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John Pittsley
• 03.30.16 04:49 pm


Isn’t it about time the Pakis got pissed? Not the ones with the towels on their heads, the ones with the dots on the their foreheads. 

Obviously the ragheads don’t need to act any more crazy and pissed than they already do. If anything, they need to tone it back a smidge. It’s the punjabis and hindus, who need to cut out all the gay hippydippy bullshit and start acting angry.

For some reason a lot of people are having a hard time accepting the reality of Islam’s threat to the west. Even though it keeps bopping, raping, and blowing up all over the place. I guess the thinking is these are isolated incidents and all us islamophobes only bring it up to be dicks. If they were more perceptive, they’d see the correlation and notice a similar looking group of happy, polite, and successful people we have no problems with. Unfortunately, this group is too happy and polite to be noticed in this shit storm and it’s not doing us any favors.

Push-start indians are a retardedly polite group of people. Maybe it’s in their nature, or due to their religion, or maybe it’s because that Gandhi guy brainwashed them all but they all seem to be insanely kind. You can tell just by looking at them. They’ve always got a huge smile on their face and are usually wearing bright flowing dresses that even have bells on them sometimes. Their accents are even cheery. Everything out of their mouths sounds like “poo-doo, boo-too” even if they’re talking about cats, cars, and kites. These wonderful traits make them phenomenal dinner guests and great to have around but when shit starts to go down and people start arguing like maniacs, they are easy to cast aside and ignore. That’s why it’s time they start learning to be meanies.

Indians already say negative things about islam, but they do it in such a polite and measured way that it sounds like they’re new in town and haven’t gone through PC training school. When liberals hear an accent say, “islam is not so great, pal” it’s easy for them to brush it off as someone who isn’t ready to participate with the academics. In order to be taken seriously by these psychopaths, they need to be loud and stern. Calmly saying, “they’re not the best” ain’t gonna do the trick, when you’re dealing with feminists who defend guys who cut clits off. If Indians stopped being so polite and started shouting more like muslims, maybe more people would get the message.

They’re all brown and have accents, too. The Indian accent is pretty distinguishable but we tend to be awful with them. So, as long as they don’t bring up the fact they’re Indian and practice a different religion, no one will know any better. A lot of people will just assume they’ve abandoned islam and if anyone questions it, then they can call them out for being a racist. It will be a total mind-fuck for these nuts. All they have to do is steer clear of the colorful clothing for a bit and march around town shouting “We Refuse Islam!”

Those of us who aren’t fans of suicide bombings, genital mutilation, and mercy killings are often called racists. Even though this fight has nothing to do with race. It’s the ones who are defending this “religion of peace” who are so focused on it. If we’re ever going to convince them that it’s not and have any chance of solving this problem, we’re going to need more brown people with accents talking shit about islam.



  1. Ha! You’ve met the wrong Hindus :-)

  2. John Thomas says:

    It’s super cool to be a rape victim these days. Maybe western countries are just trying to become one big giant rape victim.

  3. Gunga Din says:

    Indian dot not feather are in a close race for geekiest-nerdiest race on Earth. However they are not avert to shedding blood, rivers of blood. They were killed by the tens of millions during the peaceful Islamic proselytizing invasions so have plenty of hatred for the Pedophile-boy-lover religion. They fought so well in defeat to Alexander the Greats army that he decided that he’d had enough of campaigning. During the partition of post-colonial India both Muslims and Hindus slaughtered each other. They both have nukes so are prepared, Hindus defensively, to barbecue each other. The dots know better than anyone what Islam is all about.
    But hey, I’m probably wrong and this is just another Jewish plot for World domination.

  4. Casual Observer says:

    Why are we worried about the Muslims all the time? We are going to send troops and armaments to Europe to face off with the Russians. Somebody tell me why. I thought NATO was supposed to deal with this. What are our NATO “partners” doing this summer? Going to Rio for the Olympics? Staying home and watching Euro 2016 futbol? Going on their 6 week summer hiatus to the Riviera?
    Don’t worry, we got this Europe. We ALWAYS got it…

  5. Regular Guy says:

    Well Ooga, maybe because those darn Muslims just have a knack for hogging the headlines like some commenters we know are never at a loss for commenting, feel me dog. Actually just like one can scratch his nuts and be a nut, both worrying about the Peace-bombers and those Nato-welfare cheating Euro’s can be done simultaneously. We’ve enabled their socialist welfare societies with our capitalist subsidizing of NATO, while they hate and mock the hand that feds them. They suck Russia’s natural gas, so let them grow a pair and use that leverage against Putin. We’ll become their fuel pimp and start getting a return on that ingratitude.

  6. raymi says:

    This needs a flow chart.

  7. Imrightyouwrong says:

    Neo-con alert!!! None of our business. If Pakistan nukes India not our problem. If Pakistan gave North Korea the know-how to build those nukes, again not our problem. If North Korea uses those Pakistan nukes against South Korea or Japan it shouldn’t be our problem except we’re the trip wire for that war. If Pakistan is behind the Iranian nuclear program not our problem. If Iran keeps their promise and wastes Israel shouldn’t be our problem. If Iran uses the Pakistan nuclear technology on Sunni Saudi Arabia it shouldn’t be our problem. I just don’t get why people are worried about Muslims all the time???
    Ps…well I’ll concede, if any of this occurs, that there will be a collapse of the World energy and financial markets with a World Wide depression and all that chaos will unleash the law of unintended consequences like a vampire in a blood bank. And yes it’s possible a jihadi group lacking only the means will eventually smuggle a nuke into our country, but really isn’t Obama right, this isn’t an Existential threat, this is those fucking Jews up to no good again.

  8. Il Duce says:

    These nice “Pakis” only seem to exist on American television. IRL total cunts.

  9. Casual Observer says:

    @ImWright. Absolutely no problem. especially since we finished that giant glass dome to fit over our country to keep the radiation off of America. Sound stupid? yeah, it does , doesn’t it? You got more problems than your 401k losing money, here.

  10. Obama says:

    I agree with you Ooga. Brilliant observation.

  11. OogaBooga says:

    This Imrightyourwrong is a fake–one of the dipshits who literally can’t sleep at night because I make him seethe with fury when I mention the truth.

    Damn, I’m good. Go back to jacking off to fantasies of shooting me in the head while I’m on the ground wounded, pervert.

  12. OogaBooga says:

    Whuuuhhhhh? No way, dude. Whaaaat? This is like… I mean…. whahhhh?

    “Five suspects, including a member of a local cow protection vigilante group, were arrested on Saturday for allegedly hanging to death two Muslim cattle herders in a communally-sensitive region of Jharkhand.”

  13. Muslim Lives Matter says:

    Thank you brother OogaBooga. We appreciate your solidarity. Keep up the good fight against our mutual enemy. The truth keeps marching on, Allahu Akbar.

  14. OogaBooga says:

    America first, traitor.

  15. frank says:

    Islam is fine. Islam is irrelevant. Talking about Islam is just a cop-out for people who are too pussy to talk about race and ethnicity and immigration in an honest way.

    No, these people don’t act the way they do because they read the Koran. Grow the fuck up. Regions of Mexico are far more violent than the mid-east. There are way more beheadings now in Mexico. You got heads on pikes and bodies hanging off bridges weekly. Is it because of Catholicism? This is just stupid lies.

    Blathering on about the threat posed by Islam is Israeli propaganda. Leave Islam alone. All we need to do is keep these people, including mexicans and salvadoreans, out of American.

  16. OogaBooga says:

    You are completely full of shit.

  17. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah, that’s not me above. Just some asshole who can’t make an actual argument.

  18. Casual Observer says:

    He agrees with frank because he is……

  19. OogaBooga says:

    Back to that stupid shit again, eh?

  20. WilliamPn says:

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  21. kathrein says:

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  22. Krishna Murthy says:

    Well I got to agree. We Indians are way too polite with these Paki dicks. But there are many reasons for it. Some of them being
    1) Our media portraits Islam and mainly Pakistan as peaceful
    2) We are kept ignorant about real crimes these Pakis do
    3) We are called Islamophobic and Hindu supremacists for talking against them
    4) Our education system is filled with how these invaders were the good guys and how our own native leaders/kings/gods are barbaric and cruel

    And the main point of this is that the majority of my people fall for it. They believe this shit and live in guilt for literally everything. They are changing but very slowly. All I hope for is that this process speeds up and my people realize how full of shit the mainstream media and Islam is.

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