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I was never really fortunate enough to be blessed with any brothers or sisters, when I was growing up. So, I’m not exactly all too hip to every nuance of a healthy sibling bond. There does tend to be one disturbing trait amongst brothers, who have a somewhat protective relationship with their sisters, particularly when it comes to who is boppin’ ‘em and how they go about doing it.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with a brother looking out for his sister to some extent or the other. It doesn’t matter if she’s older, younger, bigger, or smaller; every chick could stand to benefit from having a dude, with no ulterior motives, keeping an eye out for her. Maybe it’s a bit unnecessary if the dude is a paraplegic or in a wheelchair but even then, he could still hear something important and give her a heads up. All that really matters is the thought that’s behind it anyways. Some brothers do take it too far though and it gets to a point where it stops looking like they have their sisters’ backs and starts looking like they want to have them laying on ‘em instead.

Now, I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with a brother wanting his sister to get fucked. Unless, of course, she’s not at the age of consent yet. It does seem a bit odd. But if they have more of a brotherly bond and he wants his sister to score some schlong then good for them, I guess. I just think it’s important that he isn’t the one who wants to do the bangin’ and that’s the impression a lot of brothers give when they have a big problem with the guy who’s stickin’ it to their sister.

There are clearly those individuals who it makes perfect sense for a brother to be upset about his sister screwing. No one wants their own flesh and blood getting mixed up with crooks, con-artists, or any other type of shady character. Then again, chicks like to get wild and be dirty little bitches from time to time. So, letting some skeezballs by every once in a while, can be a good call too. Not wanting your sister to be in harm’s way is perfectly reasonable though and that’s when a protective brother comes in handy. Once a brother moves from investigating to making suggestions and threats at the dude, who’s dicking his sister, it does start to get a little uncomfortable though.

Every brother should try to have a relatively cordial relationship with his sister’s boyfriend. There’s no need to become BFF’s with the guy but staying away from throwing fists or insults at his head does go a long way in keeping everything running smoothly. There may be times when it’s difficult to hold back. Like, for instance, when he sees him slap his sister’s ass and grab her titties out in public. Or, when he can hear the guy getting head from her in the next room over. But whatever happened to bros being bros? A dude should be happy for another guy who gets some action or doesn’t act like a little pussy in public. Besides, that’s the type of shit an individual normally gets upset about when they see someone doing it to an ex or person they have romantic feelings for. If witnessing that type of thing with a blood relative gets a guy all riled up then something is seriously amiss.

Some brothers don’t just get uncomfortable with seeing their sisters act like the dirty little sluts they are and have a hard time not doing anything because of it. Some of them have a difficult time simply keeping their mouths shut, when they have no business opening them. Normally, this would make someone out to be an even bigger dickhead than before. But when a brother starts telling his sister’s boyfriend how to treat her and what to get her, it not only shows he cares, it makes it look like he’s thought about being in the boyfriend’s position. There is a certain etiquette women should be treated with and they do tend to like the same gay shit, which some idiots need to be told about. But giving specific instructions does make it appear as though there’s been a little more thought involved.

If a guy truly cares about his sister and wants to make sure she’s always safe, that’s great. It’s important for people to love their family and have a strong relationship with them. It’s also important to keep from giving the impression they’re in love with them or have thought about having a relationship with them. Doing so will go a long way in making everyone happier and keeping things less creepy.


  1. Everyone in the South with a brother or sister. says:

    We care! Family “takes care” of each other. (fwap, fwap, fwap)

  2. Dr. Theodore Roosevelt says:

    If Pittsley had grown up on the farm, practicing to an aeroplane operator, he’d understand such subjects better, between his ears less “purple haze” than knowledge of animal husbandry. Such a soft sniveling weakling, with his soft city-boy hands. I think there is hope for the boy yet, if he can be peeled away from his McGriddles and Frappucinos, and inculcated with the lore of mountaineers. I prescribe to him the “The X-Files” episode, “Home” (S4E2 1998) for a seminal lesson in these matters. Until then I can merely weep at his lack of grit & at how he wields the “triple package” of (1) Manifest imbecility; (2) Speech impedimenta; and (3) “Artificial anus; stricture of the rectum; prolapsus ani.” Not fit for battle, nor for the Boy Scouts, nor for the theological cabana

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