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Street Carnage
• 04.20.12 09:00 am

We haven’t been featuring too many video or musical submissions from our readers. That isn’t because we don’t keep getting them. It’s because of, you know, our concerns about things such as quality.

But this past week two submissions came across our desk that we felt were so bad, we’d be derelict in our duties as citizens if we didn’t warn you about them.

We actually told both of these “artists” and/or their handlers that we thought their submissions were bad.

Faimkills (some would say not soon enough) sent us this video:

Here’s what we wrote back to Faimkills:
Astonishingly bad.

A person named “Bill Risen” sent us an MP3. His entire message was included in the email header:

Two baltimore teens read from their twitter accounts over one of my beats

Here’s his funky, funky track:

And this is what we wrote back to Bill Risen:
Really, really, really, really bad.

Since our opinion was honest, we don’t think we were being mean. And to show how nice we truly are, we’re going to give them some free publicity by featuring them on Street Carnage. Let the readers decide who’s worse. In effect, they’re picking who’s best, too, right?

So let the Worst One Win!


  1. I think “Astonishingly bad” is actually an incredible fair, balanced, and honest review of that video. I am impressed at how bad it is. I mean, “There’s a lonely spider crawling across my ceiling, I guess he’s my only friend, I start to lose feeling”?? Really????? Good Christ, man, open those veins up already. The playground can’t handle any more of your terrible, terrible poetry.

  2. chris says:

    that video would have been better if he was dragging his ex-girlfriend’s bodyparts around in that bag, and then he opened it and started fucking her head. and then, when he was finished, he would be filled with shame and stares wistfully at the desert, as he knows he should just leave her head there. But, horniness takes over, so he cinches the bag up and heads back to his car, thus beginning the cycle again.

  3. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    That rat never really had a fair chance in life, did it? :(

  4. John W.B. says:

    After watching the first video, I was sure that it was the worst. How could you beat that? The second song somehow went above and beyond in terms of shittiness, however. Jesus Christ.

  5. miss Universe says:

    The Bill Risen one reminds me of the time I took a handfull of corticedin

  6. ben dover says:

    fuck he spent a whole entire paycheck on that trip damn ball so hard

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