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Street Carnage
• 02.16.17 11:23 am

It’s never a good idea to get too comfortable. When you do, you do stupid shit and become lazy as fuck. That’s what’s happening to us, we’re getting dumb and lazy, and it’s all because we’ve gotten too comfortable. If we want to change this, we have to suffer more. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Calling All Assholes says:

    What, no comments yet! There now this thread is officially begun.

  2. Punchy says:

    I thought this post was terrific. Let’s hear some more!

  3. bifo berardi says:

    Compare the mythos of the American frontier with its mostly Anglo-Celt-Germanic-Nordic population to the 20th century Mafia-archetype where Italians eventually muscled out Irish, German, Polish and Jewish hoodlums…do you see any difference?

    Nobody called the police in the wild West. If you had trouble, you settled it personally or died trying.

    Mafioso types, on the other hand, can only operate where violence is monopolized by the State in large urban settlements where the populace has been promptly tamed.

    Try making William Bonney or Bat Masterson an offer they couldn’t refuse–they’d refuse it alright and shoot your head off right after.

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