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• 01.29.16 11:39 am

We’ve now got footage of LaVoy Finicum. He could be the next Mike Brown but he doesn’t look good on a t-shirt so fuck him. 

We want our heroes to look like they’re in The Last Poets and when they don’t, we happily watch them get murdered by the feds.

My column on the subject is HERE

  1. dfasdfasdf says:

    “The same side that chanted, ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!’ is offended that Bundy may have threatened cops.”

    What does this even mean? Don’t pretend the people who were chanting that idiotic phrase are saying anything about being offended that Bundy may have threatened cops. Are you just lumping “the left” together? There are plenty of people on “that side” who were against riots/looting in Baltimore (e.g. David Simon’s essay on the Baltimore riots where he writes “the anger and the selfishness and the brutality of those claiming the right to violence in Freddie Gray’s name needs to cease” and also “If you can’t seek redress and demand reform without a brick in your hand, you risk losing this moment for all of us in Baltimore. Turn around. Go home. Please.”)

  2. Ol' Al (Tex) Bundy says:

    LaVoy is gone there, pardners. The guv’ment silenced him, just like we do with them Ky-yotes. Nothing to do now but gather our gear, saddle up the SUV, then head on back to our ranches and start fudging our tax returns.

  3. The Man in the Mirror says:

    “The same side that chanted, ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!’ is offended that Bundy may have threatened cops.”

    And… the same side that derided the Occupy Wall Street protesters and defended the cops at every turn when they shot all those boogies for various reasons are now disturbed that the cops shot Finny and arrested the others during their righteous stand against BIG GOVERNMENT!.

    Strange how this “shoe on the other foot” thing works, isn’t it?

  4. Ghetto Defendant says:

    How come you’re running the edited video? I want to believe you, but when the cops themselves, release a full, unedited video in less than 48 hours, to prove their case; I’m inclined to believe them, because every video where they’re in the wrong, usually requires a judge yelling at them to comply with the Freedom Of Information act, before we get to see it.

  5. dick lubin says:

    “The same side that chanted, ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!’ is offended that Bundy may have threatened cops.”

    …and now the same side that chants “dont antagonize law enforcement and you wont get shot”
    is somehow surprised that a heavily armed man was shot by law enforcement

  6. 74% says:

    The Man in the Mirror says:
    01.29.16 at 12:35 pm

    Strange how this “shoe on the other foot” thing works, isn’t it?

    a bullet to the head is not some mace to the face.

  7. AlphaMan says:

    @ Ghetto
    Knew I’d run into you here…and dickie too.
    I responded to your last reply on the previous thread if you care to read.
    Regardless of how this plays out (don’t get excited Pittsley) comparing this with BLM either favorably or not is a straw-man argument.
    The actions of one member of the bunch may be convenient in order to disparage the entire episode, but would be misleading.
    To continue to focus on LaVoy, as if he’s the main protagonist in the Oregon event, and then comparing law enforcements handling of young blacks in general to this is wishful thinking. This event is not a tit for tat in the race wars of comparative law enforcement.
    This event isn’t an uprising to start an rawecar. To compare the motives and make a moral equivalency between the two is either lazy analysis or deliberately fusing the two to reach the desired conclusion.
    Irregardless of whether you believe their right or wrong, they certainly are not fighting for a delusional cause ( genocide of young black males ) but an issue that is worthy of judicial review.

  8. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Alpha, stop moving the goal post, the only straw man being built, is by you. The reason why the focus turned on him, is because, he’s the one being propped up as a the martyr of this whole thing, even though everyone else involved is alive, and the F.B.I has gone a great length to keep them that way, since they know they have children with them at the refuge. The reality of the video, is that your martyr tried to feign surrender, and then went for the gun that was found on him. If it was an assassination, Bundy and everybody else in the car wouldn’t be alive right now. I actually feel for the rest of the guys involved, especially the ones who brought their families with them, because the reality of this situation just sunk in, and even Bundy is trying to defuse it peacefully. But seizing federal land, and holding it through armed force, while demanding that it be relinquished by the federal government, is a crime on the books, and has been for over a hundred years. I have nothing against civil disobedience in protest, from any group who feels a grievance with their government, but you don’t get to have it both ways. People who break laws in protest, used to also take the consequences to highlight the injustice…

  9. dick lubin says:

    ‘irregardless’ is not a word

  10. Regular Guy says:

    @dfasdfasdf, Ol’ Al (Tex) Bundy, The Man in the Mirror sound like three stooges in the same pod, though I bet they’re one author.
    Yes, the kind of people chanting “dead cops” are just the kind of hypocrites who on the “Lumpy” Left would mock and ridicule what’s happened here; are you listening and looking at yourself: Man-in-the-Mirror.
    Plenty of people on “that side” against “dead cops”. Oh yeah, where’s this ground swell of outrage on the Left against this lunatic BLM movement?
    Oh yeah, I forgot, your right, the democrat caucus and DNC both came out and endorsed BLM. But what about Simon he says.
    Your alter-ego “Tex” illustrates the kind of belittling caricature, that reveals your bigotry for the one group you can get away with that, my progressive fella, w/o being called a RAYCISS.
    “Shoe on the other foot ” is the cartoon land where children see a “face” on the Moon and conclude there’s a Man-in-the Moon.
    That whole paragraph is a perfect example of the “Liars paradox”. Even the other Al Bundy married with children couldn’t make that shoe fit you boob.
    P.s…………dick lubin is too stupid to reply to.

  11. Dick Face says:

    Mike Brown looked great on pavement too.

  12. AlphaMan says:

    You know where our conversation started, on the previous thread, and my whole reason for engaging you was to respond to your comparison with BLM and the Right loving the Police State when theirs are not involved (Gavin).
    I never got into the particulars of LaVoy, and if you lost track of that, all you have to do is go back and fact-check it.
    P.s………dickie shut the fuck up you (self-described) child molester. Is that all you got. You see a zit on my ass while a 50# TUMOR grows on your face Elephant Man.

  13. PilgrimsProgress says:

    @Dick Face
    So I infer from that comment you enjoyed seeing the sight of LaVoy dead on the pavement. Good heart beating in that chest of yours.
    I suspect your this dick lupin, hiding behind your own face in full plain view, for all to see what a loathsome fellow you are.

  14. dick lubin says:

    did i enjoy watching some guy die because he wanted to play army out in the woods with his little friends? nope. had he paid more attention to current events he wouldve known its not smart to reach for your waist when a cop/fed is pointing a gun at you and telling you to put your hands up.

  15. PilgrimsProgress says:

    @dick lubin
    Trying to salvage your comment. Let the readers judge what you said and recall your track record Mr. ” I like talking with a young ones cock in my mouth” Dick.

  16. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Alpha, you don’t see the comparison, conservatives, as of this morning, hate the shit out of the cops just as much now.

  17. Alpha Man says:

    Sorry Ghetto, as much as you’d like it to be so, doesn’t make it so.
    Most Conservatives are adult enough to take each instance on its own merits, and are not like some of you Leftys, going to act out childhood fantasies of faux Robespierre revolutionaries storming the barracks.
    When we see cities burning and crackers marching and screaming “squeal like a pig” then we can talk.

  18. AlphaMan says:

    Sorry to beat a dead horse but you need to listen to Gavin’s previous Post/Radio/interview which is really insightful on the societal issues surrounding this event.
    Not telling you what to think but your clearly a thoughtful person, unlike a DICK who I won’t mention (smirk), so think about what he says on the matter as well as enjoy his usual humor.

  19. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Alpha, first of all, nice ad hominem, and straw man there, right after saying how adult you are… You can’t even keep a single argument straight like a grown up, so you create the false argument that I’m a lefty; which you have no idea whether I am or not. You have no argument against anything I’ve actually said, you’re a child mashing a keyboard(take notes, that’s an example of an “ad hominem”, you can have that term, to misuse later, so you can stop abusing the term “straw man”). Oh, by the way, you’re the one that repeatedly kept bringing up BLM, by name. I haven’t once, in a single comment ever on this site. Since you like throwing out rhetorical terms, without even bothering to google what they actually mean, I’ll help you out; that’s the actual definition of building a straw man. A term you keep throwing out like a monkey throwing feces, cause you don’t actually have a real response for any argument. Now go home and get ya fuckin’ shine box, ya yokel, rube, hayseed…

  20. AlphaMan says:

    I’m going to assume this is dickie hijacking your name, but in the event it is you I’ll chalk it up as a one off and disregard.

  21. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @AlphaMan, I missed your last comment, so I thought the whole lefty attack thing was directed at me, so I had some fun with the response, and acted like a dick. I’m man enough to admit wrong doing, and apologize, which is a first for this place. I’ve read Gavin’s Taki piece, and he makes a great point about the college kids turning social justice into a fashion trend, but he tends to lump all the gripes of people, who don’t even identify with BLM, but have gripes with the abuse of police power, and the militarization of local police, in with them. Like I said, I feel for the ranchers, they’re protesting something they think unfairly impedes their constitutional right to their way of life. LaVoy Finnicum though, was the equivalent of the protester who screams kill the pigs, that was determined to go too far from the beginning and wanted this result. He wanted martyrdom, and instead left a broken home with 11 kids to figure this all out. I think the other guys wanted to shock us all, to finally get listened to, and not get written off by the rest of America as some rural, backwater, crazies, getting what they got coming.

  22. mikes says:

    you know that your opponent is about to overdose on his own shit when he starts shouting ethnic or classist slurs at you. Exhaustion causes that too. Poor things…most of you. Why even bother on something the media has forgotten already ( after proper celebrations ). Get out now.

  23. AlphaMan says:

    You are a real Alpha Man my man to say that and I apologize for engaging in a little over the top ad hominem. I blame it all on Gavin being a bad influence with his wicked humor rubbing off on me.
    Good points all and mistakes were made in the calculations of the ranchers.
    P.s………for Dickie….don’t you think this bro talk has anything to do with you, Chester the Molester, as any time I see you or your imbecile Dick Face I’ll rip you to shreds Road Kill.

  24. The Man in the Mirror says:

    @Regular Guy???? More like Irregular Guy ‘coz you are full of shit , my man.

    Those 2nd amendment goofs went out to that birdhouse in the high desert armed with all their Army/Navy store toys and gear and full of big talk about standing down the government. And good ol’ LaVoy got his dumbass shot dead. Fight your revolution on the talk sites and blogs because when you pull out the home arsenal against the pros, they put you back in your lane with extreme prejudice.

  25. bud says:

    the van nearly killed one of the feds when it veered to escape the rodablock and then finicum CLEARLY REACHES INTO HIS JACKET WHERE HE WAS KNOWN BY POLICE TO KEEP A SIDEARM WHILE 2 AGENTS OF THE LAW HAVE GUNS TRACED ON HIM and has stated his willingness to die for his cause (photo below)

    my question is if you were in their position knowing what you knew about finicum what would you have done in that moment?

  26. Regular Guy says:

    @The Man in the Mirror
    Ha ha Michael Jackson back from the grave.
    Listen up ear wax; the clueless, anti-capitalist, upper-class, Occupy Wall Street, skipping-class/NYCU Soros stooges and the “boogies” as you call them are not the same as this group of “2nd amendment goofs” as you call them.
    All three: “Occupy” & “Boogies” & “Oregonians” are three different critters that represent 3 distinct problems.
    Do I need to spell it out, or do you think that people on this blog are probably informed enough to know the differences.
    I thought so. So why make one size fit all when the only shoe that fits is the one in your ASS.

  27. Regular Guy says:

    I would have killed him if it was as described. And your point ? Chances are (laws of probability) that LEO was politically/conservative and doing his job.
    So what would that mean in the Cosmic sense ? Karma’s a bitch ? No it would mean nothing more than bad move.
    To clearly enjoy the outcome would not be that LEO’s probable reaction, but it clearly is the preferred outcome of some on this blog.

  28. Dick Lubin says:

    For the record I’m not a child molester. I just like to fantasize and would never act on it unless it was consensual.

  29. Regular Vowel Movements says:

    I’m happy the honky in Oregon got shot; didn’t know any Occupy Woodstockers got shot, but it’s great to hear it… The More You Know. I loved Kent State

  30. Oregon Burning says:

    Sheeit it’s like 1965 out there

  31. I says:

    When you get shot (and he clearly got shot before lowering his right arm) your body jerks and moves in ways that you can’t really dominate. Chances are that he got shot in the gut/sides first, so he didn’t reach for a concealed gun but for the wound.
    I got shot once and my buddies said that I looked like a rubber chicken, shaking, bending and turning. Not different than this situation. I immediately reached for the areas where I felt the sting. Turned out that not all of those areas got actually hit. Nerves can trick you and shocking, uncontrollable fear dictates your movements.

    By all means I’m not saying he’s a saint and that he (partially) didn’t have it coming. A rancher raised around guns, death (animal more than human but not that different still) and govt. tactics should have known better.
    You pillheads need to admit that regardless of the outcome of this particular event, the whole thing was bias-fill advertised since the get go. Saying that these “rednecks” (so apparently front-page ethnic/class mockery is acceptable as long as it’s pale faces on the receiving hand, OK got it now…) were there to “take over” the govt or to “engage” or to “start” a grassroots revolution is as parking-your-car-sideway-dumb as saying that Baltimore looters were seriously starting a previously planned race war.

    The actual distortion perpetrated by the media is the focus here.

    If the ranchers were really wired to take down some feds there’s no doubt that they’d have done it.

    Also this is no “suicide by cop” either so don’t carry on this because it’ll make you look even more detached from those social layers where these things really happen. When those go down the attacker tries to check out as if he’s in a Rambo spinoff: blazing everything around and certainly not with his hands up. He knows that he’ll be a corpse in mere seconds so he charges officers as fast and fiercely as possible.
    This was extremely poorly planned by this Finicum fellow and he got what he got.

    If his “action” proved anything it was his lack of street/frontier-smartness…nothing else.
    It’s wrong calling him a martyr but’s even more inaccurate and fabricated calling him a McVeigh (as most are doing right about now).

    All this being said no matter how much I don’t wanna give a shit about all this I’m constantly pulled back in whenever I see reporters, commentators, columnists, advocates, activists, anchors and what not joyfully throwing their hands in the air (no pun intended) after being told this guy no longer walks the face of the earth…as if he was holding their siblings captive or something.
    Including those who were openly sadden that Faggy Flanagan never got to stand trial.

  32. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    When the Feds want what you’ve got, they take it.
    Ask any Injun.
    They shoot your ass and make up a story.
    Most of the time, they don’t even bother to make it a good one.

  33. Spaniard says:

    Wrong actors in this play, so no sympathy from the Champions of the Proletarians. If the right kind of victims play the role, then the script converts into a morality play of brave, against-all-odds, Spartans at the pass station, or to try another metaphor, the land grabbing serfs defying the sheriff of Nottingham in Sherwood Forest. Every act of Civil disobedience stands or falls on its merits or lack there of. All protests are not equal, nor are the methods employed to bring attention to the grievance. The tactics used in this case were wrong and yet the cause was righteous. Many of the comments on this thread pointed to the foolishness of the tactics, but also denigrated the purpose of the protesters in very ad hominem, racist fashion. Then doubling down on the scorn, they made light of the death of the man, saying he had it coming to him because you guys didn’t care about Trayvon, Michael, Freddy…
    False linkage/comparisons are easy to expose when you get down to the specifics. The ones mentioned on this thread are all quite different from each other, other than the LEO/GOV being the one constant. Of course the LEO/GOV response is what’s bothering people, but all “marytrs” are not equal.
    The “Liars paradox”, mentioned above, has been liberally used in an unconscious manner by those trying to make comparisons between events.

  34. dfg says:

    A long time ago, I was a gun nut. I left that scene because I quickly recognized it as being full of paranoid kooks and Walter Mitty fantasists with a tenuous grasp on reality (or at a bare minimum, a poor understanding of probability).

    Still (pretty much) a gun rights absolutist, but I left ‘the scene’ behind and thank god I did because this was before it totally exploded into a full blown identity movement with an even harder-core cadre of whackjobs. Its many times worse now than it was back then and it was bad enough back then to inspire me to completely walk away and rejoin the world of normal people whose lives involved more than obsessing about firearms and firearm rights.

    If you want an example of just how detached from reality some of these people are, consider for a minute that we have a group of men who planned an ‘armed occupation’ of some undefended Federal administrative building. We now see them asking if they can leave “without facing charges”.

    This was not a “movement”. It was a fucking delusion, perpetrated by the same delusional morons I wanted nothing to do with so long ago, in spite of sharing a common interest in firearms. Let there be no doubt, to a man, they all sincerely believed that this would somehow culminate into a ‘revolution’. The envisioned themselves as hard-scrabble insurgents, eating beans from a can alongside the other Wolverines. The government played its hand perfectly, walled them off, didn’t give them the attention they demanded and the instant shit gets real, well, we see just what they’re made of.

    Everyone loves a camp-out, especially when you’re pretending that you’re overthrowing an evil regime. “Go home to your families” is not an option after something like that. Anyone with even the slightest toehold on reality understands this.

    These people do not.

    Even if you find yourself having the occasional common cause with them, don’t lose track of what they actually are.

  35. Sahara Messica Packer says:

    Oh my oh my SC, finally a thread that goes over a topic with some charisma and good-ole back-n-forth. Feels like we’re back in 2009 all of a sudden. Some jems can be found here and there too:

    I says:
    01.30.16 at 07:55 am
    “Saying that these “rednecks” (so apparently front-page ethnic/class mockery is acceptable as long as it’s pale faces on the receiving hand, OK got it now…)were there to “take over” the govt or to “engage” or to “start” a grassroots revolution is as parking-your-car-sideway-dumb as saying that Baltimore looters were seriously starting a previously planned race war.”


    6079 Smith, W. says:
    01.31.16 at 01:01 pm
    “When the Feds want what you’ve got, they take it.”

    …plus this…

    Spaniard says:
    01.31.16 at 02:30 pm
    “The tactics used in this case were wrong and yet the cause was righteous. Many of the comments on this thread pointed to the foolishness of the tactics, but also denigrated the purpose of the protesters in very ad hominem, racist fashion.”

    …and this.

    sorry hun but your comment tells more about you than anything else, or deep inside that its purpose. thanks for opening up though, it sure ain’t easy.

  36. Spaniard says:

    “Everyone loves a camp-out, especially when you’re pretending that you’re overthrowing an evil regime”
    Sounds like a wishful thinking Left-wing fantasy to me. You can knock them w/o going over the top caricature since they issued no revolutionary “manifesto” declaring such. They stayed on topic though the MSM was anxiously hoping for a “gotcha Bundy” moment. Your bonafides lead-in was one long buuuut.
    No need to play coy just spit it out and get to it. They were rebels without a clue who seriously miscalculated, but that in no way discredits (unless you have a ideological axe to grind) the double jeopardy prison sentencing and the de facto Eminent domain tactics of the FED in this case and many others.
    The man who lost his life didn’t need to, but he, until proven otherwise, gave the LEO no other choice.

  37. CarbonedOut says:

    @ I says
    You said it all among some other excellent commentators on this topic.

    Then there are the predictable knee jerks with the usual stock and trade ad hominem and dishonest portrayals of the actual motives involved.
    The tweeners try desperately to appear fair but show their hand by qualifying a little to earnestly.
    I could add my log to the fire, but It’s not necessary as your comment answers the argument.

  38. SheepDog says:

    Well I’ll be damned if it isn’t a real life Ed Norton American History X. But you saw the light, hallelujah, and now is testifying to how you almost became a member of the “SCENE” but have seen the error of the path you were on as a “gun nut”.
    And now that you’ve repented, you’re here to help us poor misguided souls see the light as well, thank you jeesus. Why we didn’t know that these hicks in the sticks were preparing for “Red Dawn” and the 2nd Declaration of Independence – the Feds are coming the Feds are coming!!!
    But you were once one of us and understand how we feels.
    Dude who the hell do you think you’re talking to. You’re in SJW fantasy land thinking this was some kind of insurgency. If you drink the grape drank the MSM serves you, especially the shroom juice over at MSNBC-LSD25 then I feels for you my barking mad dog.

  39. dfg says:


    I’m not attempting to ‘help’ anyone see the light. Retards will remain retards irrespective of what they’re told, all along being completely unaware that they’re retards. You either are or you aren’t.

    I was never, ever “one of you”, though. Stick to your mantric acronyms (SJW, MSM, MSNBC) which indicates you’re a low IQ tard as reliably as some similarly mindless leftist drooler babbling about “Faux News”.

  40. SheepDog says:

    “I was never, ever “one of you”
    Of course not, and nor am I, or any of the other figures of speech I sarcastically drafted to address your: “even if you find yourself having the occasional common cause with them” which apparently went completely over your head.
    As far as acronyms go, I’m admonished and will mind my usage in the future since I don’t want to be thought of as a low I.Q.
    Oh shit I already broke the rule and used I.Q. My bad.

  41. I says:

    We’re advised not to judge all muslims by the actions of few lunatics.

    But we are strongly encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

    Funny how that works.

  42. Burn baby burn says:

    Certain people are invited to act out their alleged righteous frustrations out in the form of a riot in the safe space of a city by burning (arson) other people’s property, but other kinds of people are sent to prison for using adjacent open federal land to .burn a controlled fire to protect their land and the federal land from an out of control fire. All hail Caesar.

  43. Sahara Messica Packer says:

    @ I

    we’re encouraged not to judge all lefties by the actions of “few” dictators, while we’re encouraged to judge all conservatives by the actions of few dictators.

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