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Street Carnage
• 07.12.17 05:26 pm

  1. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Here’s my theory for what it’s worth:

    Rob Kardashian is what E-40 referred to as a “Captain Save-A-Ho”. The nice guy who thinks he can turn a ho into a housewife. This type of guy is the ho’s shoulder to cry on, the guy who takes her shopping, takes her out for a free meal, pays for her kid’s birthday party etc. She, in turn, let’s “Captain Save-A-Ho” eat her pussy and she’ll occassionally suck his dick. She’ll also call him “baby” and has her head on his shoulder when they’re in public. Meanwhile, she’s getting railed on the side by a number of dudes who aren’t pushovers like Rob. These dudes correctly assume that they’re dealing with a lying ho and they treat her as such. Unfortunately, for Rob, he’s getting a taste of their dicks everytime he “romantically” kisses Black China after he hands over his credit card to her for the day. Hoes definitely disgust me but I also have contempt for the Rob’s of the world. Their gullibility and weakness make me sick.

    This brings me to the deceased patriarch of the family, Robert Kardashian Sr. Good ‘ol Robert Sr. was a successful lawyer who made a lot of money. He took care of his family financially as every father should. However, Robert Sr. was a spineless jellyfish when it came to other matters of being a man. He always struck me as a “go along to get along” type of guy. You’d be surprised how many guys like this are in business, law and politics. They make money and look successful to outsiders but they’re completely vacant vessels. They’re not sociopaths. They’ve just never developed a strong sense of self. They play tennis because other rich guys play tennis. They buy a BMW because other guys at the law firm bought a BMW. They order their lunch and drinks based on what the boss is having.

    Look at who this empty man decided to surround himself with. He married another vacant soul in Kris Jenner (look at her eyes). He followed OJ Simpson around like a loyal puppy always wanting to get a sniff of the former running back’s jock. He considered OJ to be his best friend. OJ was a sociopath at worst and an extremely malignant narcissist at best. OJ viewed Robert Sr. as his little toady. Robert Sr. failed to see this because deep down inside he was a scared little man with no sense of who he was. Hell, there’s even a rumor that one of the Kardashian daughters was fathered by OJ Simpson. Robert Sr. probably always suspected something was wrong when he looked at his daughter’s wide nostrils but he explained it away in his mind like the true jellyfish he was. Robert Sr. lived long enough to let his children see that he wasn’t a strong man. This is why I think his son and daughters would’ve turned out the same way if he was alive today. He was merely an ATM machine for his family. He lacked courage and character. Look at his reaction as the OJ verdict was read. He looks sick to his stomach when he hears “not guilty”. However, he’s back to hugging OJ by the end of the video. A shitty little toady until the end. Men like this can never be good fathers. Watch…

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