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Street Carnage
• 08.21.17 02:03 pm

Racism is obviously a huge problem in this country, just look at how many black people hate themselves. Gavin sits down with one of them and tries to get to the bottom of all the hate in this video.

  1. good work my friend this is good body of work well thought out and well timed. form a white guy this is helped me see with better understanding of overall nightmare that has been unleashed on both white an black people to split them up undo the progress that has been made and its sad. And i hope that we can be brothers once more i don’t hate you or think less of you and i wish an good fortune to you and yours for all the day’s of your life god bless you and good day´╗┐

  2. Humblebrag Heavycock says:

    Hellooooo… Laaaaaydeee… Solidarity, enforcing conformity is normal human behavior. So is racism. I can imagine how retarded it is to be in a blackness competition if you’re half black. Considering illegal aliens and Asian anchor babies try to black it up now too. But how does that explain weabo’s?

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