guys are a-scared of the womens eh? Using the c-word way too liberally IMO but I’m crazy so what do I know? Thanks for mansplaining to us all the time here BIG HELP FUCKFACE.

  7. Cunt Whisperer says:

    Uh oh, the Duchess of Montreal forgot to take her Meds. Wrap it, wrap it twice.

  8. OogaBooga says:

    Own it, cunt.

  9. Samantha says:

    My dad was an amputee due to diabetes type 1 complications. And he rode around a scooter (similar to hove-around)…on the dirt roads I grew up on in southern California. He would scare the neighborhood kids when he waved his “summer sausage” (nub left from his right leg being amputated…not his weiner). Fond memories of my dad :) RIP.

    I’d like it more if you ever posted the stuff I submit to you.

  10. John says:

    Diabetes is when you’re an old fuck and you can’t feel your feet. Smoke crack and it all becomes believable that you can become something greater then yourself. Twice a day I say once a day because that’s all it takes to be horrible. Kill yourself, bye?

  11. Dan of the Mole People says:

    Raymi usually irks me with whatever crap she writes here, but then I go to her linked blog and crack one off so it’s a wash in my book.

  12. OmegaMan says:

    Why is it mentally ill to starve yourself to death as an Anorexic and then look in the mirror and see a fat person who isn’t there, but it’s ok to be a morbidly obese diabetic glutton on the verge of a heart attack who thinks fat is beautiful and is actually taken serious by so many stupid women because we can’t hurt their feelings. Where are the fat male hogs insisting that they be considered beefcakes? That’s right you don’t see em because that’s just plain stupid. This is madness. And then there are those people who insist they are something they’re not like another sex/gender and mutilate/amputate by chop-a-dicktomy and take the tissue and stuff it into a surgically carved cavity, take never-ending estrogen that will lead most likely to a future cancer (likewise for the female to male steroid use), and then some like Caitlin say they’re lesbians who want to bang women with what—-a dildo?!#@ what the fuck!
    This mass willful delusion started with feminisms rejection of nature and now has mutated into a full frontal lobe assault on sanity now that cultural Marxism is attacking anything and everything. It’s a cultural cancer destroying civilization.
    We need another Noahs flood to start over again.

  13. Samantha says:

    It’s the birth control in the water that isn’t able to be completely filtered from our pee that adds to the chaos.Add that to the women’s lib movement which supplanted self and lies for God and truth, and you get the delusional pink mess right there.

  14. Mr. Natural says:

    I’ve always wondered about the effects of birth control on the overall mental health of females. Besides the potential cancers, introducing male hormones into the bodies delicate bio-chemistry can lead to unintended side effects. I had reversible vasectomy so my wife could avoid the pill when we weren’t trying to conceive. One nice side effect of that procedure is that she was able to enjoy splash induced organisms that nature intended. The body is such a finely tuned organism that there’s bound to be repurcussions. Our livestock is also fattened up with male hormones. Between the pill and meat is it any wonder we see some of these freaky she-males whose mothers may have been exposed to these hormones while they were in the early stage of fetal development in the womb.
    For extreme results of female exposure to male hormones just study the aftermath of the East German Sports Industry. Sad sad stories.

  15. Samantha says:

    Agreed however vasectomy probably doesn’t abide by the Proud Boy #nowank standard. Kinda cheating ain’t it? Give us proudboysgirls the real deal!

  16. BoogieWoogie says:

    Vasectomy wouldn’t violate Gavins silly no wanks gimmick because you can certainly wank and shoot. Roughly 99.9% of the fluid is seminal but what’s tied off is the .1% sperm which in a reversible Vasectomy allows a lady to “feel” the freefall exposure of riding bareback but with an invisible saddle. As far as Proud Boys, that’s Gavins latest media stunt, kind of like Roosh V-lite.

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