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Wayne Wax
• 09.29.14 09:22 am


Observing the current cultural and political landscape, in which academia is dominated by ardent leftists, in which one of the worst presidents in America’s history completes his tenure without so much as a dissenting cough from the mainstream media, in which mass immigration is used as an antidote to the supposed scourge of national identity and pride, in which charges of racism are homophobia are thrown around like so much monkey shit, it’s quite reasonable for any right-minded person to think to themselves “just when exactly is all this nonsense going to stop?”

My belief is that it won’t be a conservative renaissance that salvages balance in the modern West, nor will it be entropic nature of political power itself that knocks the progressive hordes off of their high horses and undermines their dominance of the conversation. I believe that the end of the golden age of leftism will be the end of society itself. While nobody seems exactly certain of when the global financial collapse is coming, few seem optimistic enough to dispute the notion of its inevitability.

While I may lack any personal scientific or economic credentials, I see plenty of compelling evidence that the end is thoroughly nigh. When the world’s most notorious oil barons decide to sell up shop, it doesn’t take a Mike Ruppert-style genius to see that there’s a good chance we’ll be going back to horses and buggies within the foreseeable future. Combine an exponentially growing global population with a dearth of sustainable resources and the prospect of things going completely tits up in our lifetime seems virtually undeniable.

Some may find the prospect of a brutal, newly-agrarian society deeply terrifying – as George Carlin said of a potential world without electricity: “people would be lining up to be beheaded” – but I for one am actually rooting for it. Sure, the roving mobs of looters raping and pillaging every innocent human being they encounter will be a downside, but think of the positives: for one thing, every smug and incorrigible idiot who has spent the last few years lecturing the rest of us on intersectionality and white privilege and every other staggeringly naive example of far-left dogma will have the smiles irretrievably wiped from their faces once they learn that – surprise, surprise – all that bemoaning and self-flagellating and cultural fragmentation in the name of utopian tolerance wasn’t actually a good idea, and that their liberal arts degree has exactly dick to do with anything useful, namely growing winter vegetables and making bows and arrows out of sticks.

The white ones – which are most of them – will wish that they’d actively embraced forging kinships with their fellow Caucasians rather than deriding, demonizing, and flat-out denying the very concept of white identity itself. They’ll regret their vehement opposition to gun ownership once it’s a matter of life and death, and those who were stupid enough to attend Occupy ‘protests’ will experience the crippling reality of their adolescent vision once they discover that actually, people aren’t necessarily nicer when they’re impoverished and no, you can’t pay for goods with a poem. Every champagne socialist and sheltered university lecturer will see that equality does exist, just not how they imagined it; instead, they will see that the unifying factor between all groups of people is unspeakable savagery in times of profound desperation.

They’ll regret all their cawing about ‘toxic masculinity’. In fact, they’ll be praying for a masculine man to come along and teach them how to hunt and build a shelter. Speaking of which, expect all of that poo-pooing of Western religion to be crucified on the altar of hysterical panic as sneering atheists across the board drop to their knees and beg a pissed off God for some sign of relief. The left’s musings about cultural relativism will prove to be true, as many in third world societies will scarcely notice the difference to their infrastructure as little difference if any will have been made. For all their backhanded fetishization of poverty-stricken ethnic cultures, they’ll wish they’d actually learned a thing or two from the people that they’d proselytized on behalf of from such a safe distance. The left will eat itself; it had better, as there won’t be much of anything else to go around.

This is assuming that a global economic collapse actually happens, mind you. Either way, I win. Now fuck off.


  1. RED says:

    I thought #BanBossy was the end. It couldn’t get more absurd than that. Now you’re not allowed to laugh when Jeffrey Tambor puts on a wig and calls himself “Maura.”

  2. A very fine piece. Had to check to see if it was actually Vice. More of this please.

  3. asdf says:

    “one of the worst presidents in America’s history”

    W. Bush was objectively much, much worse.

  4. angry al says:

    Not a fan of W Bush but at least he didn’t just play the blame game for everything that went wrong in his wake.

  5. snoop blog says:

    Good piece. Sad but true, not enough people realize how close this can he to happening.

  6. Sammy says:

    I suspect the grim realities of over consumption will be passed on to poor countries while the west may have to take more public transit and not eat out as much.

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