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John Pittsley
• 12.21.16 03:36 pm

There’s this weird liberal fantasy where minorities are treated like trash in America. You’ll see it perpetuated in commercials and TV shows made mostly by women. It’s kind of funny they do this, considering the west is the best place they have it. After a while, you start to wonder if they actually want to be treated like garbage. Kind of like when you get a chick in bed and they start begging you to choke them and call them a “filthy slut”. Gavin covers most of that here.

  1. You says:

    You are tedious, humorless and your skin looks like a rashy baby’s ass.

  2. brinster says:

    Damn, that musta hurt.

  3. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    “When we rise, we’ll scratch out your eyes, bitch!”

    They MUST either HOLD the whip, or be UNDER it.
    Any scenario in which there IS no whip is incomprehensible.

    Take THAT, Daddy!

  4. Dahmer says:

    Oh contraire, I think he is the most fastidiously groomed and exquisitely moisturized person I’d like to meet for dinner as an old friend

  5. OogaBooga says:

    “You are going to women? The don’t forget the whip.”

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